February 2022
Spring Market Here We Come!
Hi all! Yes, exclamation point! I have exciting news to share, but first the intro....

That was quite the winter freeze we just had. The upside to road hazards, electrical outages and general "when are we going to catch a break?" were the bountiful photo opportunities as ice glistened like diamonds throughout our region.

The majestic woods and landscape showcased in ice was stunning. I'm planning to dedicate some downtime (forever the optimist) to further my photography exploration this year. Would love to see shots from The Brick subscribers! For that matter, send along Hudson Valley shots and I will try to feature when space is appropriately available in upcoming newsletters with photo credit. Send to my email [email protected] if inclusion interested.

We are coming into what I fully expect, at least at the front end, to be another strong sellers market with multiple offers and likely new records for certain homes that are solidly priced and effectively marketed. Historically, Spring market starts in March with April-June being full blown. The next real pop in real estate "historically" is Fall. Take that as a general marker. The markets have been merging into each other since Covid. I accompanied over 40 showings through the holidays at my Adair Vineyards and Winery listing - "historically" the slowest weeks of the year in real estate in our area.

Interest rates have risen a half point in 4 months, talks of inflation continue, more people moving back to the city (as evidenced by both USPS incoming change of address requests which documented marked increase beginning in August, 2021 and Roberto Cabrera's NYC newsletter which cited a 55% increase in deals signed in November versus historic average of prior Novembers, 44% in December and 28% in January) and numerous other wildcards that continue.

The longevity of this sellers market is questionable, but in the now, there appears a wave just ahead with a strong sellers market continuing. I would go so far as to say I'm anticipating a level of "intense" gauging by the generous amount of hungry buyers currently in this housing deprived market.

Wait for the Leaves?
Waiting for the leaves means waiting for Spring market competition in a market already chock full with hungry buyers. I can not think of a better climate to sell a property. I use the word "property" meaningfully as certain offerings in both residential and land are checking coveted boxes.

I had an incoming seller client suggest April/May to list to wait for leaves. In fact, this particular seller has a property that maintains beauty and adequate privacy year round - regardless whether there are leaves on the trees. Why not showcase that fact rather than have buyers wonder what it would look like without leaves? This double score fully leverages the active buyers in a current tight inventory market ahead of Spring market competition.

Many buyers have had longer in the market than usual due to the inventory shortage and increased demand. There are a great number of buyers that have been looking for 6 months to a year - or longer. While I fully believe most buyers would share that is not the preference, a positive that has come of it is buyers have had more time to hone in on what is most important to them while perfecting their ability to "look beyond" leaves, paint color, decor and superficial improvements.

For this as one of multiple reasons, I foresee the Spring Market will continue with ready buyers, both local and remote and highly suggest considering listing now versus waiting for leaves unless your property truly relies on the leaves to best present. Reach out and I can take a look and let you know whether a wait is prudent and what should be done to best prepare for sale.

Getting a Mortgage

If you are a buyer planning to mortgage, get rolling now! Most sellers will not honor an appointment to even see the property without first showing an up-to-date (within the past 3 months) preapproval or for cash buyers, a statement of account within the past 7 days. Regardless, either are necessary when submitting an offer.

To wait until a property is found to start the process means if a property is found on the weekend with banks closed, not having a preapproval or statement of funds in advance would most likely negatively impact offer consideration.

Check out my interview with two bank executives on getting a mortgage during Covid. This video packs an in depth look at the mortgage process along with tips and pitfalls to avoid. Also included in the video are considerations for home owners coming out of forebearance that want to sell. I start out a little dry, hang in there. All good once I clear the intros.


New York is a judicial state that can take up to six years to process a foreclosure. For this reason, I do not foresee a tsunami of foreclosures coming on the market in 2022, but what I do foresee are home owners opting to sell in a sellers market to leverage increased equity rather than waiting for an unknown market down the road or at the time of foreclosure. If this is a road you are considering, reach out. I have worked quite a bit in foreclosures and short sales. I have also taken formal training at NYU in this sector.
Declutter and Fix the Drip...

