May 2019
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Focus on the Breed Division

Dear Friends,

Those who are familiar with Dressage at Devon know that the performance division is one of the best in the world of dressage. But the first three days feature the largest open breed show in the world! And it's pretty impressive, attracting many top breeders, of all sizes.

Last year we introduced scheduling changes that were very well-received. The Individual Breed classes (IBC) were moved to the first day of the show, Tuesday September 24 instead of Thursday, allowing for a more relaxed time schedule.

The Tuesday schedule also now includes the group classes such as Breeders Group, Get of Sire, and Produce of Dam. This scheduling change allowed us to reintroduce the popular Parade of Breeds at the conclusion of the IBC classes.

All owners and handlers are invited for wine and cheese Tuesday night!
Young (sport horse prospects), Mature (Breeding Stock) horses, and Materiale (under saddle) classes will be held on Wednesday, September 25.  These classes will be qualifiers for the Dressage at Devon Championships and the United States Dressage Federation Breeders Championships - East Coast Series.
Championships will be held on Thursday, leading into the start of the performance division in the afternoon. Make sure your favorite breed is represented. Breeds? There's still time to sponsor your favorite breed or to sponsor the Parade of Breeds! Contact  Melanie Sloyer , Chair of the Breed Show for more details.

Attention Pony Breeders

Have you noticed the growing number of ponies in dressage recently?In response, in 2018 DAD introduced pony only classes. “These classes ‘mirror’ the breed division in-hand classes," said Melanie Sloyer, chair of the Breed Division. "While we've always included ponies in the breed show, we felt that classes specifically for ponies would open the field. Classes will include the Colt, Filly, Foal, Mare, Stallion Championships – based on qualifier classes – just as we have held for the horses,” said Sloyer. The prize list will be available in late June.

“Plus, as a result of our partnership with the National Dressage Pony Cup, points earned at Dressage at Devon will count towards year end awards, ” added Sloyer.

For more information, contact Melanie Sloyer , Chairman of the Breed Show. The prize list will be available in late June.

Calling All Hunters, Jumpers, Eventers and Pleasure Riders
Looking for Your Next Equine Champion?

D ressage at Devon hosts the largest open breed show in the world, with top breeders bringing their colts, fillies, stallions and mares. Many are the future stars of dressage. But many others will excel in other equestrian disciplines.

“The breeders at Dressage at Devon have been breeding top quality horses for years, if not decades,” said Melanie Sloyer. “Many go on to top dressage levels. But many others find their niche in hunters, jumpers and all other equestrian disciplines.”

Don't miss the championship classes on Thursday.

Championship classes include:
Grand Championship - Champion and Reserve from classes 212 & 218
USDF Current Year Foal Final
USDF Filly Final
USDF Colt/Geldings Final
USDF Mare Final
USDF Stallion Final
USDFBC Three year old Materiale Championship
USDFBC 4-5 year old Materiale Championship 

Horses that are for sale, will be identified with green tags. So stop by on thursday, September 26, to find your new champion.

For Reserved Seating, visit

For Sponsorship information, please drop an email to  to receive the new brochure and to learn more about how you can partner with DAD to grow your business while supporting our wonderful historic event.

There is only one Dressage at Devon
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September 24-29, 2019