In these difficult times, when all of us must change the way we temporarily live, work and interact, we are asked if The Bridge Fund is still “open for business.”  The answer is an emphatic YES!  

Because TBF primarily operates by email, phone and mail, COVID-19 does not impact our ability to accept and respond to requests for assistance. We continue to help the most vulnerable in our local communities, even as we realize that the magnitude of need over the next weeks and months will be increasing dramatically.

To help gauge and prepare for increasing and evolving needs, we are regularly communicating with our partners. Recently, one of our partners, Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA), asked TBF to help feed 175 families over the next month who have been economically impacted by the virus and lack the resources to weather even a short setback. We quickly approved this request.

We anticipate that food will be the most urgent need that all of our partner agencies will face as layoffs, school and business closures, and health advisories continue, and we will respond as we are able.

Our typical requests for assistance with rent, medical, transportation and other critical and basic needs will undoubtedly increase, as well. We will report back to you to let you know how TBF is responding to the challenges that will come. In the meantime, know that we are doing whatever we can to assist our partners in serving our neighbors in need.  

Thank you for your continuing support. Together, we will make an important difference to those hardest hit by this crisis.

The Bridge Fund Board of Directors

Mike Beebe Tom Crowley Beverly Haas Jim Herald Aileen Kevane
Ann Soper Bob Taylor Noreen Thomas Jay Trucks