2019 was by all measures a very special year in the young, eight-year history of The Bridge Fund. It was a year of continued growth, significant milestones and new initiatives - a year that we were able to expand our reach and build upon our core mission of “neighbors helping neighbors in need” - a year that TBF served a record number of children, families and individuals with a record amount of assistance. Let us share some of the 2019 highlights with you:

  • In September we reached a milestone: $1,000,000 of assistance provided. Since our first “award” was given in 2013 we have now approved 1470 “awards” of assistance totaling $1,140,000 while keeping administrative expenses under 2% of contributions.
  • In 2019 we approved 473 awards, distributed $348,000 in assistance, increases of 23% and 24% respectively, and received donations from 450 Bridge Fund Supporters.
  • Estero and the City of Bonita Springs recognized TBF by “Proclamation” for the charitable service we have provided to these local communities.
  • As a recognized charity of both Pelican Landing and Pelican’s Nest Golf Club, a number of Pelican Landing-based groups held events to support the good works of TBF.
  • We entered into in a very successful partnership with The Colony Project to address food insecurity issues in Bonita Springs and Estero.
  • We established “The Ambassadors Program” to help engage more local folks in raising awareness of TBF in the various communities throughout Pelican Landing.
  • We launched a new, updated website (www.thebridge-fund.org) and established a Facebook page: facebook.com/thebridgefund.bonitasprings.

Yes, 2019 was indeed a special year in the continuing evolution of The Bridge Fund, your local charity.   But be certain that 2020 promises to present more opportunities to help our neighbors with new milestones to achieve. Your ongoing support is as critical as ever!

And, please keep an eye out for the many events we have planned this year, including Champions for Community in March, and the free Annual Celebration of our supporters on April 7. Visit our new sites for more information.

Thank you again for your ongoing trust in and generous support of TBF. Without supporters like you there would be no Bridge Fund.

May you have a healthy and prosperous 2020.

The Bridge Fund Board of Directors,

Mike Beebe Tom Crowley Beverly Haas Jim Herald Aileen Kevane
Ann Soper Bob Taylor Noreen Thomas Jay Trucks