June 12, 2020 | Issue 008
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Customer Corner
Capitol Lighting
Looking for creative ways to merchandise your showroom? In preparation for reopening, Lisa Angelillo and her team at Capitol Lighting partnered with Bulbrite and have now installed dedicated, custom-designed merchandise vignettes that showcase Bulbrite bulbs.
Seen in the photo above, these newly-installed displays serve to make showroom staff and consumers more comfortable with making the right light bulb selection, and also provide additional value for upselling.

To find out how you can receive your very own filament wheel display and convert your showroom to be a Bulbrite “Signature Dealer”, contact your local sales representative or email sales@bulbrite.com for more details.
By now you have probably heard of Shopbulbrite.com - our online shopping portal created exclusively for our valued showroom customers and sales reps. Our Customer Experience team has been experiencing higher call volume lately, so why not skip the wait and let this self-service portal address your needs?

Shopbulbrite.com allows you to:
  • view real-time inventory
  • check pricing
  • place orders, and
  • track your order status
while also guaranteeing you faster processing and delivery!

Have you explored the site yet? Visit Shopbulbrite.com to register and place an order today!
Featured Products
Mighty Minis
With home renovation projects at an all-time high, many people are looking towards lighting solutions to help transform their living spaces. Now is the perfect time to recommend our Mini LEDs: They may be small in size, but they give a powerful punch of well-distributed light - especially in sconces and in ceiling fans.
Features include:
  • Higher lumens and long life in a small profile 
  • Great retrofit for Halogen and Xenon bulbs
  • Compatible with all dimmer types

For a limited time, we are now offering a free mini counter display . Please reach out to your sales rep or email sales@bulbrite.com for more info.
Tips & Tricks
Hot trend: Wellness
You've probably been reading about the current trend focused around health and well-being. Meditation apps and online fitness have seen a surge in popularity, and people are also seeking to adopt healthier sleep habits.
Did you know that Bulbrite Solana Smart LED bulbs can help your customers sleep better via automated sleep scheduling, dimming, and automated color tuning functionality? Controlled by an easy-to-use app, the bulbs can help signal that it is time to wind down for the evening by automatically dimming or changing color at a set time. Bulbrite Solana bulbs can also assist with waking up in the morning - gradually brightening a room like a gentle sunrise.

Watch this video to learn more.
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