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December 2017 - Vol. 10
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In this Holiday Edition Issue: Reflections on the Harvest Season which leads Grand Island to new wines! Grand Island announces a 100% wine production and bottling on site at the Vineyards. Meet GIV family members, see the holiday hours and learn of fabulous shopping opportunities this season, as we have three events designed to help meet those gift giving needs!
Vineyard News
by Operations Manager, Joe Salman
Well, if you want to know what is happening in the vineyard right now, the answer is: Not much.  It just rained and the vines are on their way to going dormant.  

As an operation we tend to take this time of the year to reflect on the previous year and make plans for the next.  And lets face it, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years it isn't a bad time for reflection.  I've had the chance to taste some of the new wines with the Winemakers and I am very excited about what we will have to offer over the next year.  I look forward to being around the winery more during this time and seeing everybody and "reflecting".

Holiday Edition After Dark and Holiday in the Vineyard will be a great time to catch up, and also Tess will have me work at least one day in the tasting room, so stay tuned for overcharging and checkouts that move a glacial pace.
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Cellar News
New Wines in Development - 100% Produced and Bottled On-Site! 
By Winemaker Ed Seikel

It's been a very fun and hectic year for us in the cellar. Even before harvest began we were busy setting up the crush pad with all our new equipment and planning how we were going to move all of our production to the winery itself. And now we can proudly say that 2017 is the first vintage of Grand Island Vineyard's wine that will be completely produced and bottled on-site at the winery! All the effort and time (and, of course, money) was well spent as harvest went incredibly smoothly and this first vintage is already shaping up to be the best yet, including a few new soon-to-be-favorites that were conceived through our new ability to experiment now that we have total control of every step of the wine-making process.

The first of these new wines to become available will be the Bridgehead Blanc: A co-fermented white blend with intense tropical fruit, rich mouthfeel, and a crisp minerality on top of a slightly sweet finish. And if you would like the opportunity to try this blend before it's bottled next month, we will be doing a free barrel tasting during Holidays in the Vineyard on December 2nd and 3rd!

Another product of our new ability to experiment will be our 2017 Chardonnay. Because of our ability to control everything ourselves we were able to split the lot apart and then ferment it in a variety of different ways, and then work to blend it back together in an incredibly balanced way to highlight each of the different methods used.  It resulted in an incredibly rich and complex wine that should appeal to a wide range of Chardonnay fans.  This wine will be bottled soon as well, and hopefully available not long after the new year.  

Finally, where we've seen some of the most benefits from doing everything in house and having access to the wines every day is in our red wine fermentations.  By having the ability to ferment everything in small bins and tasting the wine each and every day we have been able to leave fermenting juice on the skins of the grapes for upwards of a month in some cases!  This allows us to extract so much more color and flavor from the skin as well as allowing the tannins to really build up and mature long after the fermentation has finished.  This has resulted in wines with gorgeous color, incredibly concentrated flavors, and an almost unbelievably matured mouthfeel and structure.  Our current 2016 Pinot Noir is a great example of what we've been able to accomplish with this method.  As for the future, one of the projects David and I have been excited to try and make since we came to GIV was a premium Bordeaux-style blend, and with the quality of our Bordeaux varietals we believe we should have the components this year to do just that!

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Tasting Room
New Surprises and Holiday Hours! 
By Tasting Room Manager Tess Jonson

Stop by the tasting room and take a break from the holiday shopping frenzy! We are open all season long during our regular hours, 10-5pm, with many gifts, including pre-wrapped gift bags and our Cabernet Franc boxes with the first three vintages.

Don't miss out on our special edition of After Dark in December! We are kicking off the holiday season with ornament making, tree decorating, tree lighting and the wonderful music talent of Gage Courtios. We are also doing a toy drive so don't forget that unwrapped toy and we will hand you a glass of wine on us! And that's not all, December 2nd and 3rd we are having our holiday in the vineyards, your one stop shop for the holiday season. Gifts for members, barrel tasting with cookie parings and vendor appearance of Stella and Dot, The Chef's Olive Mix, Lipsense, Lula Roe, Damsel in DEFENSE and much more!

Holiday Hours: Dec 24 - 10-3pm | Dec 25 - closed | Dec 31 - 10-5pm | Jan 1 - closed 

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GIV Wine Family
Say Hello to Sherry Stanley! 

Sherry Stanley is well known around our area and has been doing wonderful things for our community for many years including being the Special Events Coordinator for the Grand Island Mansion as well as the Ryde Hotel. She joined the Grand Island Vineyards family in January 2016 and wanted to work here before it was even built, having fallen in love with the people and the wine! Living on the wonderful California Delta (Grand Island), we see a lot of Sherry and enjoy every minute of it. Best friends with fellow employee Connie de Mars, Sherry also had Cynthia Salman as her children's school secretary! Small world sometimes.

It's no surprise Sherry has a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, having attended both Alameda City College and Cosumnes River College along the way. With a keen eye for art, Sherry is also in charge of Art Sales and Consulting for Marty and Skyler Stanley, who are very popular in our area and produce(d) very beautiful works of Art. We commonly have several pieces showcased at Grand Island, as well as in many of our homes! Sherry previously LOVED the Sutter Island Red, but prefers to match her favorite GIV wine with what's for dinner and what her surroundings inspire. She is also a big fan of the Jeff Runquist Petite Sirah, which is grown with Salman grapes, so bless her for that as well.

