Discipleship Class tomorrow at 6 PM in the chapel

Dr. Clay Stauffer & Rev. Jay Hutchens are leading a brand new version of our Discipleship Classes this Wednesday, Jan. 12, at 6:00 p.m. in the chapel. This new approach to the class is for both new & longtime members.

Jan. 12 - “Sharing” - We will talk about why community and connection is so important. Spiritual formation is not automatic. We can not be Christians alone. We need each other.

Jan. 19 - “Serving” - How do we use our spiritual gifts and abilities to serve and give back both inside and outside of the church? Opportunities abound. Faith must be put into action.

Looking for resources from the Jan. 5 class? Click the links below to download.

Woodmont Kids Superhero Sunday is Jan. 30

Please fly on by for Superhero Sunday on Sunday, Jan. 30! We will be enjoying breakfast together and you can come dressed as your favorite hero. This could be a superhero like Batman or Spiderman, it could a princess, it could be a firefighter, or a police officer! Whatever you think a hero is, please come dressed like them. Breakfast will be served from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM.
Vacation Bible School 2022

Save the date! Our annual VBS is June 28 - July 1.
"Simply Jesus" series continues this Sunday

Sunday, Jan. 16
“Doing the Right Thing”
Clay Stauffer
Matthew 7:7-20

The Bridge is back with masks strongly encouraged

This Sunday, Jan. 16, we are back to three services. Breakfast will be served in the gym from 8:45 AM to 9:30 AM.

In light of the rapid spread of the omicron variant, attendees of The Bridge service are strongly encouraged to wear masks for the time being.

