Upcoming Events
GET READY - This Event Is
REALLY Happening. Come listen to live music provided by Nate Nathan and the
Mac-Daddy-O's Band with Gonzo!
Hotel Del Coronado, (Windsor Lawn) 
1500 Orange Avenue, Coronado CA 92118
Saturday, July 3rd
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm PDT
Food & Soft Drinks included
with General Admission tickets!
Dress Code: Casual/Beach Attire
The C4 Foundation has partnered up with Diego Travel to say THANK YOU for your support at our "Land of the Free" Event this Saturday, July 3rd at the Hotel Del from 6-10pm.

Enter a chance to win a 2-night stay at the Hotel Del. We will be announcing our winner the morning of the event on Saturday, July 3rd .What better way to go to this amazing party than to win a stay there!

See rules below to win!

********Rules to play**********

✔️Must be a CHUCK HEAVY subscriber⁠ - Link HERE

✔️Must follow @Diegotravelagency on Instagram

*BONUS* Tag a friend for an extra entry!
The Diego Travel Agency has been an ardent supporter of the C4 Foundation since inception. Maria Diego, owner of Diego Travel, is also C4's first cousin. Maria has donated several hours of organizing and arranging crazy travel schedules for the C4 Foundation. As a Virtuoso affiliate, she always gets us great perks (when available) like complementary room upgrades, breakfasts, and limo service to and from the airport. We are so grateful for her dedication. Thanks Maria!
Join us on October 8th-10th, 2021 to attend The
Perfect 33 Foundation Golf Tournament at
3007 Dehesa Rd.
El Cajon, CA 92019
Join us for
National Wreaths Across America Day
on December 18, 2021
Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery 
1700 Cabrillo Memorial Dr.
San Diego, CA 92106
Remembering Hometown Hero,
Capt. E.E. "Ted" Mouton
This Independence Day, we would like to recognize one of our very own hometown heroes, Capt. E.E. "Ted" Mouton. The Mouton family is near and dear to our hearts at the C4 Foundation because Capt. Mouton's son, Kent Mouton, a long time Coronadan, is a key player serving as General Counsel for the C4 Foundation as well as for the global real estate company, Kennedy Wilson. Capt. Mouton's banner can be seen along Coronado's "Avenue of Heroes" on 3rd Street in Coronado, CA. Please always remember the fallen, and especially remember to honor them this next weekend on America's 244th birthday. Check out many more hero banners along
3rd & 4th Streets in Coronado, CA.
Capt. E.E. "Ted" Mouton graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1945 and was immediately sent to the South Pacific in command of a minesweeper clearing Japanese mines from shipping lanes. Upon receiving his "Wings" after WWII, Mouton was deployed to the Korean War on two tours as an F4-U Corsair fighter/bomber pilot aboard the USS Boxer, USS Valley Forge and USS Philippine Sea carriers. Mouton was stationed to NAS North Island in 1960 and during this tour of duty was twice deployed to Vietnam for air operations on the USS Bon Homme Richard, USS Hornet, and the USS Bennington as CAG. During his aviation career, Mouton flew the SNJ, TBM torpedo bomber, AD-4 and AD-5 dive bombers, F8F-2B fighter, F4-U-4fighter, JRB, T-28, F3D,F7F, WF-2, S2F-1 and STF-2, and also became H-3 helicopter qualified.
Commendations awarded to Mouton during his career include the Legion of Merit, Air Medals with Gold Star, Navy Unit Commendations, WWII, China, Korea & Vietnam Service Medals & Presidential Unit Citations. 
Seal Family Testimonial
Below is a Testimonial From SEAL Leadership
The C4 Ranch provides an opportunity for the guys to get together and work in an amazing setting. We wouldn’t have this anywhere else.”
- SEAL Leadership
Foundation News
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Monthly Chuck Heavy Give Away
JULY 2021 Chuck Heavy GIVEAWAY

This month's Chuck Heavy Subscriber Giveaway features a customized "Aloha Warrior" Apogee Belt by Boxer Tactical!

