Homelessness: a priority for City Council President Bowman
12/11/2018: Aaron Bowman; Moveable Feast; 'How The Big...

Jacksonville City Council President Aaron Bowman was our guest Tuesday on First Coast Connect where he discussed a wide range of topics and took listener calls.

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Council President Aaron Bowman set homelessness as a priority for the coming year. He reflected on his experience participating in the August Surge Count in his interview with Melissa Ross on December 11th.
Changing Homelessness, in partnership with other local agencies, is organizing the Annual Point in Time Count. This is an annual census of those experiencing homelessness and is conducted nationwide. Over 150 volunteers will survey our neighbors without a home. The data collected is important in determining the state of homelessness and the support these individuals need. Join us on January 23rd. Sign up here.
Day Resources Gap Filled by New Urban Rest Stop
Tuesday Editorial: Urban Rest Stop will help area homeless

Andrae Bailey - the trailblazing former leader of Orlando's successful effort to reduce that city's homeless population - is renowned for crafting a 12-point plan to fight homelessness.And the first point on Bailey's list is a pretty...

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The Sulzbacher Center, with the support of community agencies and elected officials, is opening a Urban Rest Stop in January 2019. This rest stop will fill a gap in day services to those experiencing homelessness in Jacksonville. Showers, laundry facilities and other resources will be available.

The Northeast Florida Continuum of Care began as a grassroots effort with passionate community and religious leaders guiding the way. And we've made substantial progress.

If you care about homelessness and want to be a part of the solution, please join us.

The general membership meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday at the First United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall at 225 East Duval Street, 8:30 to 10:00 am. Our next meeting is January 10th.

You can learn more about CoC Membership here.
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