9:30 AM – Informal service in the sanctuary with livestream
9:40 AM – The Bridge service in the chapel
11:00 AM – Traditional service in the sanctuary
Soli Deo Gloria
by Jay Hutchens
In one of those wonderful coincidences of history, it is probable that two hundred years after the reformer, Martin Luther, sang church hymns as a child in the German town of Eisenach, a young Johann Sebastian Bach sang Lutheran hymns in the same church in which Luther had sung. The hymns could very well have been ones that Luther himself had written, composing his own words, and then borrowing from popular folk-music melodies of his day.
The Reformation begun by Martin Luther, and in which Bach was later raised, came to be known by a series of five "solas" or “only” statements thought to securely anchor Christian faith and practice to some fundamentals. Sola scriptura (scripture alone), sola fide (faith alone), sola Christus (Christ alone), sola gratia (grace alone), and sola Deo (God alone) would be seen as a stabilizing reaction to theological "creep" as other influences often more worldly than godly held sway over the church. For those of us possessing a wry sense of humor, we might inquire, "Which of the five solas was truly sola?" But that's for another time.
Suffice to say that the reformation sought to keep the main things the main things. Building off their interpretation of the book of Romans, the reformers desired to ground authority for church teaching on the foundation of God's sovereignty and initiative in the story of human redemption. In their view, sinful humans could never save themselves, so every aspect of salvation begin and end with the work of God. Peruse any newspaper on any day and you get why this sentiment was so important. "All have sinned," writes Paul in Romans 3:23, "and fall short of the glory of God." The reformers took this verse as a serious and true and fundamental description of the human condition.
So it was, that Bach, who grew up as a Lutheran and in an extended family of musicians, would come to see the gift he possessed for composing some of the world’s most beautiful music as a gift granted him from God - the only source of true beauty. On many of Bach's compositions, he would inscribe the letters S.D.G. standing for the Latin words, "Soli Deo Gloria" - or in English, "To God the glory alone."
I understand the desire of the reformers – in a time when power politics and religion were closely intertwined - to ground faith in basic affirmations they believed were indisputable, simple, and ultimately divine. But it strikes me today that even inside of our finitude and brokenness as humans, it is possible to catch glimpses of God's beauty and grace in a great many things in this world – the joy of watching my daughter grow into her own amazing personality, a quiet snowfall, laughter with friends. I believe such glimpses are a gift of grace from God to all humanity, and not just to an elect and fortunate few. As one of my favorite religious philosophers, David Bentley Hart, says (and I'm summarizing), that we see anything at all we can call “beauty” is evidence of a God who structures our consciousness in such a way that makes that beauty evident to us and in a way that we can know it as beauty. Truly, "Soli Deo Gloria."
More practically speaking, as we enter a new year, it may be those words themselves that could help us to shape the joy and beauty we experience in 2022. Imagine this. What if we covenanted with ourselves that what we speak and what we think, which so often shape our attitudes and emotions, were soli deo gloria? I've prayed that prayer before, early in the mornings, and especially on those days I suspect might be challenging. "God," I pray, “this day, let my words and love be to YOUR glory." And often, that prayer, and God's incredible grace find themselves aligned. I have been surprised then to see and experience the beauty of God in places I might not have normally. And, surprised by grace, to see and experience the beauty of God in other people. 
To which I say, S.D.G. - "Soli Deo Gloria."
Sunday, Jan. 9
11:00 AM service
Photos by Steve Lowry
If Winter Comes... Can Lent Be Far Behind?
by Roy Stauffer
Here it is... almost the middle of January already. And February is the shortest month of the year. And then it’s March... and March 2 is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the annual 40 day period of spiritual readiness for Easter.  
There are seven weeks in Lent, which means seven Wednesday nights. We will have a weekly Wednesday Fellowship Dinner at church followed by special Lenten programs. We always have an Ash Wednesday worship service to begin. Then there will be spiritual learning opportunities. One of those opportunities I will be leading will focus on the “Basics” of our Christian faith. Each Wednesday we will meet for an hour and share our thinking, understanding, and what the Bible says about the following basics of our faith: 
  • March 9 – God - How do we understand God in this 21st century? What are your thoughts? How do we experience God in our lives? What we think about God affects everything else that we believe, as well as how we experience God. Is your view of God more Old Testament or New? More positive or negative? More legalistic or loving? More judging or forgiving? 
  • March 16 – Jesus Christ - What would Jesus be like if He reappeared in this 21st century? Would you recognize Him and follow Him? How do we “know” Jesus, and not just “believe” in Him? How do we experience Jesus personally? What does it take? What is the essence of Jesus’ teaching and being that we are to emulate? 
  • March 23 – Bible - Is the Bible “outdated” in the 21st century? Why has it survived as the world’s most important book for almost 2,000 years now? It still is a #1 best seller... yet few people read and study it. Why? If you want to know the Bible, how do you do it? Where do you begin? 

  • March 30 – Life After Death - Why do we believe in life after death? Has the 21st century become too “intelligent” for that? What does the Bible say about it? What will it be like? Are there more reasons to believe in it than to not believe in it? 

  • April 6 – Holy Week - We will not have a dinner on Wednesday night, but on Thursday night, April 7, as we remember and re-enact the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples. Then on Friday, April 8, we will have our service of the “Seven Last Words.” 
Why am I sharing this with you so early? Because it’s important. These sessions will help all of us grow and strengthen our faith. And, parents, as you seek to talk with your children about faith and what they believe, these sessions will greatly benefit you. In the long run, the bigger picture of life, which will prove to be more important – where you go on Spring Break? Or building a foundation of faith?                         
Youth activities
2022 Leadership Nominations

It is time for the congregation to begin nominating leaders for the next church year (beginning July 1, 2022). This year, we are accepting nominations for:

• 1 Chair-Elect of the Board – 2-year term
• 3 Board Members – 2-year term
• 7 Elders (must be members for 5 years) – 3-year term
• 30 Deacons (must be members for at least 1 year) – 3-year term
Pam Richardson will be the Chair of the Committee. Nominations will be accepted through January 31. Self-nominations are welcomed if you have a strong desire to serve. Please give thoughtful consideration to those who already exhibit leadership presence and are committed to Woodmont. Ask these questions:

