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September Special Edition

Thank you for tuning in each week with us this month for our Buzz: September Special Edition. We have been focused on highlighting community-level and nationally-based suicide awareness and prevention resources and sharing how Simply Bee advocates for mental wellness.

We want to wrap up this series by focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of educators. The impact educators have in our community is endless: they are not only educating our youth but interacting with students' families, their colleagues, and their own families. Their work has always been challenging but in the wake of the pandemic, educators are shouldering even more weight, often at the expense of their own wellbeing.

According to a recent EdWeek Article, "Research shows that when teachers are stressed out, the quality of their instruction, classroom management, and relationships with students all suffer. And students tend to be more stressed when their teachers are, which could negatively affect their academic performance and engagement."

Did you know:

  • 60% of teachers say they experience job-related stress frequently or always
  • 41% of teachers said they feel like they’re less effective at their job when they’re stressed
  • More than a quarter of teachers said job-related stress leads them to think often about quitting
  • 16% said they dread going to work every day

This article also cited that, "While many of them won’t ultimately leave their jobs, that level of burnout will still have implications for student success and the long-term health of the profession. Already, fewer young people are studying to become teachers than a decade ago, and many teachers say they wouldn’t want their own children to follow in their footsteps."

This kind of research is what led to the creation of our Simply Bee Classroom programs and resources. We believe in urgently advocating for the mental health and wellbeing of educators because when our teachers are well, our communities are well.

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Community Led Discussion: The Impact of Mental Health in Schools

As part of LEAD's Weathering The Storm: A Community Conversation Series, we had the pleasure of hosting several leaders in the field of education from surrounding Northshore area school districts. We brainstormed and discussed current issues schools face related to mental health, such as equity, integrating SEL with academic learning in a flexible and joyful way, increased cases of anxiety, depression, self-harm and more.

This conversation is part of LEAD's initiative to hold 50+ conversations in a 3 week period of time so that they can aggregate the problems identified within those discussions and move forward with some data-driven solutions.


5k Walk For Awareness

Simply Bee joined over 20 organizations on Sunday, September 26th at the Lake Forest Recreation Center to support the first anniversary of Paws For Patrick, a non-profit dedicated to providing emotional support animals to those in need.

It was an incredible community turnout with over 500 registrations and $30,000 raised to help Paws For Patrick continue their mission. Everyone enjoyed live music, food trucks, the 5k walk and learning more about the resources available in our community. Thanks for everyone who came out to support this great cause!

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An Open Letter From An Educator To An Educator

What we are experiencing is hard. Regardless of what your iteration of pandemic teaching has looked like, I know it's been challenging personally and professionally. I know you're worried about your students, their progress, and their social-emotional well-being. I know you're trying somehow to embrace a new normal.

I know you're tired. I am, too.

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Simply Bee Resource Spotlight



NoStigmas is a peer-to-peer support network built by and for those whose lives are affected by mental illness and suicide. They are steadfast in eliminating the stigmas surrounding mental health & supporting the creation of peer support mental health communities everywhere. 

They provide online and offline platforms for you to be yourself regarding mental health. No matter where you’re at in your mental health journey, there’s a spot here for you. By connecting to NoStigmas, you become educated and empowered to find support, share your voice,  plan local activities and participate in global activism.

We are here to cultivate the go-to, perpetually growing network of mental health communities. Together with you, we're both eliminating stigma & building a world where nobody has to face mental illness and suicide alone.

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Morgan's Message

Morgan’s Message amplifies stories, resources, and expertise to confront student-athlete mental health, builds a community by and for athletes, and provides a platform for advocacy. Morgan’s Message strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health within the student-athlete community and equalize the treatment of physical and mental health in athletics. They aim to expand the dialogue on mental health by normalizing conversations, empowering those who suffer in silence, and supporting those who feel alone.

PS - Be sure to check out their two-part episode on Well, Not Perfect that released today -- available here, or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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