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Don't Be Afraid to Fail

Being a recruiter is one of the most rewarding experiences. There's nothing more gratifying than helping grow my client companies.  When I follow up with a candidate I've placed and they share they've grown sales by $5MM, cut manufacturing costs by... 

by Ted Konnerth
A $2 word for cutting out the middle man. 

We've talked a lot about the changing channels throughout the electrical industry. Changes are not particularly new to the industry. In those way back years, electrical distributors sold appliances, Grainger created the catalog model for industrial supplies, Anixter created a major disintermediation by specializing in wire as a stand-alone category, etc. In more recent days,..
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- Applications Engr - Power Generation & Equipment Manufacturer
- National Sales Manager - Controls Manufacturer
- Applications Engr - Power Equipment Distribution Manufacturer
- Outside Sales - Industrial Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- BDM - Custom Switchgear, Controls & Automation Manufacturer
- Marketing Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Territory Sales Manager - Electrical Equipment Manufacturer
- Regional Sales Manager - Electrical Power Supply Manufacturer
Rob Wieska
Power Distribution Recruiter

Rob Wieska is an Executive Recruiter for Egret Consulting Group, specializing in Power Distribution and Automation Technologies. He regularly blogs for Egret Consulting's website and corporate newsletter as well as industry related topics on LinkedIn and other social media.

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