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Onboarding: Employee Retention Starts the Day of Offer

You've made the offer and Superman has accepted...recruiting process is complete. Or is it?  In my 18 years of experience recruiting in the electrical industry, one thing is very true: candidates fall off 50% more in electrical distribution than they do in any other channel of the industry. The onboarding process is an area where companies can tweak to better their odds...

Beautiful Clean Coal
The Myth of Energy
by Ted Konnerth

We have arrived at a sad point in history where 'facts' are deemed subject to belief; i.e. not accepted as 'facts'. For decades we have always had an objector viewpoint; e.g. 'scientific' studies showed that smoking wasn't a contributor to cancer; deniers of acid rain and the ozone hole and now of course, those who simply 'don't believe' the climate is changing with some contribution due to mankind. The belief that clean coal is a solution to our energy needs of the future; is simply another case of ignorance of facts...
Successful Placements

Electrical Distributors
  • Lighting Project Manager
  • Operations Director
  • VP Sales
  • Outside Sales

  • Director of Operations
  • Lighting Quotations 
  • General Manager
  • Lighting Specialist
Prudence Thompson
Senior Partner, Electrical
Distribution Recruiter

Prudence Thompson is an executive recruiter who works exclusively in electrical distribution and has been helping great candidates and companies grow since 1999.

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