  • Are they present in the life of the church?
  • Are they committed to ongoing discipleship and spiritual growth?
  • Do they already exhibit servant leadership qualities?
  • Will they work to keep the congregation healthy and vibrant?
Upcoming events
Grace Notes returns tomorrow
Contact jc-pratt@comcast.net if your child is interested.
GEMS meets Jan. 25
GEMS kicks off the New Year, meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 25., at 12 noon in Room 105 with lunch by Barley to Rise. 
January's program will be with "Book 'em", a nonprofit that brings free books and reading volunteers to kids in Nashville. Book'em has a read-aloud YouTube Channel called "Oh, the Books We'll Read" with over 150 read-aloud videos. They serve disadvantaged kids ages 0 to 18. 
Call the church office, (615) 297-8563 or sign in to onrealm.org to make your reservation!
Book Club Jan. 18

Woodmont's Book Club will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 10:30 a.m. in the Bay Area. Doris Dark will lead a discussion of Fredrik Backman’s book, Anxious People.
ON THE ROAD - Clay and his son Clayton visiting with former Woodmont minister Trey Flowers in Louisville, KY, where Trey recently became the senior minister of Beargrass Christian Church.
Watch Discipleship Class part 1, "Seeking"
Watch sermon "Jesus Said What?!"
Church calendar
Click here for a full listing of all events on Woodmont's campus

Sunday, Jan. 16
8:45 AM Breakfast at church, Drowota Hall
9:30 AM Disciples Class, Room 105
9:30 AM Challenge Class, Room 200
10:45 AM Reflections Class, Room 200
11:00 AM Pathways Class, Boardroom
11:00 AM Points of View Class, Room 105

Monday, Jan. 17
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Church office & building closed

Tuesday, Jan. 18
9:30 AM Women's Prayer Group, Boardroom
10:30 AM Book Club, Bay Room
10:30 AM Women's Bible Study, Campbell West
6:30 PM Alateen (ages 12-19), South Hall
6:30 PM Parents AL-ANON Group, Room 105
8:00 PM AA Meeting, South Hall

Wednesday, Jan. 19
6:15 AM Men's Small Group, Room 107
7:00 AM Younger Men's Bible Study, Boardroom
8:00 AM "Original" Men's Bible Study, Room 105
12:00 PM Stuart Gordon Class, Room 100
5:30 PM Grace Notes Rehearsal, Kids' Commons
6:00 PM Discipleship Class with Jay Hutchens & Clay Stauffer, Carpenter Chapel
6:15 PM Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary

Thursday, Jan. 20
10:00 AM Sit & Stitch, Gathering Hall
1:00 PM Mahjong Group, Gathering Hall
5:30 PM Handbells Rehearsal, Choir Room
6:30 PM Naranaon, Room 105
8:00 PM AA Meeting, South Hall

Friday, Jan. 21
Room In The Inn, South Hall

Saturday, Jan. 22
Room In The Inn, South Hall
10:00 AM Al-Anon, Drowota Hall
Prayers for our church family

  • Stephanie Rippee, daughter of Virginia & Doyle Rippee - ICU St. Thomas West
  • William Helm, 17-year-old grandson of Lucy Milton - recovering from multiple injuries from a sledding accident


  • Olivia McGehee's sister, Anne Trusty, in Batesville, MS - stroke
  • Greg Cashion's father, Joe Cashion - Lewisburg, TN
  • Amy Shaffer's father, Jim Yarbro, in Guntersville, AL 
  • Rita Baldwin's daughter, Debbie McPherson in Houston, TX - cancer
Our elders invite you to join them in prayer

1. Our discipleship classes and the people who are teaching and learning what it means to Seek, Share, and Serve.
2. The children of Woodmont who will begin singing in Grace Notes as it kicks back off.
3. Our CWF, which is a force of love and service, and all its members and Circles.

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Dec. 26: $158,222 
Jan. 2: $261,403
Jan. 9: $39,275
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