Whether to declutter a home can translate to thousands gained - or lost. Rooms in houses with clutter appear smaller, often significantly. Buyers wonder how quickly they will also outgrow the size of their fishbowl. Clutter can often make buyers feel anxious. Clutter also translates to lack in preparation to move. This can turn off buyers with preference to close sooner than later. Those buyers may very well have offered higher in order to move in sooner. There is simply no good that clutter does for a home sale.

I personally brought my professional organizer "Queen" in to help me with certain areas around the house over the past few weeks. Whether moving or not, a declutter can be freeing. I have used the same professional organizer for many years preparing for multiple home moves (yes, I have my clutter moments, which my children would argue is well past a "moment").

Ellen Kutner with Simply Organized graciously shared time with me for an interview on decluttering and provided really good tips and advice in the video to get started. I taped this several months ago. It was one of my first videos. I had the lighting all wrong and look like a lobster, not sure the thought process on my lipstick color and missed a part of my head, but at the end of the day, there really is useful advice in here for FREE. So check it out! Hope it helps get things rolling whether or not planning to move! Here's the link.

There are other highly productive tidbits that are customized to each particular home. Reach out and we can go through your house together. I will point out where to best focus to prepare for sale. The dripping faucet, excess belongings in the corner and other things that can become "invisible" over a period of time can be "rediscovered" with the help of fresh eyes that could support your sale.
Consideration Windows

I pioneered extended "consideration windows" in our area as I learned an understanding of this climate long ago when representing real estate sales during the bubble and burst in the early 2000's. I have found providing buyers with appropriate time to consider what is for most the largest singular investment has only further supported the sale for my seller clients by delivering solid buyers and yielding over ask routinely - even record setting returns on certain properties.

While I have seen an ongoing flurry of "back on market" emails since Covid, I have not had one contract deal go back on market this entire time. My vote is this strategy works for the benefit of all in the transaction. I have actually had buyers send me cookies and candies after LOSING a multiple offer situation with gratitude for handling with grace. Buyers simply do not need to be put in a "give me an offer from the kitchen table" frenzy in order to do right by seller clients. In fact, I have found buyers have grown quite tired of varied antics that surfaced during Covid.

While it is still a sellers market, take a glance at Zillow or Realtor to see not home value estimations as they are almost always (I'm being gracious) inaccurate, but rather homes that have been sitting for double digit through hundreds of days during this heated market. Testing the market with ineffective marketing and/or inaccurate pricing is not a strategy for a successful sale. As a side note, "For Sale by Owners" is also often a "test of the market." Many of the houses sitting rather than selling on Zillow are For Sale by Owner. I routinely list (and sell!) homes that unsuccessfully started as for sale by owners. Statistically, for sale by owners yield noticeably less than those with professional realtor representation. That's a statistical fact that my "for sale by owner" turned clients would attest to.

Skill and experience are key in any market with this being no exception. One of, if not the, most important real estate decisions is the realtor chosen to partner with. Next up video in my "tips and advice" series on YouTube and Instagram is how to chose a realtor. Going with cousin Sally's second cousin simply because they have a real estate license to represent what for most is the singular largest investment (whether buying or selling) has the potential to not yield the successful results hoped for. I'll leave it at that.

Big News!

I have only worked with two brokerages throughout my over two decade real estate career. Coldwell Banker Realty (many years) and Berkshire Hathaway Hudson Valley Properties (past three years.)

When last with Coldwell Banker Realty, I worked with their Bedford and Katonah offices and represented clients in Northern Westchester and Putnam (I still go down for limited clientele that refuse to accept my relocation.)

