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1.Hate Is in the Air

"Federal agents arrested a man who allegedly called Jewish institutions in Massachusetts and threatened them with 'genocide' because he believed they were supporting genocide of the Palestinians."

“Guess what? We are going to use your logic — if you can kill the Palestinians, we can kill you,” was one of a number of statements John Reardon, 59, allegedly left on a voicemail for Congregation Agudas Achim in Attleboro, Massachusetts on Jan. 25. “If you can bomb their f**king places of worship we can bomb yours, if you can kill their children we can kill yours,” Reardon, of Millis, Massachusetts, allegedly said.

“The allegations here about the series of threats Mr. Reardon made against the Jewish community are deeply disturbing and reflect the increasing torrent of antisemitism across our country and right here in Massachusetts,” Joshua Levy, the acting U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, said in the release posted Monday, the same day Reardon appeared in court in Boston. “The numbers do not lie — incidents of antisemitism and Islamophobia are spiking.”

Full story here: "Feds charge Massachusetts man for calls threatening Jews with genocide."

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2.A New Meaning at the Memorial

“The Hamas attack on October 7th, 2023, was the day when the largest number of Jews were murdered en masse since the end of the Holocaust in 1945. It has shaken our sense of security to the core and the words "Never Again" seem particularly hollow.


On Monday our Federation president, Manya Bark, led the International Holocaust Remembrance Day service at the monument in Buttonwood Park. Her meaningful words are now shared (and will remain) on the Federation website under the Holocaust Education tab. If you were in attendance, you heard them. If not, take a listen.

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The fact that employees of UNRWA participated in the October 7th attacks is a fact. Teachers working for UNRWA have for years supported and taught with narratives of Jew hate and genocide of Israelis. So it is a welcome development that many countries have now suspended their support for UNRWA. Let’s hope the funds are better invested in the future. Here’s an item from The Times of Israel for more on the matter.

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4.They Say the Candle Lights Are Bright On Broadway

Tovah Feldshuh, Debra Messing and more Jewish stars performed at a first-ever "Shabbat on Broadway" service last Saturday on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"The St. James Theater, which most days is home to the Monty Python musical 'Spamalot,' hosted 'Shabbat on Broadway,' described by producer Henry Tisch as a 'non-denominational Shabbat service with a real Broadway twist.'

"Led by two cantors, and featuring songs and prayers sung by Julie Benko, Adam Pascal, Tovah Feldshuh, Shoshana Bean, Seth Rudetsky and others, the service drew a near-capacity crowd to the 1,700-seat theater. The tickets for the service — which were free and open to the public — ran out in just a day."

Below is a rendition of "Oseh Shalom/Hallelujah" from that day. For the full line-up, open the link above. Extra Credit: If the headline doesn’t take you to George Benson’s "On Broadway" fire up your Spotify and check it out.

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5.An Unorthodox Voucher Program

Could $50,000 get you to move to Rhode Island? This Orthodox community wants to find out. The Forward headline had a regional appeal. I could not resist the read.

"It used to be that the low cost of living in Providence, Rhode Island — and its proximity to Boston and New York — were enough to draw a steady stream of Orthodox Jews to the humble community on the city’s east side.

"But when housing prices soared during the pandemic, the community’s population dwindled, prompting its leaders to introduce a new recruitment strategy. A local initiative called Jewish Providence is soliciting applications from young Orthodox families interested in moving to the community, offering them $50,000, a year of free tuition at the local Orthodox school to enroll their kids, and a $1,000 move-in stipend to relocate."

Desperate times call for desperate measures? "The community is looking for five to 10 families to join the program. Beth Abrahim, who serves on the recruitment committee for the initiative, told Jewish Rhode Island that 15 families had moved away from Providence just in the past year."

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6.In the Quiet and Dark

"Jewish novelist and journalist Anita Diamant describes winter as '…the season when people of all faiths and cultures are pushing back against the planetary darkness. We string bulbs, ignite bonfires, and light candles. And we sing.' It is easy to feel in touch with this resilience in December and early January, when the crisp air has not yet grown biting and the winter holidays buoy us through. But on the other side of Hanukkah, it can be more difficult to find that light among the darkness. While there are a few Jewish holidays in the winter months to carry us through (including Tu BiShvat), we can also cultivate that spirit of gratitude, joy, and connection through the Judaism of the every day."

For the writer's five suggestions, read "Jewish practices to buoy you through winter doldrums."

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7.Not Trying to Kill Us - Let's Eat

More than 1,300 attended a free Shabbat dinner at Ayat, a Palestinian restaurant in Brooklyn. "Intended as an antidote to turmoil across New York City — including in its Jewish and Palestinian restaurants — since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel and Israel’s subsequent war in Gaza, the dinner attracted New Yorkers who remain hopeful that coexistence is possible."

Below are some recipes inspired by the restaurant's menu.

And since we are in New York for this item, please make sure I dedicate an item to Port Sa’id. One of my favorite Tel Aviv restaurants now has a New York branch on Hudson Yard. I will share more after I get a chance to go there. In the meantime, check out their About page.

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Fatayer Bi Sabanekh

(Spinach Pies)

Fattet Jaj

(Chicken With Crispy Pita, Warmed Yogurt and Rice)

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Beef Shawarma

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January 13 – February 23

Marion Art Center's Winter Members' Show's article describing the show that includes artwork by David Danis, a member of our community.

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