We're in construction!
We’re pleased to announce that four Broadway malls will receive a long overdue restoration. This $1.1 million project is funded by the New York City Council. The first phase of the project will take place at the 102nd-103rd and 103rd-104th Street malls. The second phase will restore the 137th-138th and 138th-139th Street malls.
Over the course of decades, the constant activity on Broadway has caused the infrastructure, plant life, and soil conditions on these malls to deteriorate. Renovations will address these issues, improving the health and appearance of the malls, while also adhering to current ADA guidelines so that they are safe for all pedestrians. These changes will ensure that community members can enjoy all the benefits of robust public green space—from the simple enjoyment of a beautiful place to improved public health and a stronger local economy.

At the malls from 102nd-104th Streets, you can expect:
  • Upgrades to crossing areas with newly paved surfaces and ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps
  • New plant material to include a selection of ornamental grasses, perennials, and flowering and evergreen shrubs
  • The removal of concrete planters
  • The addition of a base for rotating sculpture exhibits
  • Repairs to post and chain fencing
  • New benches
  • The removal and replacement of dead or failing trees

Estimated completion for reconstruction of the malls between 102nd-104th Streets is Spring 2019. Stay tuned for more details as the project progresses!