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February 2019 - Vol. 24
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In this Edition: During the down-time in the vineyard, we take a minute to look at the wildlife we are lucky to see throughout the year.  Learn about why Port wine is a Valentine's Day tradition and then about our SECOND wine club, the FAMILY RESERVE club.  Sign up quickly, this one has limited spots as the wine is limited.  See what's up with the Rouge et Blanc Release party on the 16th and learn more about what we've done to make this latest batch special.  This month, play " What's that Winemaking Part?" with a chance to win a prize or two and see the many, fun and exciting events we have planned over the next couple months.
Vineyard News
Nature in the Vineyard
by Operations Manager, Joe Salman

As we continue pruning throughout the winter I really wanted to show you what sort of things I see on a regular basis throughout the year.  Whether it be owls, hawks, ducks, egrets, or even the killdeer that love all the nesting places around the winery.  Here at Grand Island Vineyards, we definitely share this beautiful place with nature.  By the way.... those small birds really get upset when you try to take their picture.  But we're not scared.  Mostly...

In the field and the winery we tend to concern ourselves with very very small creatures, but while just outside the winery cotton tail and jack rabbits are closer than you think, even as you sip wine on the patio.  These domesticated animals are part of the scenery and the fun as well.  Milo, the neighbor golden retriever, comes over to say "hi" every now and then, and watching the levee goats doing their work is always a blast.  

I invite you to take the time to watch these wonders of nature and also taste another wonder of nature: GRAND ISLAND VINEYARDS wine. 


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Cellar News
Port Wine - A Valentine's Day Necessity. And Here's Why...
By Winemaker Ed Seikel

February means Valentine's Day, and Valentine's Day means it's time for some Dessert Wine!  Known to many as Port, these wines are very rich and sweet thanks to a special process they go through while being fermented.

Dessert wines begin fermentation very similar to other red wines.  What makes them special is a process called fortification.  Fortification is where high proof grape spirit is added to the fermenting wine while it still has unfermented sugars.  Higher levels of alcohol can be toxic to yeast, so this alcohol addition will kill off the remaining yeast, leaving behind residual sugars.  This is how dessert wines get their distinctive sweetness and higher alcohols.  In turn, this higher alcohol helps to stabilize the wine for extended aging.  

Depending on style, dessert wines can be aged for 10+ years in barrel or even multiple decades in the bottle!

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Tasting Room
Introducing the New, Family Reserve Wine Club!!
By Tasting Room Manager Tess Jonson

We have exciting news in the tasting room for this year. Not only will we be releasing many new vintages and varietals, but we are very proud to introduce the FAMILY RESERVE wine club. This club gives you first access to SALMAN FAMILY RESERVE wines at a fantastic discount of 20%. Bonus! 

If you are already a member of the GIV family club and sign up for the RESERVE club you will start receiving all your BRIDGEHEAD and GIV wines at the 20% discount!  The FAMILY RESERVE club is a 2 bottle club two times a year.  Aligned with the GIV family club the first RESERVE club will be May 2019 and is in pretty limited supply due to the limited nature of the reserve wines. So make sure you sign up soon, talk to us in the tasting room and we can make it happen.

Don't miss out on the Rouge et Blanc Faire la Paire Release Party on February 16th, 1-4pm! Live music by The Crows with a very special wine flight paired with some bonne bouche. Feel free to dress up with the staff in your favorite Moulin Rouge attire.

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GIV Games & Trivia!
New Section!  Wine Trivia.  Prizes Awarded!

Name that Wine Making Tool?  Be the first to email us the name of this tool (, and you will win a prize!  Even better, be the first person to post this picture with the correct name and possibly even the use on our Facebook page (  Then you win an even better prize!!!

Is it...... a handle?  Or possibly it could be a plunger/wine snake of sorts?  Is it something we made for whipping all those grapes into line?  Maybe... Is it something we randomly found in the back?  Likely...  

Maybe we don't even know what it is.  It's possible we're playing around, hoping you can tell us what it is.  Did you think about that? How can you really be sure?  Only time will tell.  The one thing we do know for sure is that the prizes are legit!  We'll post the winner and what they won next month, but for now, it's totally up for grabs!

