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-- Introduction: Looking for ways to help
-- Enrollment for Medicare D will be here before you know it
-- "Aftershock" documentary explores medical gaps that increase pregnancy risks
-- Take survey to highlight resources to prevent suicide in Wyoming
-- Know your Navigator: Cynthia Nunley
-- Do you have success stories to share?
-- Issues with your health insurance? Call the Department of Insurance!
-- Buzzy Bee Fact
-- Assister certification to go dark in advance of training update
-- Ribbon-cuttings: Working with our communities
-- Thanking Jordyn
-- Contact us: Enroll Wyoming is working across the Equality State
-- Poll: Following Enroll Wyoming updates
-- Enroll Wyoming calendar
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Introduction: Looking for ways to help
I took some vacation time to attend church camp on Casper Mountain, where I was a cabin counselor, color team leader, and first-aid instructor. I had exceptional support from the camp organizers, event staff, and Bandage Dan, Enroll Wyoming's mascot.

Our silent but stalwart companion did a bang-up job in our class where I borrowed Lead Navigator's Dasa Robertson icebreaker question: "How do you think Bandage Dan got that way?"
The kids' answers were extremely creative. Four-wheeler wreck! Squirrel attack! Ambush! Skydiving with a busted parachute!
After fielding the calamitous responses, I told the first-aid students they have to keep their eyes open and watch for clues. People may require help but not be able to tell you what happened or what they need. You have to be watching for opportunities and be ready to offer assistance.

We do the same thing at Enroll Wyoming. We want people to know they aren't alone and free help is near. Dial 211 to connect with one of our Navigators. Many are surprised about the resources that are available, how easy it is to qualify, and how affordable health plans are. Enroll Wyoming is always looking to help.

-- Caleb Michael Smith, Enroll Wyoming marketing director
Enrollment for Medicare D
will be here before you know it
By Navigator Nancy Drummond

Open enrollment for Medicare D is Oct. 7 through Dec. 15. We encourage you to review your plan every year as the drugs and prices of the plans change.

Here is a review of Medicare:

Medicare A is what you pay into if you have worked 10 years or 40 quarters. If you have, there is no premium for Medicare A. Medicare A covers hospitalization – you must be in the hospital for treatment but not observation.
Medicare B is $170.10 each month this year, and it has a $233 yearly deductible. Medicare B covers doctors, labs, outpatient surgeries, and durable equipment. 

Medicare A and B cover 80 percent of most procedures.
Then there is Medicare C or Medicare Advantage, where the premium from Medicare B goes to an insurance company, and you will no longer have traditional Medicare A and B. There are copays with Medicare C, and you could be responsible for a yearly out-of-pocket expense of $6,700.

Medicare D covers drugs. Plans run from $6.80 and up with a yearly deductible of $480 for brand name drugs.

When you are going to turn 65, you have three months before your birthday, the month of your birthday, and three months after your birthday to enroll in Medicare with no penalties.

You can also purchase a supplement or Medigap plan to cover the 20 percent that is left over from Medicare. For example, under Plan G, after you meet your yearly deductible of $233, you would be covered about 100 percent.
Medicare does not cover eye care, long-term care, or dental care.

For more information, call 211 or the Wyoming State Health Insurance Information Program (WSHIIP) at 1-800-856-4398 to find a volunteer to help you.
"Aftershock" documentary explores medical
gaps that increase pregnancy risks
Editor's note: Enroll Wyoming staff got an advanced look at the award-winning documentary "Aftershock" that examines the increased risks that black families face during and after pregnancy. To learn more about this daunting and sometimes deadly trend, read some historical context provided by Navigator Angela Thatcher and consider watching the movie when it appears on Hulu starting July 19.
By Angela M. Thatcher, Ph.D.

Throughout U.S. history, black women have disproportionately faced negative treatment and consequences from the medical field. In the country’s early days, slave women were subjects of medical education, experimentation, and surgical practice, much of which centered on female reproduction. During medical procedures, naked, unanesthetized slave women would be restrained as a male physicians sliced into their bodies. Viewed then as expendable and subhuman, many slave women did not survive the procedures and post-surgical complications.

