The Brilliant 2017 Freedom Hill Pinots of Patricia Green Cellars!

When we visited Patricia Green Cellars last summer, we asked proprietor Jim Anderson if we might be able to visit Freedom Hill Vineyard. "Are you sure you want to go there?" Jim asked. "It's a bit of a drive." We persisted and Jim, being the incredibly nice guy that he is, obliged. We're glad he did. 

We walked the site with Jim, Freedom Hill owner Helen Dusschee and her son Dustin. As we walked through this picturesque vineyard, we stopped in two special parcels and in each one tasted a Pinot Noir produced from those particular vines. The wines were stunning. It was one of those great wine moments that we'll never forget. 

Today we present those two wines to you, along with a very rare bottling from the legendary Hyland Vineyard. Each one of them is brilliant.

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2017 Patricia Green Cellars 
"Freedom Hill Vineyard - Wadensvil Clone" Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon
As mentioned, we first tasted this wine while walking through Freedom Hill's Wadensvil Clone parcel with Jim, Helen and Dustin. What a mind-blowing experience to taste a Pinot Noir this pure, this dense, this soft and this nuanced while among the very vines that produced the grapes. Packed with intensity and fantastically approachable, the wine is stunning. As you know, we are huge fans of the Freedom Hill Pinots from Patricia Green Cellars, and we instantly fell in love. 

Wadensvil is reputed to be the original Pinot Noir clone that was brought to Oregon in the 1960s. Wonderfully lively with bright floral nuances and taut red fruit notes accenting the signature Freedom Hill ripeness and fleshiness, t his 2017 release is Patricia Green Cellar's first-ever bottling of Wadensvil Clone Pinot Noir from Freedom Hill Vineyard.

We tasted it again just a few weeks ago and a big smile was again plastered on our face. On the Vin Chicago scale, it rings in at a tremendously enthusiastic 93+ points. The freshness and energy of the Wadensvil Clone along with the density, purity and intensity that we've come to love from Freedom Hill interplay in quite a unique and wonderful way.

Once you taste it, you will have a hard time resisting drinking this beauty now. You'll be well served, however, if you lay a few of your bottles down so you can enjoy as this oh-so-compelling wine continues to develop in the bottle.

Looking online we found only two listings, with an average price of just over $46. At our price of  $35.99, this single-vineyard, single-clone, single-parcel Pinot is a steal.

Vin Chicago Price: 35.99
Also available are a handful of 1.5-liter magnums for $83 plus a 3.0-liter double-magnum for $179 and a 5.0-liter bottle for $289.

2017 Patricia Green Cellars 
"Freedom Hill Vineyard - Dijon 115 Clone" Pinot Noir
Willamette Valley, Oregon
This is the second time we've featured the Freedom Hill Vineyard - Dijon 115 Clone bottling from Patricia Green. Like the 2015, this 2017 is an outstanding Pinot Noir. With a few years in the cellar, it will become even more remarkable.

Offering dark flavors and incredible length, this deep and powerful wine - like the Wadensvil Clone bottling - features a lovely, lifted acid spine. Make sure to have your decanter handy, as it was several days after being opened before this wine entirely revealed its luscious, weighty black cherry and cassis fruit flavors and long, silky finish. You'll want to decant at least three or four hours before serving.

The 2017 vintage yielded a small crop and, as such, our supply of this wine is rather limited. On our scale, it is a solid 94 points. Ideally, it will rest in your cellar for the next three to five years. It will drink beautifully then, and for another 10 years beyond that. 

There are only five online listings for this glorious bottle of wine. Our price handily beats them all!

Vin Chicago Price: 42.99
Also available in 3.0 liter double-magnum for $199 and 5.0 liter bottles for $349.

A New, Limited-Release Pinot Noir Bottling from Patricia Green!

2017 Patricia Green Cellars  
"Hyland Vineyard - Coury Clone" Pinot Noir
McMinnville, Willamette Valley, Oregon
As you've likely already figured out, rather than producing large quantities of a few blended bottlings, Patricia Green Cellars crafts tiny quantities of many small-batch Pinots. For the 2017 vintage, Jim upped the number of individual Pinot Noirs from an already high 22 to a practically insane 27. 

While the diversity is great, the challenge is that when we find one we know our customers are going to love, there just aren't a whole lot of cases to go around!

Crafted from a parcel of Coury Clone Pinot Noir in the storied Hyland Vineyard, this is one of the new bottlings. A mere 218 cases were produced, and we are thrilled to get the nine cases we did. It is a baller wine. 

"The texture is magical, with a sensual blanket of flavors that coats the palate making for a discreet, sublime and incredibly complex wine." 
- Jim Anderson, Patricia Green Cellars

This is an incredibly impressive Pinot Noir with structure and flavor similar to a top 1er Cru Pommard. While the Freedom Hill - Wadensvil Clone is ready to drink now, this old-school Pinot Noir needs time. It was on Day 3 after opening that our sample of this powerfully structured wine began to fully strut its beautiful red fruits and silky mouth feel. You wouldn't drink that $150 bottle of 1er Cru Epenots right away, and you shouldn't drink this wine for another five years! Check out these notes from Jim, then quickly click the Big Yellow Button to claim a few bottles for your cellar...

"This is an amazing, old vineyard. How, back in 1972, someone decided to plant this insanely remote vineyard southwest of McMinnville is beyond me. Nonetheless, this nearly 50 year old vineyard is the definitive site in the McMinnville AVA and is one of the most renowned vineyards in the state of Oregon. It is farmed biodynamically and the attention to detail there is amazing, especially when you take into account its size (around 135 acres). We were offered a small section of the site planted to Coury Clone in 1989. Given our predilection for collecting the great sites of Oregon in our cellar, our desire to work with beautifully farmed old vine fruit and our obsession with Coury Clone this was a no-brainer. Our instincts proved correct. This was easily one of the top wines in the cellar from 2017, period. Having experience with the Freedom Hill Vineyard, Coury Clone definitely gave us insight into what the potential impact of the clone and site's terroir could be. Hyland is higher elevation and thus in volcanic (Jory) soil while Freedom Hill is lower and in marine (Bellpine) soil. The difference the soil has here across the clone is striking. Coury Clone possesses incredible aromatics and tea-like characteristics with strikingly red dominated fruit. The texture is magical, with a sensual blanket of flavors that coats the palate making for a discreet, sublime and incredibly complex wine. This a brilliant wine from an esoteric site that has made its way into the upper echelon of our bottlings in its first vintage."
- Jim Anderson, Patricia Green Cellars

Only three online listings for this rarity. Our price beats them all.

Vin Chicago Price: 69.99
Also available are a few 1.5 liter bottles for $149.
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