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In over 18 years of professional search, we've 'met' a lot of people. We've had 100's of 1,000's of conversations over those years. Of those, we've captured over 113,000 individual contacts within our database. Many of those, we've had detailed conversations with and have recorded information on qualifications, career moves, education, income, ability to relocate, and much more.  One of the more common responses we have with a new client is that they already know 'everybody'...


Interviewing isn't just about bringing a candidate in and asking them questions. It's an opportunity to sell your brand and company. Eighty four percent of the candidates I placed were employed when I contacted them. Candidates are not actively looking and need to be courted. If you want to attract top talent, you need to have a top notch recruiting process. Here's how to represent your company:..

Successful Lighting Placements

- Director of Sales - Commercial Lighting Manufacturer
- RSM - Specialty Harsh & Hazardous Lighting Manufacturer
- Quotations - Lighting Rep Agency
- RSM - Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Fixture Mfr.
- Engineering Manager - Commercial LED Lighting Fixture Mfr.
- Project Manager - Electrical Contractor
- Lighting Designer -  Lighting Design Firm
- RSM - Decorative Lighting Fixture Manufacturer
- VP of Sales - LED Components Manufacturer
- Design Engineer - Industrial & Infrastructure Lighting/Lamp Mfr.
- RSM - Commercial & Hospitality Fixture & Lamp Lighting Mfr.
- Product Manager - Industrial Lighting Manufacturer
- Lighting Specialist - Harsh & Hazardous Lighting Manufacturer

Brooke Ziolo
Partner, Lighting Recruiter

Brooke Ziolo is an executive recruiter in the lighting industry. She helps lighting manufacturers and lighting design firms hire industry specific talent to grow their companies.


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