Though now far from this gruesome early history, the medical field continues to disproportionately disadvantage black women. Building from intersected racial and gender stereotypes, health care providers frequently ignore many of the symptoms these women report. Too often, the results are medical complications and death. One area in which this is notably prevalent is in the case of maternal mortality and morbidity. Black women are two to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than their white counterparts. As many as half of these deaths are afterwards determined to have been preventable. Further, while problematic maternal mortality trends persist, rates for maternal morbidity — or negative outcomes from labor and delivery that result in significant consequences to health and well-being — are even higher.

Suggested causes of current maternal mortality and morbidity trends for black women are numerous. Chief amongst these theories is one which suggests health conditions are related to biological differences between racial groups. However, this hypothesis has been widely discredited across disciplines. There is no scientific support for the idea that the genes of a particular racial group are responsible for health conditions — such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure — often attributed to black women’s higher rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. More plausible are explanations around their disproportionate burden of poverty, race-based stress effects on their bodies, and inferior quality of and access to health care.

Of note, black women are not the sole victims to higher rates of maternal mortality and morbidity. These rates also consistently remain higher for indigenous and Asian/Pacific Islander women than white women.

Dr. Angela Thatcher is the Southwest Navigator for Enroll Wyoming.
Giving birth is one of many life events that qualifies a person for special enrollment. Even before the delivery, Enroll Wyoming Navigators can guide people through their coverage options.

Check if you qualify for special enrollment here.

To learn more, scan the QR code to the right, call 2-1-1, or reach out to an Enroll Wyoming Navigator.

Take survey to highlight resources
to prevent suicide in Wyoming
Suicide is the leading cause of preventable death in Wyoming, and each death has a rippling effect through family, friends, neighbors, and communities throughout the state.

The Wyoming suicide rate is consistently higher than the national average. In 2019, the Wyoming suicide rate was 29.4 people per 100,000 compared to the national rate of 14.5 per 100,000.

The Wyoming team of the Governor's Challenge to Prevention Suicide among Service Members, Veterans, and their Family has developed a survey with the goal of identifying training and other primary prevention efforts occurring across Wyoming communities.

The governor's group said the data received in the survey will be used to build and inform a publicly available online collective resource for suicide prevention efforts, trainings, and information for Wyoming. The resource will include current suicide and mental health data, information about trainings, map of suicide prevention resources, and links to additional program and practice resources available in Wyoming.

The survey can be accessed here. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger of harming themselves, call 911. If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text “WYO” to 741-741 for the Crisis Text Line. Starting July 16, people can dial 988 to access 24/7 emotional support. Talking with someone about thoughts and feelings can save a life.
Know your Navigator: Cynthia Nunley
We ask members of our staff to answer questions to help our partners learn a little more about our work and the team behind Enroll Wyoming.
Navigator Cynthia Nunley

-- What do you do at Enroll Wyoming?
As a Navigator, I educate, advocate, and assist consumers in accessing health coverage options.
-- How did you get involved with Enroll Wyoming?
I was an early believer in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and when I learned the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center was a Navigator Grant awardee, I reached out to see if I could be of service in helping individuals and families enroll in health insurance.
-- Why is Enroll Wyoming important?
Understanding how health insurance coverage works is difficult in and of itself. When coupled with how to access honest, reliable, and impartial information to help one choose a plan, Enroll Wyoming Navigators are key to many of our citizens for providing help in making the best choices for themselves.
-- What are some of your hobbies, interests, and talents?
I am active in the Casper Municipal Band, enjoy cooking for my family, and have volunteered in promoting renewed trust in the media through a group formed by the Society of Professional Journalists.

-- What is your signature creation?
 I truly thrive as a team member not so much as an individual, so I guess my family would say I make a tasty spaghetti sauce for them, and as a musician and/or Navigator, I am an active team member!
-- What are your favorite places/attractions to visit in Wyoming?
Red Canyon, Sinks Canyon, Story, Historic Sheridan Inn, Wind River Canyon picnic area, Greybull. Irma Hotel in Cody, Casper Mountain ... too many to name all!

