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Committing To Wellness

Lake Forest's Little Scouts Preschool provided their team of educators with an opportunity to learn how to get ahead of distractions and to stay consistent and motivated as they work to increase their commitment to health and wellness.

Growing A Resilient Mind

Oak Grove D68 partnered with us in this keynote presentation to provide their educators support through our Growth and Resiliency Model™.
In this 5-step workshop model educators gain self regulation and emotional self-care tips alongside skills for how to have a growth mindset, even during challenging times.
Simply Bee Classroom
Programs for Educators
NEW Summer PD Available!
Summer SPF Wellness PD Workshop Series

Summer is coming, so don't forget the SPF! Don't let your team feel burned this summer! Support them in the form of mental and physical wellness with our Summer Personal Development Workshop Series for Educators.

As a school administrator, we know you're charged with making big decisions for hundreds of little and big people. The three workshops in our series are a great way to show your educators that you're invested in their well-being, which is more important than ever.

The workshops focus on improving the mental resilience and the physical and spiritual wellness of your educators so they can return to the classroom in the fall feeling recharged and refreshed. Each workshop is approximately 60 minutes and can be booked separately or combined.
Reconnecting As A Team

Reconnecting As A Team is a 5 Dysfunctions Of A Team Workshop, a group program designed for teams to build trust, manage conflict, increase commitment, accountability and find common goals. Audrey is eager to introduce this manual to professionals and to bring her yearlong experience using this manual with the Northwestern Women's Volleyball Team in 2018.

As we move towards full in-person teaching next fall, anxiety may be high amongst your team. Whether this year was 100% remote, a hybrid model or mostly all in person - we feel there's never been a better time than this summer to get your team back on track feeling more unified than ever!

  • Increase confidence to return to the building after being away
  • Embrace differences and create a combined goals as a team
  • Perform with the whole group in mind
Recommended for 3-hours
Calling All Educators & Admins - We Need Your Help
We are looking to widen our reach of support for educators and we're hoping you might be able to help. If you know an administrator or educator in District 109 (Deerfield), District 95 (Lake Zurich) and/or Districts 26/57 (Mt. Prospect/Cary) who you can connect us with, we would appreciate it!

We would like to express our unending gratitude to you because if you're receiving this newsletter it's likely because you've attended one of our workshops, are supportive members of our community and/or have participated in our 4x4 Wellness Program. Your support is what allows us to continue to create and grow our programs and services.

When we set out just 11 months ago to create resources specifically dedicated to educator's wellbeing, we knew there was a need. We didn't know how big that need would become as we were only just entering the beginning of the COVID pandemic. We could never have predicted the outcome and hardship of this past year and the ripple effect that it will continue to have on us all.

PS - we're not limited to these districts! If you have connections with any admin or educators who you feel would benefit from knowing about our wellness programs & services for educators, please pass along this flyer with an overview of our PD presentations. Our Manager of Community Education, Kate Kelley's info is included so they can reach out to learn more. Help us share the gift of wellness with educators both near and far!
Simply Bee Classroom Partners with The Teacher's Resource
The Town Hall Tour is coming to Illinois on May 25th! As a sponsor to this event, Simply Bee will be there to help support and inspire our teachers. Come and join us!

The Teacher’s Resource is an exclusive organization for all teachers. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life and overall well-being of every teacher by providing essential items and tools to support their self-care in and out of the classroom.

They kicked off their 50 State Teacher’s Town Hall Tour on March 16th and will continue across the country with a goal to provide free support and wellness resources to educators. Each action-packed virtual stop features self-care experts, special guests, giveaways and so much more!

*Note: The Teacher’s Resource is searching for teachers who’d like to represent the state of Illinois as captains on May 25th! If you’d like to find out more about being a captain, simply send an email.
Don't want to wait until May - neither do we!

Join Audrey Grunst & Sonya Battle of The Teacher's Resource LIVE on April 8th at 7pm CST as part of their Live Life Sessions for teachers. The session is called, “Help, I’m Overwhelmed!” and Audrey will be providing educators with tools and methods to stay in control and not be overwhelmed by these challenging and stressful times.

It will take place on The Teacher’s Resource Facebook page. Mark your calendars now, you don’t want to miss these events!
Simply Bee proudly donated 600 gift certificates to our 4x4 Wellness Program for Educators so that the recipients of the Teacher's Resource self-care backpacks can begin their journey toward health & wellness.
For information on how to bring Simply Bee Classroom to your school, contact Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education
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