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Industry Recruiters: 
How to Acquire Top Talent

In the electrical industry, technology is playing a huge role in the lack of qualified talent. Smart controls, IoT / IIoT influences, distributed energy, DER, DERM, blockchains, microgrids, wind, solar, storage...this 'stuff' is no longer 'coming''s here. Savvy and qualified talent is a must. The opportunity for attracting proven talent is limited.  We, recruiters, consistently advise candidates that cash compensation should not be the primary reason to consider change...

Recent Successful Placements

- OEM Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Generation & Equipment Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Controls Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Equipment Distribution Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- BDM - Custom Switchgear, Controls & Automation Manufacturer
- Marketing Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Territory Sales Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Regional Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
Rob Wieska
Power Distribution Recruiter

Rob Wieska is an Executive Recruiter for Egret Consulting Group, specializing in Power Distribution and Automation Technologies. He regularly blogs for Egret Consulting's website and corporate newsletter as well as industry related topics on LinkedIn and other social media.

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How to Make an Offer & Retain a Candidate
How to Make an Offer & Retain a Candidate
Industry Events Winter 2018

Tech Advantage 2018
Nashville, Tennessee
February 25 - 28

PowerTest 2018 (NETA)
Washington D.C.
February 26 - March 2

Electric Power Expo
Nashville, Tennessee
March 19 -22

Power Grid Resilience Summit
Chicago, Illinois
March 26 - 28

IEEE PES T&D Conference
Denver, Colorado
April 16 - 19

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