Prayer List
We Remember in Prayer:
Our church members: 
David McDonald
Tom Barker
Ron Lester
Norman Hancock
Barbara Grier
Claire Crostic
Melissa Bowers
Kelly McCrowell
John Allison
Bob Schick
Thom Lewis
Bob Lewis
Our church members who are home-bound or who live in assisted living: 
Barb Campbell
Delores Hardy
Dori Hammel
Ercelle Morris
Eunice Gravely
Frances Williams
Josie Tyler
Kitty Skeirik
Lynn Bloom
Mary Flippin
Nelda Sublett
Renie Ritter
Shirley Habel
Stan Kidwell
Virginia Combs
Sharon Harris
Our family and friends: 
Amy Hall, sister of Jerry Poland
Baylee and Jordan Adair,
granddaughters of Debbie Mangolas
Dusty Gillenwater, mother of Scott Lewis
George Smith, brother of Sherry Thornton
Hal Jacobs, father of Michelle Payne
Lillian Stough, mother of Mike Stough
Mary Garrison, friend of Price family
Mary Ritz, mother of Kathleen Monge
Pauline Hill, grandmother of Andriea Ukrop
RF Pruitt, father of Andriea Ukrop
Reuben Thornton,
friend of Frank and Brenda Shimchick
Sandra Shewmake,
future in-law to Brenda and Fran
Shimchick and Gayle Hamner
Scott Terry, son of Evelyn and Randy Terry
George Pearson
Tatum Love
Bill Mayton
Amanda, Peyton, Chase, Gia and Greg,
family of Nicole Jones
Mary, and Sonny,
friends of Nicole Jones
Barry Dodson, husband of Diane Dodso
Jeff Eastman
Suzanne Krauss
Darlene Hicks - friend of Nan Sharp
Stacie Czelusta - daughter-in-law of
Woody Scott