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Memorial Day Taps Across America
Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

We are pleased to announce the teaching staff for the 2020- 2021 school year. We are looking forward to partnering with you in the important work of growing and learning.

Middle School Staff for the 2020-2021 School Year :
Grade 7 Team Teachers:
Mrs. Sanborn(Social Studies)
Mrs. Marino (Math)
Mr. Grosky (Language Arts)
Mrs. Orestis (Science)

Grade 8 Team Teachers:
Mrs. Trimper (Science)
Mr. McCready (Language Arts)
Ms. Woulfe (Social Studies)
Mr. Kramer (Math)

Important Dates :

Report Cards will be mailed home to families the week of June 8th.

Welcome packets will be mailed home to families the second week in August.

These packets will include :

-Student schedules
-Team Letters
-New address/phone # info
-Other pressing items/communication
Press Release regarding Summer Activities
The Sanborn Regional School District has received guidance from the State that all District facilities are to remain closed for the summer to the public due to the COVID19 pandemic. As a result, the following plans will be put in place to address regularly-scheduled summer events.

Extended School Year Programming

Locating Extended School Year (ESY) programming in school buildings in Sanborn will not be an option this year. We are planning for the summer based upon currently known and anticipated health/safety
recommendations, and therefore, have decided that ESY services will occur in a remote learning fashion. This applies to students with Extended School Year (ESY) services on their IEP. In addition, if your child has an IEP, you should have received a letter regarding Extended School Year services. Please refer to this letter for additional information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your current Special Education Case
Manager and/or Building Coordinator (LEA).

Summer Enrichment

All summer enrichment camps are cancelled. We apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause families who were counting on the camps running. If you have already submitted payment to the high school,
the District will be issuing you a refund. You can expect to receive a check in 3-4 weeks in the mail. Please email Sally L’Antigua a t slantigua@sau17.net with any refund questions.

Athletics and Recreation:

Until further notice, all summer athletic / recreation programs are cancelled. Coaches are prohibited from personally participating in individual or group activities. This includes direct (on-site) supervision of student-athlete workouts from any distance, or coaching summer league teams at any location, whether they are permitted by local authorities or not. Coaches are encouraged to provide student-athletes with drills and skill work to be done independently. Coaches will actively discourage student-athletes from participating in any athletic activities with their non-family peers.

Sanborn Athletics leadership will actively monitor the advice from the NH Department of Education, various health-related agencies (such as the CDC) and the NH Interscholastic Athletic Association (NHIAA) for
guidance on any changes to these guidelines. We hope to have a decision on outdoor activities starting on or around July 1 by the middle of June.


The Junior Prom, originally scheduled for May, will be held when social distancing restrictions lift. Right now the class has booked a tentative date with the venue (Castleton in Windham) of July 30, 2020. The class also
has fall dates on hold, should they be ne eded.
Information from the Counseling Office
Dear Families,

As the year is winding down, we would like to give you some information about lunch deliveries for the last few weeks of school. Memorial Day is on Monday, May 25th. We will not be delivering lunches on this day or on Tuesday. However, you will have received a breakfast and a lunch for each of your children with the previous Friday's delivery. We will be delivering on Wednesday, May 27th and Friday May 29th. 

The last day of school is June 2nd which is a Tuesday. The last day for lunch deliveries will be Friday June 5th. Beginning on Monday June 8th families may come to the Sanborn Regional High School on MWF to pick up lunches for your children between 10 and 11. Staff will be in the front of the school waiting to put bagged lunches into your car. Lunch pickup will continue in this manner until Monday June 29th. In order to ensure that we have enough lunches everyday for pickup, please click on the link below to fill out a short survey regarding student lunch needs for the summer. 

The Sanborn Regional School District is exploring ways to continue to provide meals for pickup during the summer months. Once we have received approvals, we will let families know through the schools’ Facebook pages as well as the community pages and Mr. Ambrose’s Constant Contact Newsletters.

