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October 3, 2022

Franklin Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Thank you  to everyone for a fantastic ribbon-cutting ceremony!

 "I was not diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome until I was 33 years old. If the Academy had existed for me I believe a great deal of pain, frustration, and anxiety would have been eliminated in my life and I would be a happier person. For this reason, I want to provide this safe, comfortable hope and education to as many people as possible." - Robert Franklin Crosby

Autumn Parent Social at the Vine Room

Our Franklin Center parent and caregiver socials are designed to connect our community in a fun, welcoming and supportive atmosphere. A time to relax, laugh and renew the spirit with other adults who often share similar life experiences.

Join us for our autumn social on Thursday, October 27, from 4:30-6:00 pm at The Vine Room, 756 Mainstreet in Hopkins.

We will gather for refreshments and conversation. As they say at The Vine Room - happy people, good vibes and great wine! Each guest will purchase their own refreshments.

RSVP to or call (952) 737-6435.


October 3rd

Second Session Clubs Registration Opens

October 7th

Parent Coffee and Convo

October 14th

Activity Day

October 17th-21st

No Clubs

October 17th-18th

Evening Conferences 

October 17th-18th

Daytime Conferences 

October 18th

Wear Orange for Unity Day

October 19th-21st

Activity Days

View the 2022-2023 Year at a Glance Calendar on our Parents' Page

Franklin Academy's Family Corner

Classroom Highlight - Culinary Science 

By Liz Hall 

Our first few weeks of culinary science were a success! We talked about kitchen safety and sanitation, learned the function of some of the main ingredients of baked goods (flour provides structure, baking soda/baking powder helps it rise, oil provides moisture, eggs are like the glue, etc), and how to read a recipe. Students were excited and ready to get in the kitchen so we tried out a few simple muffin recipes at the end of the week. We all enjoyed sampling the muffins and shared the leftovers with other staff. We talked about what went well and what was challenging so that we can improve and be more efficient next time. It should be a fun year, and we are so thankful for the learning kitchen space.

Mission Moment

We are proud to recognize Franklin Academy student Morgan's amazing accomplishment of completing the US Equestrian Federation's Interscholastic Athlete Program!

Morgan and her equine partner, Shaq were Reserve Champion in the Monarch Pleasure 11-17 Single Bit Championship this past week. 

Frankie's Picture

Frankie was feeling a little shy and wasn't ready for his picture in the newsletter. They are feeling more confident this week. Here's a picture of our Fabulous Frankie. 

Franklin Enrichment

Owls' Nest 

Owls' Nest is provided before and after school during the following hours: 7:00 am-8:00 am, 3:10 pm-5:00 pm.

The next billing cycle for Owls' Nest was on Friday, September 30, 2022 to coincide with your October tuition billing cycle.

Session Two Clubs 

Registration for Session Two clubs will open on October 3, 2022 at 10 am. Please log into your Blackbaud account to register.

Please see the flyers linked below for some of the examples of clubs that will be offered for Second Session. Backpack flyers will be sent home prior to Session Two club registration opening.

Lower School Second Session Clubs

Middle and High School Second Session Clubs

If you are interested in volunteering or being an instructor for a club, please reach out to Amber Trapp, Enrichment Program Manager at or 952-737-6925.

Activity Days

Registration for all Activity Days is open on Blackbaud. The Activity Day flyer is linked below.

Activity Day Flyer

Our next Activity Day is scheduled for Friday, October 14, 2022. On that day, we will have Forensic Fun with High Tech High Touch Science. Students will become crime scene investigators as we explore the science of busting bad guys! Fingerprints, dental records, and DNA Fun!

Here are some photos of our Activity Day on September, 2nd. 

Letters From Leaders

By Lisa Janisch

Franklin Academy Director of Behavioral Education 

This week is our sixth week in school! So far, students have been working on establishing routines, beginning to do rotations within classes, and practicing rotating between classes. They are doing a great job navigating our new building and learning the new expectations within all shared areas. Students and teachers have been working on building a community and getting to know each other within their advisory classrooms.

Assessments and observations for Social Emotional Behavioral Learning (SEBL) goals have been started. The behavior team has been working to help students learn new coping strategies to stay regulated and re-regulate as needed. Our new break spaces between classrooms have been super helpful for this!

We have also started a new Positive Community Building team with staff and are working on defining school-wide expectations for students based on Franklin Center's values. We will be rolling out a positive reward system after conferences for following school-wide expectations to recognize students who are demonstrating these values consistently.

Please mark your calendars for October 18th - we will be celebrating Unity Day by wearing orange.

Audra Williams and Kerry Brown

PTO Co-Chairs

Kim Snow

Interim Executive Director

Kim Strandemo

Academy Principal