From the Executive Director: The Built Environment as a 21st Century Teacher
As an educator at heart, my entry into the green schools movement was through the impact that curriculum and instruction has on students.  The promotion of environmental and sustainability literacy came naturally and was a no-brainer.  As I deepened my engagement with green schools, however, I struggled to understand how the built environment, both buildings and operations, fit into the green and sustainable universe.  Was there such as a thing as a "green" building?  I was determined to find out. 
Bringing Sustainability to Life through Renovation 101 Teams

Tresine Logsdon, Sustainability Coordinator for Fayette County (KY) Public Schools, shares how her district is using its buildings and sites as 3D textbooks to provide students with rich, qualitative educational experiences that prepare them for college and 21st century careers through an E3 lens - Energy, Environment, and Engineering. 
If These Walls Could Teach...

Molly Stoffregen, a teacher at Northside Elementary in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, relates how her school is integrating the building's green features into curriculum at all grade levels.
The Teaching Building: Current Practices in Sustainability in the 21st Century Classroom

Steven A. Marable, Ed. D. and Daniel Soderholm, M.Ed. summarize findings from a recent study and other relevant research that provide real examples of current environmental education practices being utilized to support 21st century skills within LEED-certified schools, as well as examples from Virginia schools that are utilizing sustainable practices in the classroom.  
Sprint to Savings Connects Energy Efficiency, Building Operations, and Learning

Mike Dieterich, a LEED Accredited Professional, discusses a competition in Washington DC's public schools that is not only saving schools money and reducing energy use, but is engaging students in energy education activities using the school building as a teaching tool. 
Greening Schools from the Inside Out: An Occupant First Approach

Dr. Stephany Mason, Technical Director at the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, describes how her organization is providing school districts with the tools and resources they need to create healthy, high performing environments for students and teachers alike.
Engineering to do Nothing

Put to work the basic astronomy knowledge of 10-14 year olds in teaching passive solar house design.  Reprinted with permission from Green Teacher magazine and originally authored by Susan Lewicki. 
GSNN Educator's Toolbox: Professional Development, Resources, and Grants for October

The latest news on professional development, resources, and grants for October.  

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