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April 2020 - Vol. 37
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No changes to Winery and Vineyard Status.  We are currently focusing on curb-side pickup and online sales/delivery. For more information regarding our "Virtual" wine tasting event, click here:  We will continue to update weekly via email, until business is back to normal. Thank your for your patience during these unprecedented times.  

We will be closed on Easter as well.
Vineyard News
Big changes lately, but you can still stop by!
by Operations Manager, Joe Salman

During this pandemic, you are probably aware we have reduced the winery down to simply a store, no tasting or really consuming of any kind to keep safe social distances.  We have canceled events here at winery, including now after 41 straight months of our first Friday AFTER DARK, we will be cancelling this Friday April 3rd.  We are very sad as this monthly pillar of fun and relaxation and friendship will have to wait until hopefully next month. We will continue to serve you the best we can during this time and please see all of our special offers to do that.

As far as the vineyard (and orchards for us) agriculture has been deemed essential and that is good, because crops don't wait for stay at home orders.  Our vineyard crews continue to work but also have taken extra precautions like every other business that is operating now and the closest they ever get to another worker is about 10' (our normal row width).

Even though this is a strange time we are in now, I hope everybody can still see the bright side to things.  For me it is more home cooked meals, more family time, games and walks.  That being said if you want some comfort food go with this, Weeknight Bolognese, from my wife's favorite cook Ina Garten.  I would have the Cab with it.

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Cellar News
What's Going On in the Cellar?
By Winemaker Ed Seikel

We all have much more important things to worry about at the moment, but I do want to give everyone a quick update on the wine in the cellar. GIV has been fortunate in that we had a large bottling very recently, so quite a few of our wines are already in bottle, and David and I just racked and topped all of the younger wines so they are now safely in the barrel aging process. This means we have plenty of wines available for purchase now, and the rest is protected in barrels for the foreseeable future.

Three of those newly bottled wines are going to be available soon in a special Virtual Release Event, and you can read more about the specific wines in David's Wine Spotlight. I'm especially excited for all of you to be able to try the new Vin Gris, it's shaping up to be my favorite of the whole 2019 vintage.

As great as the wines are going to be, I'm even more excited for the event that comes along with them. Normally our release parties and events are where David and I get to interact with all of you and where the community surrounding GIV can come together and celebrate, and that's not changing now, even though we'll just have to enjoy each others company from our own living rooms! If you're interested in joining us you can learn more and sign up for the wine pack on the events page on our website.

See you all for Happy Hour!

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Wine Spotlight
Wine Spotlight on the Virtual Release Pack
By Winemaker David Shattuck

Despite not being able to provide customers with fun release parties at the winery, Ed and I remain excited for the wines in our release pack and the events that go along with them.  We believe that this release pack will allow everyone to have some of the same fun and camaraderie as our traditional wine release parties.  It is our pleasure to present three new Grand Island Vineyards wines for release: 2019 Chenin Blanc, 2019 Vin Gris of Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon .

2019 Grand Island Vineyards Chenin Blanc

The 2019 Grand Island Vineyards Chenin Blanc is similar in style to the previous vintage.  This year we are presented with a slightly less austere wine with rich fleshy fruit notes at its core.  The wine pours a light straw color and immediately captivates the nose with strong aromas of linalool, honeydew, and jasmine blossom.  As the wine opens with air, hints of grapefruit, pear, and limestone weave an inviting bouquet in the glass.   

The first sip of this dry wine has surprising sucrosity to balance a swell of citrus-like acidity.  The finish is lengthy with a lingering note of buttery croissant and peach preserve.

2019 Vin Gris of Cabernet Sauvignon

Our 2019 Vin Gris of Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the wines we are most excited to release.  This rosé marks a departure in style from the previous Bridgehead rosé of Cabernet.  We wanted to produce a lighter style rosé that would better highlight the terroir of this estate vineyard.  The term Vin Gris indicates that we produced this wine with no maceration on skins.  This winemaking method creates a wine with significantly less color than our previous  rosé.  The wine pours cherry-blossom pink and has a melange of aroma from the start, including dried cherry, gravel, hedgerow, and cedar.  The palate is a refreshing mixture of sweet and tart fruits including plum, rhubarb, and cranberry.  While this wine is rich, it displays elegant grip and a powerful acid profile that will pair exceedingly well with most food.  

2018 Grand Island Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2018 Grand Island Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon shows the opposite spectrum of our estate Cabernet vineyard from the new Vin Gris of Cabernet.  This 2018 red wine is powerful with a dense brick red color.  The aroma comes across as a brooding dark fruit with a little bit of dust and humidor character to bring balance to the wine.  

As the bouquet evolves, the aromas drift towards candied plum, lavender, baking spice, and charred earth.  The tannins are plentiful in this wine but have begun to show a well aged restraint.  The wine finishes juicy with a hint of french oak.

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Wine Club(s)
Two Wine Clubs to Choose From - Wine Family and Reserve
By Wine Club Ambassador Melanie Jonson

Hey, everyone. Thanks for sticking with us. Things are tough right now but we're in this together and we appreciate those of you that have, and are, supporting us. We're all making hard decisions so we want to take this time to return that support to you in what ways we can. As the next quarter of wine club shipments approaches in May, we are making special exceptions to this shipment to ensure you're getting what you need. Here are the wines in this coming quarter's pick up:

  1. 2019 GIV Vin Gris Cabernet Sauvignon
  2. 2019 GIV Chardonnay 
  3. 2018 GIV Cabernet Sauvignon
  Here are our new exceptions:
  • We don't have a required wine this quarter, meaning you can swap any of these wines for your favorites or other suggested wines
  • Shipping is discounted so if you normally get it shipped, or this time choose to have it shipped, we're cutting the cost down
  • Our special discounted wines are the Fiano and Symphony. Both are discounted to $12 per bottle, but only through the wine swapping or adding system when you customize your shipment
  1. 2017 Salman Family Reserve Premier
  2. 2018 Salman Family Reserve Chenin Blanc (New Vintage & Release)
  • Discounted shipping here, too.
We're working to get these shipments into your accounts soon so that you have plenty of time to make your adjustments. I highly recommend you use the online wine club portal by logging in through the website.  Call or email us at the winery if you need assistance.

***And if you still haven't picked up the February shipment, then please contact us either by phone or email. We will ship unless we get notice ahead of time from you to hold your shipment.***

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 Upcoming Events 

 All APRIL events are currently on hold by order of CA Authorities.  We will update our |
 status weekly via email updates.



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