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We're offering our Medicare Supplement 201 webinars.

At the end of the month and in early June,we're offering our Medicare Supplement 201 webinar series. In these webinars we dive deeper into helping you market Medicare Supplement products to your clients, and we offer insight into growing your client base. We recap portions from the 101 series and tackle more in-depth topics, leaving you with a greater understanding for the multitude of products available, and how to effectively offer the best solution to your clients.  To register, please choose from one of the following options.

If you've already attended a 101 webinar, we'd love your feedback .

Knowing which plan is best for your clients can be challenging, but our team of Medicare Supplement experts is here to assist you by finding the right plan and carrier that best fits your prospect's situation, budget, health and risk tolerance. The Brokerage Resource has sought out and contracted with all of the major carriers providing Medicare Supplement products on a national basis.

If you have questions or need information, please contact Mark Stafford at 919.794.3178, Jimmy Keegan at 919.794.3181 or Cassandra Bennett at 919.794.3182.

Mutual of Omaha has several reasons to offer Guaranteed Universal Life to your clients.

Mutual of Omaha's Guaranteed Universal Life has competitive premiums, no additional cost living benefits, underwriting services and quality service. Learn more from the  GUL website .

Market DI to specific occupations with Mutual of Omaha's customizable postcards

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Our family keeps growing and we want you to be a part of it. Join our family and watch your business grow. Get access to our online tools from anywhere. Tap into the minds of our Senior Healthcare Sales Consultants and get expert advice and assistance. Grow your business by cross-selling products and we'll even set you up with  free prospects .

Our philosophy is to make doing business with us easy and beneficial.  Sign up  today and become a part of the family...and let's grow together.

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Aetna's NEW Recovery Care Insurance is available.

New Recovery Care Insurance is available in several states. This limited benefit hospital indemnity and short-term recovery care fixed indemnity insurance policy can help your clients prepare for the level of care they need due to unexpected illness or accident. E-app is available for this product as well as sales materials. All of which can be accessed via the agent portal.
The Spring Break Sales Incentive ends May 31 st .

Aetna policy holders have the capability to view their policy online, as well as view claims, and payment history. They can register at

Mission Berlin  is in full swing and you have the ability to earn two-for-one on production toward this trip by selling ACI/CLI Final Expense whole life insurance.

Are you talking to your clients about Long-term Care?

According to a recent study by Genworth, Americans are grossly under-estimating the costs of long-term care.  If you need assistance or information about discussing long-term care with your clients, please contact Audrey Sunner in our office at 919.794.3084.

Cigna's ARLIC and Loyal rate decreases are a compelling reason to offer their Medicare Supplement products.

ARLIC Plan G Rate Decreases:

Plan G Rate Decrease
Effective Date
West Virginia

Loyal American Rate Decreases & Holds:
  • District of Columbia - will implement a 5% rate decrease on Plans G and N on 6/1/16
  • Alaska - will implement a 5% rate decrease on Plans G and N on 6/1/16
  • New Jersey - will not implement a rate increase for any plans in 2016
  • California - will not implement a rate increase on Plans G and N in 2016
  • Connecticut - will not implement a rate increase on Plan N in 2016
  • Maine - will not implement a rate increase on Plans G and N in 2016
Enhanced Medicare Supplement with new underwriting classes, 7% household discount and customer discount & service programs will be released in the following states on June 1st:  Kentucky, North Dakota, Washington D.C., Maine and Alaska.

Utilize our Resource for Rates tool to see how they stack up against the competition.

Are you in need of prospects?

Our new system now pulls mobile numbers as well as land lines. You can also opt to send out mailers and get them customized and printed for free from Mutual of Omaha. Complete our  form  if you'd like a custom list prepared for you.

TBR Referral program . Good people know good people and we want to thank you for your referrals and hard work. Start referring your colleagues today!

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Our Senior Solutions Consultants can help you choose the correct plan for your clients. Whether the right solution is Medicare Supplement, Long-term Care, Life or any of our Ancillary lines, we're here to help you grow your client base and increase your bottom line. Want to learn more? Get contracted today or request a call from us.

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