Photos provided by Cynthia show, to the right, Sinks Canyon and, below, the historic Sheridan Inn.
-- Why do you like helping people?
 I like to help people find their individual solutions to being as successful as possible. Good health care makes a difference in people's lives.

-- What is one of your favorite success stories from Enroll Wyoming?
 Our first person to enroll will always stand out to me as it took persistence on both her part and ours to get her signed up as well as finding out she had only months to live if she had not gotten life-saving surgery because she was able to get the insurance. I remember stories of mothers who helped their children take the time and effort to investigate enrollment and soon afterward the children used health services that they would never have imagined needing themselves.

-- What question would you like to add to the next interview?
 How has being a Navigator impacted your life?
Do you have success stories to share?
Have you or someone you know been helped by Enroll Wyoming? We are looking for families and individuals willing to share their stories as we prepare for open enrollment at the end of the year.

Enroll Wyoming is always happy to talk about the free services we provide and different ways we can provide support, but personal stories have a greater impact. Putting a face on an issue can make a more memorable impression than bullet points or slogans.

If you received life-changing assistance from Enroll Wyoming and want to help others find the same, please consider reaching out to Marketing Director Caleb Smith or one of our Navigators.
Issues with your health insurance?
Call the Department of Insurance!
The mission of the Wyoming Department of Insurance (DOI) is to enforce the insurance laws and regulations of the state impartially, honestly, and expeditiously; to serve the consumer of insurance; to encourage a healthy insurance marketplace; and to promote change to better serve the public interest.

To this end, the highest ethical, professional, and work quality standards are exercised in all formal and informal relationships with individuals, agencies, and companies affected by the policies and actions of the department. The DOI is, first and foremost, a consumer protection agency which accepts and reviews all complaints from Wyoming consumers, including those with regard to their health insurance company, and reviews them to determine the company's compliance with Wyoming laws and regulations.

Have an issue with your carrier after the Navigators sign you up? Call us and we will see if we can help!
Buzzy Bee Fact: You can
find worker bees everywhere
Bees live in a variety of different places including marshes, sand dunes, soft cliffs, heathlands, wetlands, chalk grasslands, quarries, gravel pits, sea walls and even post-industrial land.

Similar to those busy bees, Enroll Wyoming workers can be found in all corners of the state. To find your local Navigator, check out the directory below or call 211.
Assister certification to go dark
in advance of training update
As the U.S. government prepares to release the 2023 Assister Certification Training, the 2022 Assister Certification Training that is hosted on the Marketplace Learning Management System (MLMS), will be taken offline at 4 p.m. on Friday, July 15. During this “go-dark” period, assisters will not be able to access the certification training. We anticipate that the 2023 Assister Certification Training will be available later this summer. 

Assisters who need to take the current training before the 2023 training is available should complete the 2022 Assister Certification training prior to its removal on Friday, July 15.

Please note that this is training for assisters in the federally-facilitated marketplaces, and assisters in state-based marketplaces or state-based marketplaces using the federal platform should follow their state’s training and certification requirements.
Working with our communities
Rocket Miner Photo by Trina Brittain
Navigator Angela Thatcher has been busy and participated in multiple ribbon-cutting ceremonies in the past month.

The chambers of commerce in Rock Springs, above, and Green River, below, graciously recognized Enroll Wyoming's efforts to serve the public and be an active member of the community.
Those who want to join in the ribbon-cutting fun can mark their calendar for Thursday, July 21, when the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Enroll Wyoming. The event will begin at 10 at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center's East Campus. Enroll Wyoming's offices are located on the fourth floor of the building on 2600 East 18th Street.
Thanking Jordyn
Jordyn Tkach, Enroll Wyoming's administration assistant, is moving on to new opportunities. We want to recognize the skill and work she personally invested to extend Enroll Wyoming's positive influence.

