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Week of March 22, 2020
Why is it so important for us to live our lives according to the word of God? The answer to this question would seem obvious. But the obvious is not so obvious to the spiritually blind. One would think that living by the truth (the holy scriptures) would be the guiding principle everyone strives to live by. Sadly however, this isn't always the case. 
The truth sometimes hurts and is painful. Most people I know would prefer to avoid any type of pain at all cost if left up to them. That is why so many avoid having to face or accept the truth when it means that it is going to become uncomfortable for them. 
But the truth is the truth and it does not change regardless to whether one feels or wants to deal with it. 
Throughout the Bible we read how people attempted to disregard or avoid the truth from God’s word, but in the end could not escape it and eventually had to face its reality. For example, the events that took place in the garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve overstepped God's instructions not to eat the fruit of a specific tree or there would be great consequences. He told them the truth and they did not obey It. As a result, their failure to follow and believe in His truth had a terrible effect on the rest of mankind. Jonah, in his attempts to avoid and ignore God's assignment to preach repentance to the city of Ninevah ended up in the belly of a whale. He tried to run from the truth but the truth in the end caught up with him. It was hard for Jesus’ own disciples to believe in the truth when Jesus said that the one who dipped his hand with Him in the bowl is the one who will betray Him. (Matt. 26: 23) Judas was the one and he ended up committing suicide. Jesus told Peter to his face that he would deny Him three times. (Matt. 26: 34-35) Even though it was extremely difficult for Peter to accept the truth at the time, that truth came to fruition. (Matt. 26:75)
There are countless incidents like these throughout the Bible to remind us that God’s truth is all that matters in this world. God’s instructions and warnings should always be heeded and believed. They are always going to bear the truth in the end. That is why we must pay close attention and hang on to every word God has spoken to us through the scriptures. He has given us the truth concerning our redemption and eternal salvation with no exceptions to His instructions, no matter who you are or what position you may hold in life. 
God’s truth is a matter of life and death. There are no gray areas in God’s truth. Every word and story that comes from the Bible is true. “For it is impossible for God to lie.” (Heb.6: 17-18) That is why He is Who He is, the one and only God. There is nothing in His nature that would prove otherwise. He is the bearer of truth and nothing but the truth. 
He has always told us the truth and it’s up to us to accept it or reject it. But nevertheless, it will always remain the truth. 
In the end, all that matters in this life is making sure you we are living by God’s truth and no one else’s! Because when all has been said and done, God’s truth stands to matter the most in your life. 
In Him,
Bro. Mark Craigwell

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