We recognize that despite the State of NH allowing businesses to reopen, not everyone will be back to work. If you and your family experience issues with job/income loss or food insecurity, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will help direct you to resources both in our district as well as in our community. Please reach out to me at hleavitt@sau17.net


Heidi Leavitt
Director of Counseling
Sanborn Regional School District
17 Danville Road
Kingston, NH 03848

Information from the Counseling Office
Mental Health Coping Skills

We all recognize how hard it is to stay busy and to cope when we “feel” that so many options are closed to us. It’s important to start to think outside the box of things to do!!
Things to do to clear your head as the weather gets nicer:
       Frisbee Golf
      Clement Disc Farm - Haverhill MA
      Amesbury Pines - Amesbury MA
      The Hollows - Manchester NH
      Google courses near me!
      Rock painting for people to find as they are walking
      Chalk activities for people walking
      Rock Garden - painting, formations,
      Try a new “sport”
      Bocce Ball
      Badminton (don’t forget the shuttlecock)
      Plant vegetables - you don’t need to build a garden, grab a few pots!
      Create games in your yard like Soccer Golf
      Trail walking
      Fly a kite - it doesn’t need to be at the beach
      Learn to cook a new thing every week - desserts? Dinners? Breakfast?
      Learn to play an instrument - search CraigsList or FB Marketplace
      Offer to do yard work for those who can’t - maybe they will pay you in cookies!
      Make a tire swing
      Create a time capsule - how cool would it be to look back on this time in ten years? You think you will remember?
      Get crafty and creative
      Plan a fantasy vacation- explore hotels and activities in cities you would love to visit
      Virtual museum tours
      Do a virtual job shadow
      Teach a grandparent how to zoom and spend some time interviewing them, what did they do to prepare for life after high school
      Make a COVID bucket list - all the things you wish you could do but can’t

Most importantly, reach out and be with people (following social distancing rules of course). Enjoy the sun or dance in the rain; be present in the moment and try not to worry about things you cannot control in the future. If nothing else, remember you can always find inspiration from Disney movies, for example “

"Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it." - Tangled or “ Adventure is out there” - Up.
Mental Health Awareness Month
As parents, we talk about tough stuff with our kids all of the time. Two of the most difficult topics are mental health and suicide. As counselors, teachers, and administrators, we receive training on these topics every year. Yet, these conversations can still shake us to our core because we know we are literally dealing with life and death issues. We know most parents have never received that training but many of you are now having these difficult conversations. As you all learn to navigate your new job titles at home - as teachers, counselors, coaches, and more, it is important that we give you support to help you navigate these conversations about mental health.

Please take a moment to read these two information sheets:

Although these are very difficult topics to tackle with your children, please know that you are not alone. There are many supports available to help families and children cope with the pain of depression and other mental health issues (including remote counseling through teletherapy). 

Please reach out to your child’s school counselor or check out your school’s counseling website if you need additional information.

Finally, the National Suicide Prevention Phone number is 1 800 273 TALK (8255).
Growing Up in the Digital Age
Food Pantry Donations
You have been amazing!

Many of you have asked me to let you know if we have any needs. As of right now, we need the following:

Pancake mix (we have plenty of syrup)
Peanut butter
Crackers (snack crackers like Ritz or Saltines that have individual sleeves of crackers in the box)
Fruit (canned either snack or family size)
Oatmeal (we are looking for the boxes that have the individual packets)

Cake Mix 

We are hoping to send a cake mix home with each family to celebrate the end of the school year.

Food can be dropped off on MWF between 7 and 3 to the High School Main Office.

Thank you for all you have done to meet the needs of these students. It really does make a difference for their learning.
While we know this can be an overwhelming time for everyone we want to assure you the nurses are still here to assist with questions and help with community resources. If you have any questions or need help please reach out @    tgilmartin@sau17.net
ART IS LOVE Greeting Card Project
New Hampshire youth create artwork to bring messages of hope and connectedness to neighbors in assisted living and healthcare facilities.

Our neighbors in assisted living facilities across the state are
experiencing one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. They are at high risk for contracting the corona virus and they are unable to be with their loved ones. Please join this statewide effort to send them artwork and messages of hope and appreciation.

During the Month of May, Mrs. Bilodeau will be working with her kids to create a slideshow with student artwork to send to local facilities. 

As another way of reaching out, she is asking if everyone would take a minute to make a card with a note or greeting to send to the people at All American Assisted Living facility in Kingston. They are allowed to accept
mail and this would be such a surprise and good thing to brighten someone’s day. These can be sent out any time. 

HOW: Make a card - Cards can be handmade and these are very special to the residents. Write a message of love - such as “Sending you a Smile”, “Thinking of you” or something like that and send it to:

All American Assisted Living

Mr or Mrs. Resident - Art is Love
193 Main Street
Kingston, NH 03848

Thank you so much! Would love to reach out to other facilities. If you have any recommendations I would be happy to add that facility to our list. 
Sandy Rutherford , Sanborn Regional Middle School Principal

Christine Desrochers , Sanborn Regional Middle School Assistant Principal