When asked about her work to help people, Jordyn said, "It makes me happy knowing I’ve helped someone in some way."

Thank you Jordyn, and may you find great happiness as you continue to help others wherever you go.
Enroll Wyoming is working
across the Equality State
Enroll Wyoming is a grant-funded program that educates individuals and families about their health insurance options. Even though our base of operations is in Cheyenne, Navigators are located throughout the Equality State. Enroll Wyoming cares about our Wyoming neighbors' health care needs and wants to make sure that everyone can obtain a plan that is not only affordable but will meet their personal needs.

Let us know if your organization wants more information or would like to schedule a presentation or visit. Navigators are available in person, over the phone, or Zoom. We accommodate all stakeholders to the best of our ability. Those in need of health insurance can call and set up an appointment. Translation services are available.

Jason Mincer - 307-633-7299
Campbell, Cook, Johnson, Sheridan, and Weston
Nancy Drummond - 307-461-9099
Erik Saulness - 307-461-9572
Converse, Natrona, and Niobrara
Cynthia Nunley - 307-274-2312
Albany, Goshen, Laramie, and Platte
Lead Navigator
Dasa Robertson - 307-214-0786
Carbon, Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton, and Uinta
Angela Thatcher - 307-352-9109
Bighorn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie
Abby Pratt - 307-254-9639
Wind River Reservation and Fremont
Alicia Underwood - 307-240-9053
Caleb Michael Smith - 307-209-4896

Enroll Wyoming does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, marital status, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, religion, political belief, disability, or veteran status. This correspondence is supported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of a financial assistance award totaling $2,248,619 with 100% funded by CMS/HHS. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official view of, nor an endorsement by CMS/HHS or the U.S. government.
Poll: Following Enroll Wyoming updates
Enroll Wyoming is constantly working to promote its efforts and free services to share health insurance information and resources. Please let us know where you are hearing about us.

You can participate in this poll by selecting answers below or directly emailing us at caleb@enrollwyo.org or dasa.robertson@crmcwy.org.
Where do you get Enroll Wyoming updates and other information?
The Buzz (this newsletter)
Local news or community calendars
One-on-one talks with Navigators
Public presentations
Website - Enrollwyo.org
Word of mouth
Calendar of Enroll Wyoming events
Upcoming events include:

-- The Powell Workforce Center hosts Enroll Wyoming on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Northwest College in the Frisby Building at 599 North Cheyenne Street in Powell.

-- Enroll Wyoming will attend the Cheyenne Job Fair, which starts at 11 a.m. Wednesday, July 13, at the Cheyenne Workforce Center on 5221 Yellowstone Road.

-- An Enroll Wyoming Navigator will participate in a food distribution event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, July 16, behind the Star Stadium Theater in 2441 Foothill Blvd., in Rock Springs.
-- Look for Enroll Wyoming at the end of the "yellow brick road" in the industrial building at the Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo in Casper every day through Saturday, July 16, at 1700 Fairgrounds Road.

-- The Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Enroll Wyoming at 10 a.m. Thursday, July 21, at the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center's East Campus at 2600 East 18th Street.

-- Enroll Wyoming will be part of the meet the candidates breakfast organized by the Sublette Chamber of Commerce starting at 8 a.m. Friday, July 22, at the Big Piney Senior Center at 429 East First St.

-- Enroll Wyoming will be available to answer questions at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3, at the Laramie Downtown Clinic at 611 South Second Street.
-- The Parent Engagement and Educational Partnership with Schools (PEEPS) group will host an event with Enroll Wyoming from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 4, at 2811 House Ave. Door No. 4 in Cheyenne.

-- Enroll Wyoming will participate in the annual Community Baby Shower beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 6, at the South Lions Park Picnic Area on Carey and Eighth avenues in Cheyenne.

-- The annual Cheyenne Job Fair will return at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, at the Cheyenne Workforce Center on 5221 Yellowstone Road.

-- Meet with Enroll Wyoming at the Platte County Public Library on 904 Ninth Street in Wheatland beginning at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 11.
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