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Week of October 11, 2020
Unless You Are Converted
By Mike Riley
Conversion is a process of change. Jesus talks about a very real change in our hearts, minds and souls (Matthew 18:1-6). In order for this to happen, we must change the one we are trying to please. Self sits on the throne of most hearts today. We try to please the appetites of the flesh and it never satisfies the hungers of our hearts (Ecclesiastes 1:8; cf. Proverbs 27:20). We go about our daily routines and we are still longing for the bread that will truly meet our needs (John 6:35; cf. Matthew 4:4).

The body of man dies, and his soul lives on for an eternity. Earthly wealth and fame never will meet the true needs of one’s soul. There must be a dramatic change inside us that connects us to Him who made us. Jesus described this as becoming as a child. Children trust their parents. They will do what their parents tell them to do. This trust will cause them, without question, to follow those who guide them. Children are followers. They do not have a personal, selfish agenda. They spend no time on selfish pursuits. They are innocent of lying, deception and sinful pride.

The drama of what Jesus said when He told His disciples to become as little children, was not lost to them. They did as Jesus commanded in the beginning. Follow Me! (Matthew 4:18-19). They did follow Him preaching to the lost of the world. Often, their conversion led to prison and death (Revelation 2:10). John was the only apostle that escaped a premature death. They taught those who readily accepted the truth (Acts 13:44-49). They taught those who hated and killed His own Son (Acts 2). They, as children, trusted Him who had always submitted to His own Father’s will (John 8:29). As children, they followed Him.

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Spotlight on Members
Hi Everyone,

John and I were asked to write short audio plays for the Huntington Theatre's DREAM Boston series. DREAM Boston asked playwrights to imagine a specific location in Boston in the not-too-distant future.

We deeply appreciate your support of us. This is a tough time for artists and we are thankful for the blessing of work!

John's Play - The Rainman
Miranda's Play - Virtual Attendance

Take good care,

Miranda ADEkoje
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Please note that there are no evening services or classes on the 3rd or 5th Sundays of the month.
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