Rules to play are the same as always:

  • Must be a CHUCK HEAVY Subscriber
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  • Must comment on this post on Instagram
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  • A winner will be chosen by the end of the month and announced on @C4 Foundation Instagram!
Lessons From The C4 Ranch
Bend Your Knees, and Breathe!
By Dr. Glenn Fox, PhD
C4 Foundation Chief Science Officer
As a snowboard instructor in high school, I could have replaced myself with a cardboard cut-out and a speaker yelling “bend your knees!” and it probably would have been as effective as my actual coaching. It seems like no matter the sport, to learn is to bend one’s knees.

We stiffen with fear; we should loosen. In snowboarding, just like life, I could always tell when a student was past their comfort zone when they straightened their knees on top of a steep hill – invariably losing an edge and wiping out. The paradox of fear then, is that it requires softness, flexibility, and direct view down the hill for us to handle it well.

So, what is the equivalent of “Bend your knees!” for the rest of life? Quite simply, it is to breathe. In terms of our brain’s ability to regulate emotion, we are limited with what we can do to get an emotional reaction under control. But we do have a powerful tool when we remember to take a deep breath. In so doing, we engage the brain’s circuitry for relaxation, we move more oxygen into the brain, and we become aware of what we feel so we can react nimbly.

Fear shortens and speeds our breathing cycles, which routes more blood and resources away from the brain, which intensifies our stiffness and limits our ability to see all the options we have to handle a challenge. Focusing on breathing doesn’t get rid of the fear right away, and it doesn’t rid us of challenges, but it does plant our feet in the moment and help us channel productive energy into solving, or accepting, a problem.

The C4’s F.R.O.G. Program focuses on Optimism and Gratitude for improving health and connection, but all of our program exercises begin with taking a deep breath. The Ranch inspires deep breaths – it is pretty much everyone’s reaction to visiting the grounds. They park, step out, and take a deep breath. Focusing on the breath is something we can do anytime though, and the result is amazingly effective. Breathing helps us stay loose, focus on the basics, and avoid a bad wipeout. Now BREATHE!

Written by Glenn R. Fox, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, The C4 Foundation
By Jennifer Cooper, MS
C4 Foundation Director of Programs
As we near the Fourth of July Holiday, the day that symbolizes the adoption of our Declaration of Independence, I can’t help but think of what it meant to our forefathers and our early countrymen. Several words come to mind as I picture those revolutionaries of the past. I think of the word Hope for without it, the task ahead would have seemed insurmountable. The word Courage of course comes to mind, because without courage the fight against a great adversary would have been impossible. I think of the word Patriotism because without the belief that this country was, and still is the best example of a nation that seeks to ensure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness there would be no reason to put up a fight for it. Most of all, I think of Freedom. There have been highs and lows in our country’s history regarding this tenet but like no other country on Earth, the United States is willing to look at those lows and make strides to evolve. Independence Day is the National Day of the United States. On this day, let us honor those Americans of the past that established this great country and fellow Americans throughout our history who have fought to make the words of our forefathers a reality.
Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.” ― Ronald Reagan
Written By: Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation Director of Programs
Thank You

We are so grateful to Jason Larson and the crew at IDM Companies for their generous sponsorship! Their donation will help support food and lodging for a 4-day SEAL Team Leadership Conference for 80+ people. We are beyond thankful for your support!

Thanks to William Ryan Homes for your kind sponsorship! We are so grateful. This will help support 8 families of 4+ to attend F.R.O.G. programs at the C4 Ranch for 3 days

A special thanks to John R. and Zelda Z. Grubb Charitable Foundation and Tickets Unlimited. Their support will provide accommodations for 16 people to attend F.R.O.G. programs at the C4 Ranch for 3 days.⁠
Check them out for premium tickets for all local, national and international sporting, concerts, and theater events!

A big thank you to Steve Mack from Buya for supporting us from inception of the C4 Foundation! We are so thankful for all that you have done and for believing in us from Day 1.
C4 Foundation Leadership
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It is a non-federal entity and is not party of the Department of Defense or any of its components.