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Join us in staying ahead of market trends, and get an up-close perspective on topics of interest, including marketing strategy, design tips, and AI leverage. Plus, get the inside scoop on the process behind our finished products, and enjoy some of the camaraderie that defines the AdLib company culture. 

Samba cares “weRNspired” campaign

This summer, we ran a #weRNspired social media campaign for SambaCare, a premier nursing care staffing agency with a fun, human vibe. Nursing is a demanding profession, and one that requires unwavering dedication. What keeps nurses going? What are they passionate about? In this campaign we got nurses to share, and #weRNspired by the overwhelming engagement!


A word from our Director of Digital Marketing

Social Media Do's & Dont's

Share real stories!

A whopping 92% of consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising (Nielsen). In the healthcare industry, share patient testimonials, family feedback, and clinical success stories. In other service industries, share stories of how your service enhanced your customers’ lives. In e-commerce or retail industries, share product reviews.

Consistency is key!

Post frequently and engage with your followers. Regular updates keep your audience informed and interested in your brand, business, or personal profile. It also signals to algorithms that your account is active, potentially boosting visibility and reach to a wider audience.

The Aster Awards is an elite competition dedicated to recognizing the most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising, marketing, and communications. Winning entries are judged by a diverse panel of industry experts, with Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates granted to winning entries exemplifying excellence.

This year, AdLib was awarded the Gold Medal for our 

Marketing campaign for Centennial Healthcare and Rehab!

Our goal for this campaign was to highlight the staffing needs and staff retention at Centennial Healthcare. Through careful research and strategic planning, we developed a multi-channel approach that effectively conveyed the unique values and exceptional team at the facility.

The campaign’s success can be attributed to a combination of creative storytelling, engaging visuals, and targeted messaging.

Our team also leveraged various digital platforms, including social media, and search engine optimization, to reach the right audience and generate impactful results. By utilizing data-driven insights, we ensured that our campaign resonated with potential staff members and healthcare professionals.

Great work, AdLib team!


AdLib attends the 74th HCANJ Convention

AdLib Unlimited was proud to attend the 74th annual HCANJ Convention on October 24th & 25th.

It was a wonderful 2 days spent at the Harrah's Resort Atlantic City Hotel & Casino reconnecting with our fabulous clients and making some great new connections!

Booth #831 was action-packed! 

The convention was about forging relationships, embodying integrity, and putting a face to our commitment. We believe that when you lead with trust and blend it with sheer professionalism, your clients mirror that excellence.

The Art and Heart Behind AdLib’s Creative Vision

Meet Luda Stekol, AdLib Unlimited’s brilliant Artistic Director and the guiding light behind our agency’s innovative aesthetic for over 20 years.

Luda has shaped our visual identity through every project bearing her influence - from logos to websites, advertisements, illustrations, and beyond. Her signature look is unmistakable. Rooted in years of experience in advertisement design, typography, illustration, and watercolor painting, to name a few. Her style is ethereal and playful, yet focused and meaningful. She strives to bring innovation and meaningful design to every creative project and task. 

Luda’s work ethic showcases her artistry and professionalism to bring each creative project from conception to a defined visual experience. Visual harmony, purpose, and meaning are at the forefront of each project. 

This is the essence of Luda’s art; and why clients trust AdLib to bring their brand vision to life with imagination and heart. As with any masterpiece, it starts with the artist’s hand.


Las Palmas Village logo Process

Crafting the logo for Las Palmas Village, an Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility nestled in the heart of Hialeah, Florida, was a project fueled by energy and creativity. The process started with the essence of the location, where the vibrant Florida energy merges with the tranquil ambiance of the facility. 

The iconic palm tree, a symbol of growth, resilience, and shelter, became the heart of our logo’s design. The creative process involved shaping the palm tree silhouette and infusing it with the dynamic hues of orange and blue, representing the zest for life and the serenity of care. The logo not only captures the spirit of Las Palmas Village but also symbolizes the balance of energy and leisure. 

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