June 2016
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Introducing the newly revived Bulletin!

The Bulletin  has been "the Official Newsletter of the North Carolina Region, SCCA" for as long as most of us can remember. In reality, it's been around since the 60s...we're just not sure exactly when it was "born". We know that the last printed issue was published in July 2010 and we've located issues going back to 1969 and are still digging. Everything we've found so far is posted on the Region's website, ncrscca.com. Go there and then NC Region>The Bulletin, or click here.From there, you can view and download pdf files of old issues of The Bulletin, as well as other archival documents related to NCR events. Check it out and let us know what you think! And keep checking back, beause there will be more to follow! READ MORE
So many places to race, so little time morris
by Alan Morris

There are some experiences that every track junkie has to experience in their lifetime, and this bucket list item is about Virginia International Raceway, a hallowed and memorial track set on the grassy manicured grounds that were originally an old Southern plantation in Virginia. 
reRE Report - Spring Season Review 2016
by Sam Fouse

On the occasion of the rebirth of The Bulletin, this is a review and summary of our Spring 2016 racing season. It is my intention that this article be followed by more event-specific articles, beginning with the SEDIV meetings in February and progressing through the most recent SARRC/MARRS Challenge.
Got Friends You Want to Involve?marketing
Sure you do. We all know the best way to hook someone is to bring them to an event. When they get there they'll say, "Wow! I never knew something like this existed." You'll say, "Wow! I've been telling you about it for years."
Well now you can bring events to them. We've made some movies you can show them. The most recent is Opie Goes Racing, a story of a boy whose racing dreams come true. The Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point was the Solo Season Opener from Cherry Point. Click the links. READ MORE
Going to Summit Point for the MARRS5/Double SARRC? summit

If you were not aware, there is a SARRC/MARRS or MARRS/SARRC (depending on which side you look at) trophy, that is being contested between the two racing series. The first half of the challenge was the SARRC/MARRS Challenge, held at VIR May 7-8. The second half will be held at Summit Point Raceway on June 18-19. It is the  MARRS5/Double SARRC.

By the way,WDCR is offering a $100 discount to any driver who hasn't raced there in two years. That means two SARRC points races for $235! The discount must be requested in advance and is noted on MotorsportReg. READ MORE
Looking for something to do for the next 20 weeks? work
If you've never worked or driven at a race somewhere other than VIR, you should know that traveling to new tracks can be a great way to meet new friends, build on existing friendships, and learn more about what we do! Anyone who has traveled around will agree. So, how about visiting one of these wonderful facilities: READ MORE

June 2016

June 01, 2016
El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant
Chapter Coordinator - Mark Senior

June 07, 2016
Elizabeth's Pizza
Chapter Coordinator - John Byers

June 07, 2016
Cooper's Ale House
Chapter Coordinator - Buddy Matthews

June 15, 2016
Region Executive - Sam Fouse

June 18, 2016
MCAS Cherry Point
NCR Solo Chair - Morgan Mehler

June 19, 2016
MCAS Cherry Point
NCR Solo Chair -  Morgan Mehler

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