April 2018 Monthly News & Updates
Time for a digital brochure or an updated tri-fold that you can take to your preferred printer? We'v updated our co-branded brochures. Take advantage of this great way to send out information about your services to your clients and prospects. Learn more...
Mutual of Omaha's Term Life Answers Webinar is April 19th at 2pm EDT.
Learn more about Mutual of Omaha's new Accelerated Underwriting program that launched April 1st, and uses data that can quickly be obtained to eliminate lab testing and exams for Standard, Standard Plus, Preferred and Preferred Plus applicants who qualify based on age, personal history, and face amount requirements.
United Healthcare has announced their 2019 incentives and trips.
They're offering trips all over the globe, Medicare Benefits and A2Oh! rewards. Learn more...
Gerber's Guaranteed Life Updates
Updates to marketing materials, paper applications and premiums were made last December. Login to the agent portal to access updated materials and to submit an e-app or download a paper app. Download the Agent Training Presentation...
Earn more cash by selling Cigna's Final Expense.
Qualify with $3,000 in issued annualized premium per month of final expense and earn over $5,000 a year when you qualify every month.
Read Mutual of Omaha's latest Mutual Matters.
"Creatures of habit", is something that's often said about us. This is especially true when what you've been doing works. In terms of your daily activities, you've found success by doing things a certain way. But what if there was a better way that could lead to more success?" Read more...
New SBLI Product Updates
April 12th the new e-policy system will be introduced. The LegacyShield complimentary subscription for clients to utilize online tools will be implemented. And new business forms are being rolled out. View the WebEx for more info.
Mutual of Omaha has extended their Broker Bonus program.
Earn even more on your Medicare Supplements and SELECT underwritten business. ​You will receive a cash bonus when you sell Mutual of Omaha's Medicare Supplement and SELECT products through September 30, 2018. Learn more...
How are you managing your business? How are you keeping track of your commissions? How are you submitting applications?
The only way to monitor your business and the BEST way to submit applications is to login to the carrier's agent portal. Submitting electronic applications is easy and painless. It's time-saving and efficient. Why not start today?
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