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Fallacy of Commissions
by Ted Konnerth

We've helped scores of clients identify quality sales talent over our 19 years of success. Our clients have a broad range of compensation models to support attracting sales talent;
  • Fixed salary with bonuses tied to: individual sales, regional sales, company sales, company profits, etc.
  • Salary with commission tied to: gross sales, incremental sales, GM's, profits, etc.
  • Commissions only; draw-based, or purely 1099 based, etc.
The underlining challenge is ...

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Electrical Distributors
  • Automation Specialist
  • Lighting Project Manager
  • Operations Director
  • VP Sales
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  • Director of Operations
  • Lighting Quotations 
  • General Manager
  • Lighting Specialist
Prudence Thompson
Senior Partner, Electrical
Distribution Recruiter

Prudence Thompson is an executive recruiter who works exclusively in electrical distribution and has been helping great candidates and companies grow since 1999.

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