Before joining our family, Sherry worked as a Delta Cropdusting Flagger as well as a Southwest Flight Attendant for two years. She has been through both a fire and a flood along the way, lived in the Grand Island Mansion and even met Clint Eastwood in Locke, CA where he definitely " Made My Day," according to Sherry.  

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Wine Spotlight
Cabernet Franc Gift Box - 2013, 2014 and 2015!
By Winemaker David Shattuck
This month's spotlight is a very special offering being released just in time for the Holidays.  We are opening the vaults at Grand Island Vineyards and have put together a very special vertical gift box of Cabernet Franc.  In this gift box, you can find the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Cabernet Francs.

As a winemaker, I highly recommend taking any opportunity to taste a vertical of wines.  One of the most exciting and unique parts of wine is the vintage variation.  Every year provides different conditions for the grapes to mature and each year has its own trials and tribulations as a winemaker.

The 2013 vintage of Cabernet Franc was characterized by the drought in California.  The vintage was exceedingly low in quantity but very interesting in quality.  I personally loved the exceedingly concentrated flavors from this vintage.  The wine was rich in color, abundant in fruit flavors, and rich in mouthfeel.

The 2014 vintage is the product of one of the hottest summers on record in California.  This vintage of Cabernet Franc is, perhaps, one of the most varietally correct bottlings on Cabernet Franc outside of the Loire Valley in France.  We were very gentle with oak exposure int his vintage and allowed the amazing qualities of the vintage to shine through.  This vintage is my favorite year of Cabernet Franc in California with bright cherry flavors, good acidity, and notes of green olive and tobacco.

The 2015 vintage of Cabernet Franc was marked by one of the earliest harvest on record.  Interestingly, it was not an exceedingly hot summer that caused the early ripening but a very mild winter.  We saw bud break in most varieties earlier than ever before.  However, the very long ripening and markedly lower quantities than previous vintages led to one of the highest quality vintages recorded.  I love this wine for it's elegant balance, great color, and ripe fruit character.

Overall, the only way you can go wrong by purchasing this wonderful vertical pack of wines is by not also grabbing the 2016 vintage Cabernet Franc futures we will be selling throughout the holiday season.  

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Wine Club
Give the Gift of Grand Island Vineyards Wine Club!

This holiday season, consider giving the year round gift of Wine Club membership!  Quarterly shipments of fine wine, featuring new and exciting wines for the 2018 season.

All Wine Club Members get 15% off all additional bottle purchases, 20% off case purchases, access to family only wines, exclusive Members-Only parties quarterly and one free group tasting (up to 20 people) per year.  For between $35 - $45 a quarter, Members receive 3 bottles (shipped or picked up) and the ability to customize their order from our many, many wines.

To enroll in the  Wine Club , or to access your existing account and make changes on which wines you would like to receive each shipment, please login using our  online access area . To verify your account upon signup (via Billing Information or by Email) you can do so at our online  Account Verification page . 

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Upcoming Events 
View all events, R.S.V.P. or get tickets to Grand Island Events and Tours here!
GIV After Dark Holiday Edition - Friday, December 1st, 2017
5:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Live Music - PRICE: Free!

HOLIDAY AFTER DARK EDITION, and start to the HOLIDAY IN THE VINEYARDS weekend! When the sun goes down, after tasting hours are over, the real fun begins! The drinks get bigger and the fun level goes way up. Make GRAND ISLAND VINEYARDS your stop to a memorable Friday evening. This Holiday version of After Dark events includes an intimate setting to enjoy Grand Island Vineyards Wine, Live Entertainment, Tree Decorations, Toy Drive (bring unwrapped toy to receive free glass of wine) and Indoor/Outdoor seating and service. Click here to view the event.

Holiday in the Vineyard (Day One) - Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
Noon - 4:00 p.m. - Live Music - PRICE: Free!

Our HOLIDAY IN THE VINEYARD weekend will be a one stop shop for holiday fun and a good way to knock out some of your Christmas shopping at the same time! Come see our selected vendors, including Stella and Dot (jewelry), Lula Roe (clothing), Lipsense (all day lip wear), The Chef's Olive Mix, Glass and Tile Art by Delta Pear Stones and Leather goods, all in one place!  Featuring Barrel Tastings with food pairings, a toy gift drive (Bring a toy and receive a free glass of wine and Wine Club Pickup with a free gift! Click here to view the event.

Holiday in the Vineyard (Day Two) - Sunday, December 3rd, 2017
Noon - 4:00 p.m. - Live Music - PRICE: Free!

Our HOLIDAY IN THE VINEYARD weekend will be a one stop shop for holiday fun and a good way to knock out some of your Christmas shopping at the same time! Come see our selected vendors, including Stella and Dot (jewelry), Lula Roe (clothing), Lipsense (all day lip wear), The Chef's Olive Mix, Glass and Tile Art by Delta Pear Stones and Leather goods, all in one place!  Featuring Barrel Tastings with food pairings, a toy gift drive (Bring a toy and receive a free glass of wine and Wine Club Pickup with a free gift!  Click here to view the event.

Visit our Online Store for Tickets and/or to RSVP
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