To name a few highlights, I was always impressed by Coldwell Bankers' superior training and marketing programs, counseling and team oriented environment. I spent over twenty years on and off with Coldwell Banker with "off" being time to raise my children. Steven Domber, President of Berkshire Hathaway Hudson Valley Properties, spent nearly two years patiently keeping the door open at Berkshire Hathaway after we met when I was representing a subdivision in southern Dutchess.

Anyone who knows Steven knows he has "patient persistence" mastered. Not often to see those two words together. As I have always held a sweet spot for my colleagues at Coldwell Banker, I will also hold a sweet spot for Steven Domber and the team at Berkshire and left on excellent terms. However, after three years with Berkshire Hathaway, I found the direction of my business is best aligned with Coldwell Banker Realty and Global Luxury. The Brick subscribers are first on the announcement! Woohoo!

I will be focusing my representation on modest through luxury in Dutchess and Ulster Counties. All marketing programs are superior with Coldwell Bankers' Global Luxury program outstanding. I have impending listings that will be in this program. For now, I'm going to say two words...."Black Box." I can not wait to share this program with my qualifying clients as well as the depth of marketing programs outside of global luxury.

To share a perspective on the video quality of the videographers I retain, here is a four minute tour of one of my most recent luxury properties in Rhinebeck: click here. My marketing is multi faceted and quite strong in its own right, but now I have not only the strength of Coldwell Banker in Westchester and Connecticut fully supporting these marketing efforts, but also The Corcoran Group in NYC. This all serves to benefit my clients, which is very exciting! Bring on Spring Market!!!

If you have a property you are interested in selling, let's meet and get the job done!
Sandi featured in February issue out now discussing real estate in the City and Town of Poughkeepsie. Click here for full article: "Real Renewal"
Three paragraph feature in real estate section cover story "Finding a Diamond in the Rough" Click here for full article.

Coming in May
One of my listings will be editorially featured in Country Living Magazine with 1.8M paid subscribers!
Multiple features in Hudson Valley Magazine
Read the article with exclusive feature on Adair Vineyards and Winery in New Paltz.

Three separate feature articles in TimesUnion December alone.
Why all the press?

The above are just a sampling of recent articles. Why all the press? The press routinely contact me for expert interview on current market conditions. There could be argument that "those that write don't actually do," but that's not the case with my proven sales track record. Aside from top sales recognitions with both Berkshire Hathaway and Coldwell Banker, I've set multiple county records with my clients' sales. I work to negotiate the best terms and price for my buyer and seller clients and apply over twenty years of experience into the process with project management, negotiation and executive marketing in my professional background prior to real estate. Let's nail this market together!

The Year Behind and Ahead: January/February, 2022

Did you miss the last issue: "The Year Behind and Ahead?" This issue included a stat snapshot of Dutchess County among other tidbits of behind and ahead information. Click here to see. Current and back issues dating back to January, 2021 can be found on my website at: www.HudsonValleyNest.com
Venting can be Healthy...

I vent here and there with some of the experiences in this market, what can I tell you. Click here for a 30 second real estate parody. The link is YouTube, but it was posted directly to Instagram where I am most social media active. I will be posting a new video in the "Market Now" series on Instagram within the next few days. I also post houses, tips and advice, discoveries in my real estate travels, etc... on Instagram. Follow along @HudsonValleyNest. Lots coming up with Spring Market!

Closing pics....
My child, Cloud, performing lead guitar with solos for Twilight Zone at the Rush concert with the Rock Academy/Woodstock

This talented group of 8-18 year old musicians performed in Kingston. Nailed it only seven months after picking up the electric guitar! Go Cloud and Go Rock Academy!
One of my favorite boat sunset pics from the bow. The water was like glass that night. Ready for summer, but first Spring Market!
Take good care all. Please keep me in mind for referrals. I will take very good care of those sent my way. Feel free to pass along this newsletter to those interested in buying and/or selling in the Hudson Valley. I can also connect those looking outside of the area to experienced colleagues.

Be back soon as we get into the thick of Spring market!


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