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Food Truck Frenzy
Food truck season is in full swing. Catch us at fountain square, office parks and events around town

We're excited to announce we'll be back at Washington Park for this year's Friday Flow music series. First date is May 31st
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Just Q'in Does The Taste of Cincinnati
We're Excited To Announce That We'll Be At The Taste Of Cincinnati Memorial Day Weekend

Come by and try our 2019 "Best of Taste" Brisket

We are accepting catering orders for
Memorial Day Weekend but the restaurant will be closed

Monday Motivation
Bring Me Your Cup
I am a newly converted coffee drinker. I say newly converted because a few months ago, I didn’t care nor could I tell the difference between the highest end pour over and a home brewed pot of Foldger’s 1850. I’ve settled somewhere in the middle and enjoy a good cup of quality coffee either brewed at home or from my local barista.

The thing I am a stickler on however, is drinking from my own cup. I don’t like paper cups mostly because I don’t like the cooling sleeves or the idea of wasting such a large amount of quality paper cups. I recently walked into my local coffee shop and realized I left my cup in my car but I went ahead and placed my order. That’s when Phil my barista said the following phrase; “ bring me your cup and I’ll fill it up”. Those words stuck with me because in our day of the constant barrage of requests, emails, phone calls, meetings and conversations who in my life says let me fill your cup?

The bible gives us so many promises on casting our cares on the Lord and receiving rest from our burdens but the one that sticks out to me today is the often overlooked line in Psalm 23 that says “ He restores my soul”. Everyday my cup is emptied out and some days I don’t have a full cup to begin with. In other words, everyday I give of myself to the relationships and world around me and some days, I don’t have much to begin with.

The encouraging thing here is that God through His son Jesus is the restorer of souls. At any time throughout the day, week or sometimes the hour; God can and will fill my cup and restore my soul. I encourage each of you to take time today and everyday to get your cup filled so that the world in your life receives the best of you.
Just Q'in