Thank you for reading our second Simply Bee Classroom ("SBC") Bulletin. There is so much joy in our work with educators, students and families. As we serve in the education world, we invite you to share our Bulletin with other professionals who maybe interested in delivering wellness programs to their school.

As of now, we have two schools finishing our 4x4 Program for Educators and entering our post-program services which include a monthly video, skills training emails, and an accountability tracker. We encourage all of our participants to commit to a long-term sustainable wellness plan (aka self-care) and I hope we can be that trusted ally to support them along the way. The great news is, you don't have to be a 4x4 graduate, anyone can join our monthly program! Join here.

Bee Well!
Happening This Month
Overcome Overwhelm: A
5 Step Model To Grow Resiliency As a Parent in 2021

Lake Bluff D65 parents registered (virtually) to learn self regulation to improve emotional self-care during unprecedented times. Presenter: Audrey Grunst MSW & CEO
Fremont Middle School:
Parent Resource Night

An opportunity to support the students and families of Fremont Middle School to share community resources available, including Simply Bee
Presenter: Audrey Grunst MSW & CEO

The Wellness Effect: Establish a Culture of Wellness for Happier, Healthier Staff

PAMLE 2021 Conference - February 27th-28th
Presenter: Stephanie Smith, M.A,, M.Ed. Simply Bee Health Coach
Simply Bee Classroom
Programs for Educators
How to Increase Self-Esteem In Teens: A Free Webinar
If you're a professional who works with teens, do you ever find yourself utilizing the same go-to activities or skills and then feeling a little burned out on them after a while? We get it!

That's why Nicole Walsh and Audrey Grunst got together to share some fresh ideas on how to increase self-esteem in teens. They share practical tips and activities you can implement into your work as they walk through the four key components of self-esteem: self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-love and self-care.

Bonus: when you download this webinar you get access to not only the presentation and slides, but also a journal prompt worksheet to use with teens!
Overcome Overwhelm: PD Presentation for Educators
Educators are constantly managing emotions throughout the day. Not only their own, but also those of whom they interact with on a daily basis - students, parents, and co-workers. This can be overwhelming, especially when given all of the other responsibilities in life.

In this presentation, Simply Bee Owner & Therapist Audrey Grunst will teach five foundational tools for building emotional wellness through The Growth and Resiliency Model™. Our mission is to provide educators the necessary skills that support emotional growth during challenging times.

To learn more and book a date for your school/district contact Manager of Community Education, Kate Kelley.
"I learned about stepping back and separating emotions from reactions and other steps to not just react or manage, but to prevent being overwhelmed and to better understand my emotions." ~Mary Rose P., Educator
5 Ways to Safely Move Your Body: A Home Movement Program
Between the cold, dreary winter days and remote teaching, finding time to move your body can be a challenge. We all know that it's beneficial for our mental health and physical health but who has the time - am I right?!

If this is you, then grab this resource that includes ideas for easy ways to incorporate more movement into your day, even while at your desk in between classes! Simply Bee Resident Yoga Practitioner, Stephanie Bersh, shares breathing techniques, beginner-level stretches and more!

Inside you'll find:
  • 10 page PDF
  • Guides for safely stretching
  • Breathing Exercise for re-centering during times of stress
NEW! Monday's With Audrey
First thing Monday morning, let's have a quick pow-wow to get your day started right!

After the initial kick off video that is sent the first Monday of each month, you will receive brief emails every Monday for the remainder of the month. It's my little nudge to keep you motivated and committed to your mental and emotional self care plan. So when life gets busy and hectic, you always have me to help you get back on course!

I will send you a weekly tracker to help you (and your family) keep good habits. This program helps you create good habits in five (5) minutes or less just once per day. It should never feel like a chore, it's ✔️quick ✔️easy and ✔️enlightening! 
Private Membership | 27/month
Letting Go of Perfectionism: Blog Post
My yoga practice has taught me the importance of letting go every time I step on my mat. When I first began to practice yoga, my focus was on perfecting the poses. After a while though, my practice would not progress. I was burnt out, frustrated, and unkind with myself when I could not master the poses perfectly. I discovered I needed to let go of all my preconceived notions, my perceived limitations, and perfectionism in order to grow in my yoga practice.
Yoga has shown me that I am always a work in progress, but once I stopped letting my inner perfectionist guide my path, I was able to let go and grow tremendously. Read More...
For information on how to bring Simply Bee Classroom to your school, contact Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education