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Diversity: "the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people".

For 9 consecutive years we reviewed the number of women attendees at the National NAED conference as a small viewpoint into how the industry is changing. Albeit this is not the most scientific survey, but the results regularly confirmed the obvious; we remain a male-dominated industry. After 9 years and little to no change, the survey lost luster and became basically an annual dust-up on either the effectiveness of the conference management, or the inability of the industry to hire and promote women into levels of impact sufficient enough to invite to a gathering of top customers. . ..


Industry Job Trends in Lighting
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Successful Lighting Placements

- Product Manager - C & I Manufacturer
- Outside Sales (end users) - Outdoor Lighting Manufacturer
- Outside Sales (distributors) - Lighting Rep Agency
- Territory Sales Manager - Midwest - Commercial Lighting Mfr.
- Territory Sales Manager - Northeast - Commercial Lighting Mfr.
- Senior Lighting Designer - Lighting Design Firm
- Director of Sales - Commercial Lighting Manufacturer
- RSM - Specialty Harsh & Hazardous Lighting Manufacturer
- Quotations - Lighting Rep Agency
- RSM - Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Fixture Mfr.
- Engineering Manager - Commercial LED Lighting Fixture Mfr.
- Project Manager - Electrical Contractor
- Lighting Designer -  Lighting Design Firm
- RSM - Decorative Lighting Fixture Manufacturer
- VP of Sales - LED Components Manufacturer
- Design Engineer - Industrial & Infrastructure Lighting/Lamp Mfr.
- RSM - Commercial & Hospitality Fixture & Lamp Lighting Mfr.
- Product Manager - Industrial Lighting Manufacturer
- Lighting Specialist - Harsh & Hazardous Lighting Manufacturer

Brooke Ziolo
Partner, Lighting Recruiter

Brooke Ziolo is an executive recruiter in the lighting industry. She helps lighting manufacturers and lighting design firms hire industry specific talent to grow their companies.

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Industry Events Spring/Summer

TheMart, Chicago, Illinois
June 11 - 13

IES Annual Conference
Boston, MA
August 9 - 11

Brooke is speaking at the IES Annual Conference, for Series 1 of Emerging Professionals Day on August 9th. 

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