June 26, 2020 | Issue 010
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Customer Corner
Stewart Lighting
Stewart Lighting in Jacksonville, FL is one of the few lighting showrooms that was able to remain open for the majority of the essential business restrictions. In fact, General Manager Josh Longino and his team were even able to make sales grow during this time!
How did they do it? By featuring home furnishings and accessories in addition to their lighting fixtures, Stewart Lighting was able to offer their customers curated home decoration solutions - a trend that has been on the uptick since people have been upgrading their homes. To encourage more sales, they also stayed engaged with customers via frequent social media posts, "virtual" sales, live video chats, and by offering curbside pick-up and delivery.

Visit their Facebook page for a peek into what Stewart Lighting has been up to lately!
Social Media Influencers
Do you follow us on social media? If not, you may have missed our #QuickTips series, featuring a variety of social media influencers educating their thousands of enthusiastic followers about Bulbrite Solana! With instructional videos, photos and testimonials, our influencers demonstrate practical uses for Bulbrite Solana Smart LED bulbs in their own homes - whether they are looking to set automated lighting scenes for a movie night or making a child's room more whimsical with the color-changing smart bulb. If you are looking to grow your social media following, now is the perfect time to "like" and share our content on your own social platforms.

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Featured Products
*New* Bulbrite Solana Milky Bulbs
We are proud to announce that Bulbrite Solana Milky-finish bulbs are now in stock and available for sale nationwide. They are even Title 20-compliant for California! Available in both A19 as well as G25 Globe shape s, these fetching Smart LED bulbs are collar-less to never sacrifice style for function. And, the full glass bulb creates a true incandescent look by creating soft diffused light.

Click here for more product details or to make a purchase. For inquiries, please speak to your sales rep or email sales@bulbrite.com .
Tips & Tricks
Hot Trend:
Social E-Comm
Curious about enhancing your online e-commerce presence but not sure where to start? We have good news for you. Facebook recently announced the launch of Facebook Shops - built for small businesses to reach wider audiences and to sell directly to consumers via digital storefronts on both Facebook and Instagram. This announcement comes right on the heels of Pinterest's announcement that they have launched Shopping Spotlights - where products are displayed in curated collections that can be purchased directly from the platform.

Have you considered a more omni-channel strategy for your showroom? For more information about Facebook Shops, click here !
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