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Are you set up to use our rate, quote and underwriting tool, Resource for Rates?

Are you set up to use our rate and underwriting tool?
Gain access to our accurate, online  quote tool  for Medicare  Supplement, Medicare Advantage,  Hospital Indemnity, Senior Dental and Final Expense products. This tool will give you the exact rates for every company, along with an Underwriting tool that will allow you to use the best carrier for your impaired risk clients.

Resource for Rates

Our agents have told us consistently that they write more business thanks to this tool.

We'll show you how to effectively use the tool, and which plan and insurer is the right choice for all of your prospective clients. 

Mutual of Omaha's releasing phenomenal NEW, lower rates in PA, TN and TX.

July 22nd new, lower, competitive rates are being released in the following states, along with higher household discounts:  Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas. First app signature dates will be accepted July 23rd. Contact Mark Stafford, Cassandra Bennett or Audrey Sunner for more information and to get a snapshot of the current rates for every carrier to compare how the competition stacks up.

Zip Codes
Plan F - Male 67
Plan G - Male 67
NEW Plan N - Male 67
$162.94 â 16%
$123.83 â 17%
$150.07 â 16%
$103.18 â 15%
$150.62 â 11%
$110.22 â 11%

Mutual of Omaha has created a Disability Income, Critical Illness and Cancer marketing concept portfolio. Every month they will email you a marketing concept along with educational tools and consumer pieces to assist you with marketing these products to your clients and prospects who may have a need for them but not realize it. Gain access to more concepts and information by logging into Sales Professional Access or visit our website. Additionally, we will send you out consumer pieces to assist you with marketing products besides those mentioned above (Medicare Supplement, Long-term Care, Final Expense, Life).

The Med Supp Mix of Business bonus can earn you additional income on the first six year paid premiums - as much as 14% bonus on the same production.

Cash for Apps is launching in  Pennsylvania ,   Tennessee  and  Texas  on July 23 rd , and is in full swing for  Ohio  and  Alabama . Earn additional cash for every issued, eligible Medicare Supplement app you submit.


Have you received your 200 free prospects?

Our free prospecting tool to our contracted agents provides either direct mail or telemarketing prospects that are scrubbed against the 'Do Not Call' registry.  If you'd like more information, please contact your Medicare & Senior Solutions Sales Manager. Once you've spoken to them, you can complete the online form for your list of prospects. We also encourage you to download our  
Prospecting Guide  which will zero in on the best geographic areas for you to target your Medicare Supplement sales.

Cigna has slashed Med Supp rates in VA, NM and WA.

Rate Decrease
Policy Effective Date
Preferred & Standard
7% Household
New Mexico
Preferred & Standard
7% Household
Preferred & Standard
7% Spousal

Cigna continues to offer 1,000 customer mailers per month when you meet the monthly minimum of $3,000 in issued annualized premium of IWL Final Expense insurance. Death benefits from $2,000 - $25,000 with issue ages from 50-85. No height and weight chart, simplified issue underwriting, no policy fee and 5% spousal discount. Are you offering Final Expense to your clients? It all starts with a question.

Affordable rates :

Female, Non-tobacco
Benefit Amount
Monthly Premium
Age 50
Age 60
Age 65

Have you read our blog post about Twitter?

"Most healthcare companies are on all social media platforms and they also hire community managers to interact and monitor their social media engagement. Some of these carriers have additional Twitter handles just to address customers' questions and to provide support as well. It's a growing trend and one that is quickly being adapted by more and more companies and carriers across the board." 

Aetna's releasing Protection Series products in new states.

July 20th Aetna will begin offering their Protection Series products in the following states:  Cancer & Heart Attack or Stroke in MA. Hospital Indemnity in AK, DC and FL. Recovery Care in KY and UT.
The e-App will be available for the new states beginning August 5th and sales materials and brochures will be available July 20th in the Agent Portal.
iPad Users! If you complete an e-App for Medicare Supplement be sure to select the plan and verify the premium has been calculated before submitting the application. If you do not see the plan selection screen go back to the Applicant and Eligibility screens to reconfirm your choices.

Medico just released NEW Dental, Vision & Hearing products.

Medico has launched NEW Dental, Vision and Hearing products on July 1st to help your clients with coverage that traditional Medicare doesn't cover.
  • Traditional stand-alone dental plan
  • Preferred includes dental, vision and hearing
  • Preferred Plus includes comprehensive maximum benefit for dental, vision and hearing

Our Senior Solutions Consultants can help you choose the correct plan for your clients. Whether the right solution is Medicare Supplement, Long-term Care, Life or any of our Ancillary lines, we're here to help you grow your client base and increase your bottom line. Want to learn more? Get contracted today or request a call from us.

For Agent Use Only.  Not to be distributed to the general public.