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Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Upcoming Dates to Remember
Teacher In-Service - March 13, 2020
Progress Reports - March 19, 2020
Parent-Teacher Conferences - March 26, 2020
Spring Break - April 6-10, 2020
AP Econ Students Review Outside with Sidewalk Chalk
Amidst a long week of notes, quizzes, and tests, Mrs.Lane's AP Econ students
were given the opportunity to learn outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Students used chalk to graph out Aggregate Supply/Demand and 
Phillips Curves. Students received a great review on the graphs and 
what shifts the curves, not to mention some much needed fresh air!
AP Biology Students Discuss Novel
Coronavirus COVID-19 

In Mrs. Griffin's AP Biology, students researched the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 using information from reputable sources like the WHO and CDC. Students worked 
in groups to develop a list of what we know about the virus and shared
with their classmates. Students also discussed questions they have
about the virus from societal and scientific perspectives.
Congratulations DJ Hurm!
February Teacher of the Month

Mr. Hurm and his wife, Durlene, have two children, two childrens-in-law, and 8 grandchildren. Mr. Hurm said his wife is "the most patient wife in the history of marriage!" He is the building construction teacher, and has worked at MP for almost 11 years. He loves the design/build aspect of construction, and "to be able to share that with young men and women is very rewarding.What are his hobbies? "We live in a 130 year old farmhouse that we have spent 16 years restoring. It's more of a nightmare than a hobby. I also still play the guitar some." If he could go back in time, what year would he travel to?"  I'd like to go back to that Sunday after that Friday about 2000 years ago. Who wouldn't want to see that?" When asked what he would do with the extra time if he didn't have to sleep, he said "We live in a 130 year old farmhouse....." When people come to him for help they usually want help with "math, sometimes predicate verbs or economic theory, but mostly an electrical or plumbing problem." His wife and his parents have influenced his life the most, and helped to make him who he is. What keeps him up at night? "insomnia" He loves "being part of the MP Team."
Congratulations Leonard "Jap" Battle!
February Support Staff of the Month

Mr. Battle and his wife, Sherrye, have been married for 36 years. They have 2 sons and a daughter. He is the youngest of 5 boys and 2 sisters. He is the head maintenance person at MP and has worked for Monroe County Schools for more than 20 years. What does he like most about his job? "The people, the faculty, staff, and students make my job enjoyable." In his spare time he enjoys fishing and watching football. If he could go back in time he would like to go back to 1973 and pursue music in college. If he didn't have to sleep he would use the extra time to fish. When people come to him for help, they usually need help locating or fixing things. His brothers have influenced his life the most, and helped to make him who he is. What keeps him up at night? "Watching TV." He plays the drums and has had the opportunity to meet other musicians who were/are famous. "My musical talent is shown through my children - Davion plays the keyboards, and Nychole plays the drums.
May 22, 2020 @ 8:00 PM
Dan Pitts Stadium at Mitchell Field
(tickets not required)
Click Here for More Information
Georgia Parent Survey
The Georgia Parent Survey contains 24 questions. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. All parents are encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous, self-reported, and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis. The Georgia Parent Survey is also available in Spanish. Parents may select the Spanish version within the survey. The Georgia Parent Survey link is posted below. The survey closes on March 2.

Registration for the Boot Camp begins Monday.
Counselors' News
Attention Seniors
Are YOU on the Board?
Have you been accepted to a college, tech school, or enlisted with the military?
If so, please provide your counselor with a copy of your acceptance letter 
or enlistment paperwork (paper copy or email).  
Senior pictures and  college/military logos will be displayed  on the board.
Nurse's Corner
What YOU need to know
about the Coronavirus
Click Here for a news release from the
Georgia Department of Public Health
regarding the Coronavirus.
Dangers of Vaping
The Georgia Department of Public Health Releases 
New Information about Vaping
Fine Arts
Best Buddies News

Interested in Being a 2020-2021 Officer? 
If you are interested in becoming an officer for the next school year, please complete the Google Form that was sent to your student email account. For more information see Mrs. Holloway after school in Room 110.  You may also click here to access the Google Form

FFA News
Tennis News

The Tennis Team participated in its first match of the season on Wednesday at home against Jones County. Both girls and boys came away with a resounding victory. The girls won 5-0 and the boys won 4-1. Winners for the girls included Becky Kenirey, Jackie Gore, and Julia Rainey at singles and the teams of Emma Cantrell/Reagan Dorrity and Karsin Bass/Anna Starr at doubles. Winners for the boys included Micah Wilson, Preston Wilson, and Jimbo Finch at singles and the team of Brandon Carter/Aaron McCoy at doubles. 

The Tennis Team participated in its 2nd match in as many days on Thursday at home against ACE. Both the girls' and boys' teams stepped up to the challenge and claimed victory. The girls won 5-0 and the boys won 3-2. Winners for the girls included Jackie Gore, Julia Rainey, and Lauren DeFore at singles, and the teams of Emma Cantrell/Reagan Dorrity and Jayci Daniels/Lauren Haripar at doubles. Winners for the boys included Micah Wilson and Jimbo Finch at singles, and the team of Austin Starr/Justin Nash at doubles. 
Volleyball News
Interested in playing volleyball in the Fall of 2020?

Volleyball Meeting
March 5, 2020
Room 117
Spring Sports Schedules
Media Center News
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