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2/8/2021 through 2/27/2021
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Wine Spotlight
by Winemaker, David Shattuck
GIV After Dark, An Aperitif Like No Other
After being bottle aged for almost six months, we are very excited to release the new vintage of Grand Island Vineyard's After Dark!

The After Dark is a Vin Doux Naturel fortified wine. We used Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the estate vineyard and fortified them with neutral grape spirits during fermentation. The fermentation finished with a light residual sugar and sat on skins for the next 7 months in an open bin. If you haven't been to the winery to taste this wine before, you should definitely come by to taste it now. I use it as an aperitif before dinner and have also used it to replace sweet vermouth in some cocktails like a Negroni or Manhattan.

This wine pours a ruby hue with a hint of orange in the meniscus. The aromas from this wine are currant, chocolate, hay, and some angelica root. The wine is well balanced with a light sense of sweetness followed by a luscious warming sensation. The acidity of the wine powers into a burst of berry and coffee on the finish with a hint of roasted burdock.
Wine Club News
By Tasting Room Manager, Tess Jonson
Wine Club Prices Drop - Pick Your Own!
Hey, all, it’s wine club time again!

If you haven’t checked out the next shipment, you might want to! We are releasing the 2018 Petite Sirah, 2019 After Dark, and Bridgehead Bubbles! We know times are hard and want to work with you so we made some wine club price drops.

Prices are only good through the online wine club shipment so swap your wines or add a few more, can’t beat these prices! Login to your account and change/add at will. Shipments will be charged and available for pickup starting February 6th, tasting room is open Friday-Monday, 10am - 5pm.
Tasting Room News
by Tasting Room Manager, Tess Jonson
Choose Your Own Wine Weekend a Success!
A big thank you to all of our guests who joined us last month for choose your own wine weekends. Since it was such a hit we are going to temporarily replace “First Friday” with first weekend choice tasting! That’s right, first weekend of every month you choose the wines for your tasting. If you’re ever curious about a certain wine, here’s your chance to try it before you buy it!

Our one hour patio tastings are still by reservation only so make sure to make a reservation before you come down or give us a call to see if we can squeeze you in.
Tours & Tastings!
Price: FREE | Duration: 1 hr | Group Size: 1 - 6 Guests  

Outside tasting service on one of our spacious patios with views all around while sipping our estate wines. We offer safety, space, warmth, and now food and beverage options. Runs throughout February!

Upcoming Events
One day advanced booking is required.

In temporary replacement of our "first Friday" AFTERDARK and club events we are having CHOOSE YOUR WINE for tasting on the first weekend of every month!

Please go to GIV PATIO TASTING to reserve your spot on that weekend.
FEBUARY 5,6,7,8 FRIDAY - MONDAY! and then count on the first weekend of the upcomming months.

We really appreciate everybody that came out in January to try this tasting routine and hope to see you soon.

On Valentine's Weekend you will love our LIQUID LOVE WINE TASTING plus even some chocolate that makes this a memorable experience!

Go to: GIV PATIO TASTING and reserve a spot on VALENTINES WEEKEND. 
FEB 12-15th

Normal tasting fees apply.

Cellar News
by Winemaker, Ed Seikel
Barrel Upcycling!

Just want to let everybody know that we have a good supply of used wine barrels! You can upcycle however you want with either full or half barrels that we have precut for you.

Full Barrels - $60 | Half Barrels - $40

Member discounts apply, purchase in the tasting room. We'll help you load them up!
Vineyard News
by Operations Manager, Joe Salman
Dead of Winter - Time to Prune and Prep
Well now in the dead of winter, and power restored, we are continuing our job of pruning the grapes. I've spoken about various aspects of this over the past years. The main reason for pruning grapes (or really any other tree or shrub) is to achieve a balance between vegetative growth and quality fruit (or flowers). For us, this is the most important yet time consuming part of what we do to deliver quality grapes and wine.

In many of the vineyards we use a machine for pre-pruning vines (Watch Video).

The result can really help the hand labor of pruning for workers as the next step is maybe much more precise than one might think.

We are actually counting nodes or buds from last year's growth, pruning to a set number of buds for each vine.  Those nodes can be seen here in detail and they are where new growth will come this year along with grapes, so as we are pruning and counting we are also thinking about the spacing of these so that grapes don't get piled up by the next harvest.
After all that we use another beast of a machine that sweeps prunnings to the middle and grinds them up small enough to slowly decompose into the soil improving the soil structure.
I hope you learned a little bit about pruning that could help you with vines, trees, or even your landscaping. Pruning can be quite therapeutic as well and pretty nice to have a glass of wine after.
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