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Egret's Annual Women in Industry Survey

Diversity: "the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people".

For 9 consecutive years we reviewed the number of women attendees at the National NAED conference as a small viewpoint into how the industry is changing. Albeit this is not the most scientific survey, but the results regularly confirmed the obvious; we remain a male-dominated industry. After 9 years and little to no change, the survey lost luster and became basically an annual dust-up on either the effectiveness of the conference management, or the inability of the industry to hire and promote women into levels of impact sufficient enough to invite to a gathering of top customers ...

In Case You Missed It...

Customer Ownership
In a recent MDM article*, author John Gunderson raised an important issue about 'sales'. His premise is that customers have changed and the mindset of how a salesperson 'calls' on the customers has changed as well. He posits 3 differing types of customers: Old School, Middle School and New School... READ MORE

Price Elasticity
One common trend within the electrical industry has remained over the past few decades; competitive pricing tends to fall within a relatively narrow band of variability. Product categories differ, of course; with wire/cable the price fluctuates with the value of copper and aluminum, but all manufacturers are similarly affected, so the overall price is still relatively consistent. When over 80% of your COGS is held in one commodity... READ MORE
Successful Placements

- CEO, LSI Industries
- CTO, LSI Industries
- CEO, Kiefer Signs
- CEO, Mid-Plains Power
- CIO, Focal Point Lighting
- President, LSI Graphics division
- VP, Engineering - LSI
- Engineering Director - Cree
- Director of Sales - SloanLED
- Engineering Manager - Cree
- VP of Sales/Marketing - RP Lighting
Ted Konnerth
CEO and President

30 year electrical industry veteran, professional retained recruiter, leadership expert.
Speaker, commentator, writer and consultant to the electrical industry at large.


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