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Happening This Month
Facing Forward: Infusing Hope In Educators During Difficult Times

District 65 Virtual PD Day: training educators how to move into 2021 with tools to start the year filled with hope and inspiration. Presenter: Audrey Grunst MSW & CEO
Overcome Overwhelm: A
5 Step Model To Grow Resiliency As a Parent in 2020-21

Lake Forest D67:
nearly 90 parents registered (virtually) to learn self regulation to improve emotional self-care during unprecedented times. Presenter: Audrey Grunst MSW & CEO
The Wellness Effect: Establish a Culture of Wellness for Happier, Healthier Staff

ASCD 2021 Leadership Summit, Presenter: Stephanie Smith, M.A,, M.Ed. Simply Bee Health Coach
The 2020 Results Are In...
4x4 Program Results
Simply Bee Classroom
Programs for Educators
4x4 Wellness Program For Educators
For many educators lacking time, energy, positivity and self-care impacts their day to day life and overtime correlates to burn out in the classroom and in the home.

Our team helps busy educators discover time, sustain high energy, practice self care and improve their overall mood. The comprehensive program focuses on mental health, physical exercise, diet, mindfulness, yoga and emotional well-being. Learn more by contract Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education at
"Thanks again for all the work you and your colleagues have done with the videos. I'm finding them really helpful, and I look each new Mini-Lesson, because I always walk away with new insights and practical suggestions" ~Sandra A.
Happy Healthy Educators: An Interactive E-Book
Most educators have one thing in common: a deep desire to take care of their students and their own family members. Fulfilling this desire, however, frequently prevents you from meeting your personal physical, mental health and wellness goals.

Learn to focus on filling your cup first through our workbook filled with mini-lessons on Mindset, Physical Health, Spiritual Practice and Emotional Growth.

Inside you'll find:
  • 57 page PDF
  • Application worksheets
  • Mini-lessons for quick tip and tricks
For information on how to bring Simply Bee Classroom to your school, contact Kate Kelley, Manager of Community Education