September 11, 2020 | Issue 021
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Customer Corner
Luminous Trends
Mehul Atit, President of Luminous Trends in Texas has been seeing a trend towards 3500-4000k bulbs. Says Mehul, "everyone knows the trend is white counter tops, grey walls - I have tested this out in my own house - and yes, 3500-4000k makes the grey walls appear a lot more vividly. It also makes white baseboards or counter tops pop. We educate customers on the facts, such as Lumens; they come in thinking 4000k makes things appear brighter. Yes, the differences in Lumens from 3000k to 4000k are marginal, however customers firmly believe that things appear more clearly and vibrant.
The other trend we are noticing is that homes are no longer just homes; they are also work spaces. 4000k is a good compromise between the normal 3000k residential lighting and the 5000k office or commercial lighting. That is another sales tactic that I have personally used to push the 4000k."

Great tips, Mehul!

Lighting 101
Understanding how to create beautiful lighting in one's home can be a challenge for many shoppers. What is a Lumen? What bulb base do I need? Which bulb should be applied where? In many cases, customers will just bring a burnt out bulb to the store and try to find the closest match.
To help demystify the light bulb shopping process, we have created "Lighting 101" - a helpful presentation and booklet that can be used as both a sales training tool as well as a reference for potential lighting customers. Covering the basics such as color temperature, lighting term definitions, preferred bulb applications, as well as the importance of CRI, "Lighting 101" is a great resource.

Click here for your free "Lighting 101" download!
Featured Products
Promo alert: 4000k Sale!
It's time for our Fall Savings Sale! For a limited time only, receive up to 25% off our new 4000K line! As Mehul at Luminous Trends mentioned above, 4000k bulbs are currently very in demand. The blue light emitted by 4000k filaments can can both help improve focus and make objects appear brighter when reading - a plus now that school is back in session! Click here to view all the details!

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Tips & Tricks
Trend: Smart Speaker Compatibility
With everyone staying home, there has been a surge in smart home product sales these past few months. And consumers are not just buying one smart home product - they are building smart home ecosystems. One constant in these ecosystems is the presence of smart speakers, such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa speakers.
Did you know know that Bubrite Solana Smart LED bulbs pair well with both? Simply say "Alexa, turn the kitchen light blue", and our smart lights will follow your command.
Curious to learn more? Visit our Youtube channel to find helpful videos that you can share with your customers who are curious about Bulbrite Solana's many features!
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