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Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Report Card Distribution
Report cards will be mailed on June 1st to students who brought in a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

For those not mailed home, report cards may be picked up in the office on the main campus on Monday, June 5 - Thursday, June 8 from 9:00-11:30 and 1:00-4:00.
Graduation 2017
CHAMPs of the Month
Jackson Harvey
Taylor Buffington
Congratulations Coach Herr!
May Teacher of the Month
We Honor Our 2017 Retirees
Coach Greene, Dr. Walker, and Mrs. Hicks
Kurt Greene

Coach Greene has been in education for 37 years. Of those, 7 have been in Monroe County.  He was inspired to become a teacher because he wanted t coach basketball.  He use to tell his high school coach that "one day I will take your job," and he did. His most  memorable moments in education were going to the Final Four in Basketball.  He said his most rewarding experience has been "having players come back 5 to 10 years after they graduate." When asked what he would miss most, he said "the teachers, the administration, and the students."  He said he will definitely NOT miss lesson plans.   In retirement, he looks forward to traveling. His advice to a new educator would be "surround yourself with good people and enjoy what you do."
Carol Hicks

Mrs. Hicks has been in education for 35 years, 15 years at the high school level, and 20 years at the college level. Of those, 4 have been in Monroe County.  She was inspired to become a teacher because she "loved the Spanish language and culture." She also loved working with young people, and teaching was a way to share what she loved with her students.  She said that "teaching is a very rewarding career and is a way to really make a difference in people's lives." Her most  memorable moment in education was when she was a tennis coach for 6 years, and had many ups and downs as a coach, but working with the young people was very rewarding. "It was very exciting when the girls' tennis team went to the state finals even though they didn't win." Her most rewarding experience is when "a student you have taught says that he or she is planning to go to college and have a career in your field." When asked about her most embarrassing moment, she said "In my first year of teaching, I gave a test with the answer key attached to all the test copies. I had forgotten to take it off when I printed the test. I didn't realize it until one of the students started giggling." When asked what she would miss most, she said "I will miss getting to know the young people and developing relationships -- laughing and talking with them, and sometimes even crying a little. I will especially miss the comradery of my co-workers and feeling part of a family. "  She said she will definitely not miss the "bells, not being able to go to the restroom except between classes, fire drills, screaming or very loud talking in the halls, and being overwhelmed."   In retirement, she looks forward to taking care of her grandchildren, decorating her house, playing guitar and singing, traveling, training her dog, and sleep. Her advice to a new educator would be "stay in one place -- in other words, Mary Persons is a good school in which to work. The grass is not greener elsewhere.  Also, always keep a positive outlook. And let students know you care about them personally."
Gary Walker

Dr. Walker has been in education for 34years. Of those, 30 have been in Monroe County.  He was inspired to become a teacher by his mother. He said "My mother's perseverance and dedication inspired me to go into education and help make a positive influence in other people's lives." His most  memorable moments in education was "when I was spotted by an former student in town who thanked me for inspiring his confidence to become a teacher and coach."  He said his most rewarding experience was "when I was a teacher and then assistant principal I got to celebrate big and small accomplishments throughout the day and school year with the students." He said his most embarrassing moment as an educator was demonstrating a volleyball technique when he accidentally knocked out a tooth. When asked what he would miss most, he said "I will miss the students and my co-workers. They are a great support system."  He said he will definitely not miss the short summer break.   In retirement, he said "My wife and I hope to do some traveling, enjoy sleeping in and I plan to continue with building and remodeling houses." His advice to a new educator would be "Realize that you will probably learn a lot more on the job your first year of teaching than you did in receiving your degree. Don't be afraid
to ask for help from your peers. Utmost, shows respect to your students and peers and the rest will take care itself."

Congratulations to Our On-Site Tech Specialist!

Kelvin Hughley

2017 University of Phoenix Undergraduate
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
GPA: 3.81

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Clubs & Organizations News
Beta Club News

The Beta Club raised $1110 this year for 
Jay's Hope by sponsoring Dress-Down Days for teachers.  
Pictured are Beta Club Co-Presidents Anna Helen McKelvey 
and Maiah Wiley presenting a check to Cindy Gaskins, 
Founder of Jay's Hope.
FCA News

FCA Leadership Camps 

(life changing camps for 
students and coaches)

Located at St. Simon's Island, GA

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Leadership Camp - Week 1
Sports News
Cross Country News

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Volleyball News

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