The Burden of Leadership


If you had to name some of the challenges you face as a small group leader, what would they be? 


Do you wish you had more time to invest in the members of your group? Do the details of leading a small group often overwhelm you? Do you struggle to maintain consistent attendance within your group? Do you have trouble identifying a future leader who could help multiply the impact of your small group so there's room to continue to connect others within the church? 

These challenges are incredibly common, especially if you tend to carry too much of the burden of leading your small group. Distributing leadership responsibilities is one simple way to allow more time to invest in the lives of your group members, encourage more consistent attendance within your group, and identify more future small group leaders within the church. 

Think about your small group members. Who in your group would do a great job of...planning a social event?

  • coordinating a serving project?
  • bringing a meal or snacks every so often?
  • recording and sharing prayer requests?
  • researching and presenting the next small group study?
  • facilitating group conversation one week?

Once someone comes to mind, personally invite that person to lead alongside you in a specific way. My guess if that you'll both be grateful for the opportunity to share the burden of leadership.  




Leadership Training: How to Share the Load and Avoid Burnout


In this post, Eddie Mosley, Executive Director of Grouplife at Lifepoint Church near Nashville, shares more about how to lighten the burden of leadership.


This Month's Resource: Meal Train


Meal Train is a great tool for small group leaders. Whether you (or someone in your group who you've asked to do so!) are organizing meals for one of your small group members - such as after a birth, surgery or illness, coordinating dinner or snacks for your small group, or hosting a potluck event, Meal Train can help. The service is free and provides an interactive, online calendar with lots of customizable features to help you coordinate efforts. 


Share Your Small Group Story 

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