August 2016 | Issue 8
Letter from the President
HBAM President Greg Smith
The Mississippi weather is blazing hot and the Association is working to provide even more sizzle for our members! We have a new partnership to announce this month. Also, we will be working our way across the state to make sure everyone understands all of the benefits and how to get the best bang for your buck. It really pays to be a member of the Home Builders Association.

We are pleased to announce the new Safe Builder program through Safety Plus. The program is going to provide a great benefit to our association members. As OSHA tightens the reign on regulations, and drastically increases their fines, we must be prepared. Safety Plus helps train in areas such as OSHA, USDOT, MSHA, EPA, as well as insurance management and employee training to recover lost dollars.  This service will now be offered to HBAM members. Stay tuned for more details on how the program will help you navigate safety.

In addition to the Safe Builder program, we are also focused on advocacy and the coming legislative session. This year, we will elect a new President of the United States and elect (or re-elect) Congressmen for Mississippi's federal delegation. On the state level, we will have important judicial races. As you may know, the courts play a pivotal role in decisions that directly affect the building industry. Build PAC is an important resource to make sure we contribute to those candidates who support home builders and our issues.

We will begin planning our conversations with legislators over the next few months. Advocacy is one of the hardest benefits to put a dollar figure on, but that is exactly the point. We do not have clout without grassroots and PAC support. We must stand united in order to defeat the hundreds of regulations that can affect our business. State and Federal government regulate so much of our industry that it is impossible for our members to work without a voice. Things don't happen without action and our association is the mechanism to make positive change happen.

As always, we value your continued membership in HBAM. We are all working together to build a better Mississippi and a strong foundation for the association.


Greg Smith
Home Builders Association of Mississippi

Today, President Obama signed the H.R. 3700, known as the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016, which was passed through Congress in m id-July,

This legislation was originally introduced in October of 2015 and has been the focus of the National Association of Home Builders lobbying efforts. With bipartisan support, it aims to change how certain allowances for low-income families are used to determine federal housing assistance.

Through this act, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) alter calculations and limits of assistance eligibility.

" This legislation will streamline HUD rental housing programs and ease FHA condo restrictions to promote homeownership," said Jim Tobin, Executive Vice President & Chief Lobbyist for NAHB.

Tobin credits the efforts of association members for contacting their legislators to voice support of the act.
Upcoming Events
Delta Meeting

Hattiesburg Meeting
4 CPR & First-Aid Training

Natchez Meeting
9 Corinth/Alcorn Meeting
10 Stone Co. Meeting
16 HB&RA Meeting
18 Pearl River Co. Meeting
29 Best in MS Application Ends
30 MHI 10 Hour OSHA 

Southwest Meeting

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2016 Best in Mississippi Awards
The 2016 Best in Mississippi Award entry applications are NOW AVAILABLE!

This year, our submission process has moved online for your convenience.

CLICK HERE to visit the Best in Mississippi page for more information.
Great on the grill? Culinary arts expert? WE WANT YOU!
On September 27, HBAM and the HBA of Jackson will host a food tasting event and we are looking for members to show up and show off their skills. The ticketed fundraiser will feature the culinary expertise of our members as well as beer tasting, with the funds going toward Build PAC advocacy efforts.

More information on the event will come later, but if you're interested in participating, please CLICK HERE to fill out an interest form.
OSHA Revisions May Affect YOUR Business
Two major Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revisions are taking affect in the next five months that can affect the way you run your company.


Beginning August 1st, 2016, OSHA is enacting a new penalty structure that will adjust the civil penalties to account for inflation.

OSHA's maximum penalties were last adjusted in 1990, but will now see an increase of 78%. The agency will continue to adjust penalties for inflation annually based on the Consumer Price Index.

CLICK HERE to visit the OSHA article for more information regarding the penalties.


Effective January 1st, 2017, OSHA will revise its requirements for recording and submitting records of workplace injuries and illnesses. This data will be published to the OSHA site and available in open source formats.

The addition of electronic submission is aimed to encourage employers to increase prevention methods as well as spawn ac competitive spirit toward worker safety among competitors.

The data will also be available to researchers in order to create innovative methods to increase workplace safety and reduce hazardous conditions.

HBAM will continue to post more information regarding this regulation as it becomes closer to 2017.
New Partnership with SafetyPLUS
As OSHA continues to roll out varying policies and additional penalty fees, HBAM has created a partnership that aims to help alleviate the burden of compliance.

Safety Plus, Inc. is based out of Mobile, Ala. and was founded in 1991. It provides a variety of serves that focuses on all aspects of loss control.

Through a partnership with Safety Plus, Inc., valuable tools to protect member companies from OSHA penalties are immediately available. In addition, staff are available to guide members through the maze pf compliance in an easy and understandable format. These services are provided at no cost.

Don Druse, Construction Compliance Specialist at Safety Plus, Inc., is eager to meet with local associations and provide the benefit of instruction and training.

"My goal is to help you be prepared should OSHA shows-up at your residential construction site, warehouse or manufacturing facility," said Druse.

For more information about Safety Plus, Inc. and the services provided to members,  CLICK HERE