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August 2020 - Vol. 41
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Vineyard News
Where Has This Growing Year Gone?  
By Operations Manager Joe Salman

For me this growing year has just flown by.  I don't know where it went.  B ut then I think of how amazing the vines  are and the vast changes I've seen as they quickly move through their full life cycle.  

First dormancy, then to rapidly growing, bloom, fruit set...  and now as I write this, nearly every variety is turning color.  They are softening and somewhere in the middle to end of the veraison process. That's a lot of change if you really think about it.  And every one of those changes makes unique grapes that will never have that exact makeup again.

By the next newsletter something will be harvested I promise!  Since it's "Wine Club Time" I thought I would attach some pictures of the fruit we used for the wines in your very shipment.   I always feel Merlot looks the best at this time of year as it shows a crazy variation of colors.  It's nice to start feeling the white wine varieties of Riesling and Chenin Blanc start to soften as well.  These Riesling bunches easily fit in my hand while the Chenin Blanc are quite larger and much heavier.  Enjoy!

Block 2 (Merlot)

Dry Riesling

Chenin Blanc

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Update from the Tasting Room
Tastings are Back and they're Better Than Ever!
By Tasting Room Manager Tess Jonson

Good news... tastings are back!  But things sure look a lot different than they did.

In order to keep everybody safe, we are now booking private tastings that sample the very best of GIV and Salman Reserve Wines. Your special, private tasting comes with one on one time with a GIV wine ambassador and currently we are only booking on Saturdays and Sundays. 

There will be a tasting fee and a service charge added to the table for setup, cleanup and the sanitation that is required. ONSITE TASTING FEES AND REFUNDS APPLY. The service fee is non refundable to all customers and club members.

Current tasting fees and policy: The Reserve Tasting is $10 per person for non Reserve Members. This can be refunded by the purchase of 1 bottle of Reserve wine for every 2 customers. The tasting fee is free to Reserve Members and 2 of their guests. 

Book your special, private tasting today!  Click here for more information!

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Update from the Cellar
We Have Some Newly Bottled, Unreleased Wines!
By Winemaker David Shattuck

July is a time of transition for the cellar.  This is when we finish work on current vintage wines and start preparing to accept fruit for the upcoming harvest.   July 2020 was busy with our last bottling of the year and included some favorites, along with some new exciting wines. 

One of the more unique wines we bottled was the old world method Chardonnay.  This wine was crafted in the "orange wine" style which means it was fermented like a red wine rather than how a normal white wine is fermented.  This chardonnay spent nearly a month fermenting on its skins and seeds which allows for a lot of pigment and tannin extraction.   The wine will present with an amber color, a heaver mouthfeel, and notably different fruit profile.  Be sure to grab a bottle when it releases, as this is not a wine style that you can find everywhere. In addition to this new chardonnay, here are some of the other wines we are excited about: a new vintage of After Dark, the Salman Family Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon,  2018 Cabernet Franc, 2018 Pinot Noir, and 2018 Petite Sirah.

As we prepare for the next harvest, we are looking at bringing back a couple wines including Gewurztraminer, Bridgehead Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc.  With the warm weather this summer, we will likely be taking fruit within the next month so stay tuned for updates as the harvest progresses.  

We miss seeing everyone, but look forward to releasing some of these new wines for your enjoyment.

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YAY! It's Wine Club Time!!!
By Tasting Room Manager Tess Jonson

Your GIV summer shipment will ready for pickup on Saturday, August 1st. We are excited to share with you the 2019 Chenin Blanc, 2019 Dry Riesling, and 2018 Block 2

You should be getting an email in just a few days letting you know it's ready for pick up. Reserve a tasting time, bring a picnic and pick up your wines. 

Sound good?   We really hope to see you soon!

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Featured Grand Island Vineyards Wines

This vineyard block has created some of our favorite red wines over the last three vintage.  This red wine is dark plum colored.  It opens with fresh bing cherry, fresh ground coffee, and a hint of angelica.  As the wine continues to open it displays sensuous notes blueberry, fine chocolate, and dried chili pepper.  The mouthfeel is luscious with ripe fruit and earthy characters all the way to the sweet oak and baking spice finish.  We highly recommend giving this 100% Merlot from block 2 a try.  

The 2019 Grand Island Vineyards Chenin Blanc is similar in style to the previous vintage.  This year we are presented with a slightly less austere wine with rich fleshy fruit notes at its core.  The wine pours a light straw color and immediately captivates the nose with strong aromas of linalool, honeydew, and jasmine blossom.  As the wine opens with air, hints of grapefruit, pear, and limestone weave an inviting bouquet in the glass.  The first sip of this dry wine has surprising sucrosity to balance a swell of citrus-like acidity.  The finish is lengthy with a lingering note of buttery croissant and peach preserve.
This wine pours a pale yellow with a hint of green in the meniscus.  The initial nose is classic riesling with stone fruit, jasmine blossom, and a hint of diesel.  As the wine opens a melange of tropical fruit interplay with crushed granite notes.  This riesling is completely dry and highlights the racy acidity the varietal is known for while maintaining a round mouthfeel.  

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