The Bridge
April 21, 2020

Moving Pittsburgh's Legal Community Forward, Together 
The Bridge - Resources
The Bridge - Resources is an every-other-week compilation of the Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition (PLDIC) which highlights opportunities and resources relevant to our mission and the time we are living in. We hope each of the various constituencies receiving this newsletter will find something of interest below. If you come across something that you think our readers would enjoy or benefit from, please pass it along and we may include it in a future issue. We hope that you and your families and colleagues remain safe and healthy.
Upcoming Free Webinar:
How to be Inclusive During Crisis
Ritu Bhasin, who was to speak to the Coalition this month, is offering a series of free webinars, the first one today at 4 p.m., on the timely topic of how to be inclusive while managing a remote workforce in a time of crisis. Two other webinars — on how diverse professionals can thrive while working remotely and how to support your team’s mental health during a crisis — will follow on April 23 and 30. 
Diversity Lab CEO Urges Legal Leaders to Double Down on Diversity in Recession
Now is the time for legal leaders to double down on D&I

Diversity Lab is an incubator for ideas to boost diversity and inclusion in law. CEO Caren Ulrich Stacy warns that diverse lawyers could bear the brunt of the coronavirus-related recession and urges leaders to double down on diversity now.

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Above the Law Founder on His Brush with Death and How Coronavirus Will Effect the Legal Industry
‎A Podcast Featuring "Above the Law" Founder David Lat

Lat spent 17 days in a hospital (six on a ventilator) battling COVID-19. Hear how the experience changed him, what he says lies ahead for the profession as it struggles to adapt to the pandemic's economic impact, and what the '08 recession taught us.

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Coalition Speaker Arin Reeves Offers Weekly Wellness Webinars
First Black Woman to Graduate from Harvard Law Dies of Coronavirus
Lila Fenwick, Who Broke a Barrier at Harvard Law, Dies at 87

Graduating from Harvard Law School in 1956, Lila Fenwick, 87, went on to work in human rights at the United Nations and to help establish the Foundation for Research and Education in Sickle Cell Disease.

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