31 March 2022
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Family Corner
Staffing Update
We are extremely excited to announce Paul Gloudemans has came back to work for AOWL! He returned on 3/30 and will continue in his admissions role. We are extremely excited for Paul to be at AOWL again, join us in welcoming him back when you see him!
Upcoming Days Off
There will be no school April 1st due to staff professional development and April 4th - April 8th due to Spring Break. Activity Days are available. If you plan on having a child attend activity days over these dates, we ask that you register before March 31st for Friday's Activity Day and April 1st for Spring Break Activity Days.

Scroll to our "Beyond the Bell" section to find out more!
Internship Opportunity
Know someone looking for real-life marketing experience? We're looking for a detail-oriented problem-solver to help us this summer for 300-500 hours over 3 months. Flexible schedule. Lots of skills to add to your resume! Follow this link to find out more.
AOWL Yearbooks
Yearbooks are now on sale! Don’t wait to order your student a copy of the 2021-2022 yearbook!

You can purchase one by visiting the Pictavo website (found here) or by cash or check directly to the school. Yearbooks cost $26.25 each. If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Colleen or Ms. Georgette. If you need assistance ordering through the website check out this purchase guide.

 If you have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Colleen or Ms. Georgette.
Virtual Family Arts Night
Our Virtual Family Arts Night will take place April 21st, 2022, 6-7 PM CT. You can register for the virtual event through this link. More information to come!
Virtual Minds of All Kinds Annual Fundraiser Update
First and foremost, don't forget to register for you and your family here!

Second, we have a fun opportunity for your child (and you) to be involved in our program for this year! We are asking for students and parents to share a short video about what they love about AOWL.
If you are interested in including your child and/or yourself in this segment of the program, please take these easy steps:

1.Record a video of your child responding to: “What do you love about your school?” (or whatever wording will work best for your child).

2. Record a video of yourself responding to: “What do you love about our school?” (or “why do you choose AOWL for your child?”)

3. Email your video to either Kelsey Goth, Advancement Coordinator, or Aki Yoshino, Parent Co-Chair, by Tuesday, April 12! 

Any questions? Please reach out to Aki Yoshino, Parent Co-Chair, at [email protected].
Coffee and Convos
Spring has sprung! The PTO invites you to join us for Coffee and Convos during morning drop off on Friday, April 15th. We will have coffee and treats waiting for you at the Minnetonka school entrance starting at 8am - See you there friends!
Beyond the Bell
Summer Camp
  • Registration for Summer Camp 2022 is now open! See program offerings here.
  • Registration for Summer Camp can be accommodated through our Summer Camp website or by emailing [email protected] with your program choices.

Owl's Nest Before and After-School Care
  • AM Owl's Nest opens each morning at 7 AM.
  • PM Owl's Nest is open each evening until 5 PM.
  • Owl's Nest hours will remain the same on all Activity Days
  • General information on Owl's Nest can be found here.
  • To notify AOWL Staff that you are here to pick up your child from Owl's Nest, call 952-737-6923.

Activity Days
  • In an effort to allow time for our staff to complete professional development, Friday, April 1st will be an Activity Day. Please register before March 31st.
  • Join us for a week of in-school enrichment during Spring Break. Please register before April 1st. Students will participate in arts and crafts, games, active play, social skills, and more tying into daily themes.
  • Monday 4/4: SPRING into Scottish Heritage
  • Tuesday 4/5: SPRING into Arab American Heritage
  • Wednesday 4/6: SPRING into Gardening
  • Thursday 4/7: SPRING into Nature
  • Friday 4/8: SPRING into Fun
  • Please register for Activity Days through your Smart Tuition account.

Enrichment Program Questions
  • All questions about registrations for Clubs, Owls' Nest and Summer Camp should be sent to [email protected].

For more Enrichment information, see the Beyond the Bell page on our website.
COVID-19 Update
Updated Mask Policy: On February 25th the CDC announced new metrics for determining COVID-19 community levels. Levels can be low, medium, or high and are determined by looking at hospital beds being used, hospital admissions, and the total number of new COVID-19 cases in an area.

Under the new metrics, the community level for Hennepin County is now Low.

You can read more about community levels and COVID prevention steps based on community levels at the CDC website.

Masks are now “strongly recommended” instead of “required” during times when the community level in Hennepin county is Low or Medium. When the community level is High, masks will be required. This applies to all staff, clinic clients, and students in the school and adult education programs regardless of vaccination status.

The sick policy will remain the same. Quarantine and isolation requirements will remain the same.

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Barosko at [email protected]. Thank you!
Anecdotes from Anita
In college, I was in theater. Yes, you might not put teaching and theater together, but it works! Always challenge assumptions, right?
One thing I loved about drama was the team atmosphere. Imagine if only one person was acting, or if a whole group of people were each reciting lines from different plays, at the same time, wearing different costumes…! It wouldn’t feel very supportive of the theater department, and in fact, would distract from the show when the whole point is to enhance the experience.
The essence of working together to create better experiences is woven into every day here at the Academy, too. It’s that same spirit of how we can help each other, how each person has a unique role. For example, when actors enact a scene, you have to be thoughtful about who’s where on the stage. Yet when it’s time for certain scenes, it’s really important for the whole group to be working together.
The same is true here. At times, we each need to play to our strengths and skills. The registered behavior therapists play a different role than the teacher. And each teacher plays a different role, depending on the needs of a particular group of students. Each group has expertise that supports the main event, which is developing the potential of each and every student.
We’re all cheering for your student, and for you. And we’re working together as a team, using our group expertise and our individual skills for the best results.
View from the Nest
High School Nature Walk!
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