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Wine Spotlight
Introducing the new Rouge et Blanc!!!
By Winemaker David Shattuck

We are pleased to be releasing the new Bridgehead Rouge et Blanc very soon this February.  This wine, which some of our earliest customers are familiar with, is an old Salman Family tradition.  The wine was a combination of Cabernet Franc and Symphony grapes co-fermented together.  In our latest version of Rouge et Blanc, we fermented and aged the Cabernet Franc and Symphony separately before blending them into this delicious and versatile wine.  This wine really shines when it is served slightly chilled.  It has the ability to pair with a huge range of foods from  Italian to Mexican to even Indian!  It also is light enough to be consumed before dinner or with just a salad.  

This wine pours a beautiful star ruby color.  There are vibrant notes of a Bing cherry and jasmine on the nose.  The first sip features a fresh raspberry and pineapple fruit core wrapped into orange blossom and cedar wood.  The mouthfeel is dense with a soft grip from tannin while the finish is prolonged by a sense of plucky acidity and hints of cherry cordial.  Don't miss the release party, scheduled for Saturday, February 16th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  For more information on that, click here!
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Wine Club(s)
Grand Island Vineyards Wine Club - Shipments are on the Way!

This month's wine club is on the way!  Keep an eye out for your shipment or stop by the winery and pick it up if you're in the area.  We have some special news regarding wine club options in the future, so keep an eye out for that as well.

As you know, for roughly $35 - $45 a quarter, Wine Club Members receive an initial three bottles (shipped or picked up at the winery) and the ability to customize each order from our many, many wines.  All Wine Club Members also receive an ongoing 15% off any bottle purchase as well as 20% off all case purchases! Members also have access to wine family only wines, discounts on live events, exclusive Members-Only quarterly parties and one free group tasting for up to 20 people per year!

To enroll in the  Wine Club, or to access your existing account and make changes on which wines you would like to receive each shipment, please login using our  online access area. To verify your account upon signup (via Billing Information or by Email) you can do so at our online  Account Verification  page.  

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Upcoming Events 
View all events, R.S.V.P. or get tickets to Grand Island Events and Tours here!

GIV After Dark - Friday, February 1, 2019
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Featuring Live Music

Join us for another exciting Grand Island Vineyards After Dark Event! This monthly event, during out after hours is the perfect place for live music and delicious wines.  Buy your favorite wine by the bottle or by the glass and enjoy the talented musician(s) we've chosen for the event. Indoor and outdoor service is available in an intimate setting to enjoy all that Grand Island Vineyards has to offer.   

Click here for more information on this event!

Rouge et Blanc Release Party - Saturday, February 16, 2019
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Featuring Live Music by The Crows

It's bacccccccck!!!  Get the first taste of our unique Red and White blend on a very special flight of wine coupled with some bonne bouche (An aged cheese, French for "tasty little bite") and some really outstanding music with The Crows! So bring your feather boas and your favorite red and white ensemble as Grand Island is going to party Moulin Rouge style, but with less corsets and much more wine ;)  Our special wine pairing flight will be happening all day while supplies last and Wine Club members won't have to pay a penny and non-Club Members will only have to pay $15 to enjoy BRIDGEHEAD BUBBLES with cheesecake and fruit drizzle, the fabulous Rouge et Blanc paired with eton mess (a traditional English dessert consisting of a mixture of strawberries, broken meringue, and whipped double cream) and our unique Velluto (the GIV Port Dessert wine) paired with a dark chocolate truffle!  You know how we do. 

Our barrel room will also be open for mingling, live music, desserts and drinking.  You can RSVP or buy tickets online or stop by our winery and we'll get you all fixed up. 

Click here   for more information on this event!

GIV After Dark - Friday, March 1, 2019
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm - Featuring Live Music - PRICE: Free!

Join us for another exciting Grand Island Vineyards After Dark Event! This monthly event, during out after hours is the perfect place for live music and delicious wines. Buy your favorite wine by the bottle or by the glass and enjoy the live music that we've chosen for the event. Indoor and outdoor service is available in an intimate setting to enjoy all that Grand Island Vineyards has to offer.

Click here for more information on this event!

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