Lessons from the C4 Ranch
High Performance Down Time
By Dr. Glenn Fox, PhD
C4 Foundation Chief Science Officer
Intake, compression, power, exhaust — these are the four elements of an internal combustion engine’s process of generating power. Each of these elements must be optimized in order for an engine to run well, and none can be ignored. Interestingly, the same cycle applies to nearly any power producing system (yes, even electrical and turbine motors share these elements). I would venture then that anyone could learn a thing or two about power and energy from studying this cycle. 

The paradox is that for many people who are running and gunning throughout their lives, we focus so much on the “combustion” part of the equation. We focus on the big moments, the performances, visible achievements and tangible results of all of our work. We forget about the fact that for combustion to take place, the right ingredients must be exhausted out of the chamber for good combustion to occur. 

The moral of the story is that energy requires exhaust. In other words, to perform, we need rest, and recovery, and just like engines, the type of exhaust, rest, and recovery matters a great deal.

Research has shown that there are good and bad ways to rest and recover. The least effective ways involve staring at our phones, ruminating over future tasks, and basically anything that does not involve physical movement, or actual fun. We are much better off taking a three hour chunk of our day out having fun rather than wasting the same amount of time distributed throughout the day scrolling through social media or checking emails.

Returning to the topic of engines, the bigger the exhaust, the more efficiently an engine can run. In fact, the biggest exhilaration in motor sports is hearing a well tuned engine’s exhaust note when it’s running at full throttle. What’s important to remember is that the sound itself is based on the engine’s ability to clear out the expended fuel — in many ways we are hearing an engine’s ability to relax and reenergize. 

Take the time to rest well, have fun, and stay moving; your engine will run better and longer.

Written by Glenn R. Fox, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, The C4 Foundation
The Mind-Body Connection
By Jennifer Cooper, MS
C4 Foundation Director of Programs
Any athlete or personal trainer knows the importance of rest and recovery in an exercise or training regimen. In fact, the rest period is just as important as the physical training itself. At rest is where the muscles repair and where the body utilizes that time to come back stronger from the physical strains and demands that are placed on it. The question is: Do we place the same importance on giving our minds that respite? The mind and body have a symbiotic relationship. So much so, that physical conditions affect mental health, and mental conditions affect physical health.

The mind-body connection to healing is not a new concept. Sigmund Freud referred to this connection often in the field of Psychoanalysis and more recently researchers and practitioners in every field of medicine have placed importance on the integration of the mind and body for complete healing. Jeff Huffman, director of the cardiac psychiatry research program at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, suggests that "There is no question that your state of mind can dictate how quickly you can return from a physical setback and every aspect of our physical being is interconnected... All aspects must be healthy in order to achieve a healthy whole.” An example of this mind-body connection can be illustrated by how our bodies respond to extreme stress. Stress can cause our muscles to tense, our blood pressure to rise, and often is accompanied by headaches and stomach problems. Managing our mental health has a powerful effect on the body’s ability to heal and recover from stress and other trauma. 

Through the practice of mindfulness and the development of a method called body intelligence, which involves recognizing the different sensations and states of emotion in the body, our ability to recruit the brain in the process of healing our bodies is amplified. There is a growing library of scientific research that points to the efficacy of complementary integrative health approaches in the treatment of stress related disorders, including PTSD. Our F.R.O.G. Program Team is creating a regimen called the Warrior Reset to aid our SEAL Operators in strengthening the mind-body connection. The program incorporates muscle relaxation and functional neuromuscular massage, yoga and movement therapies, breathing exercises, outdoor therapies and nutrition. These practices have shown through scientific study to be safe and effective. The two most important tools that we possess to reach the highest level of overall health and well-being are the Mind and the Body, and with the Warrior Reset Program we aim to help our SEAL Community to utilize these tools to achieve greater physical and mental health.

*For more information on the studies referenced in this article or If you are interested in learning more about the research used to construct the Warrior Reset Program please contact Jennifer Cooper @ Jennifer@c4foundation.org

Written By: Jennifer Cooper, MS Psychology, C4 Foundation Director of Programs
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November 11, 2021

At The River Oaks
Country Club

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December 4, 2021
11 AM – 5:30 PM

Tempe, Arizona

Get your “Get Lei’d for Kenny shirts” ASAP as they are selling our fast! The “Get Lei’d for Kenny shirts” are the ticket in the door to the event!! 

This event will support the C4 Foundation as well as Helping Hands for Freedom!

December 18, 2021

Each December Wreaths Across America carry out their mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach. Their ambitious goal each year to place a wreath on each hero’s grave on December 18th, 2021.  They coordinate wreath-laying ceremonies at over 1,600 other locations in all 50 states at sea and abroad. The C4 Foundation would like to support Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.
SEAL Family Testimonial
Below is a Testimonial From One of Our SEAL Families
“Wow! This is awesome!!!! We have had a phenomenal time here! Thanks so much! Our son really enjoyed the animals and finding turkey feathers!”

– Navy SEAL Family
Foundation News
R4ST- Readiness for SOF Transition
The C4 Foundation was happy to host the Readiness for SOF Transition (R4ST) team and several NSW families at the C4 Ranch on September 25th for an informative and useful workshop on how to successfully prepare for transition from the military. 

The R4ST Program works to ensure that service members utilize all the services and programs available to them to aid in a successful and smooth transition into the civilian world. R4ST is an integrative program of transition and re-integration that addresses career development, education, whole health and wellness, financial readiness, healthcare, relocation, family resiliency, and veteran benefits. The Program is available to all NSW Personnel and focuses on the unique stresses borne by this community.  R4ST educates NSW service members on how to prepare for successful transition from the military, guides these military members through that transition with one-on-one assistance, and connects them with tailored resources and opportunities for their mission beyond military service. 

*For more information regarding this outstanding program please contact: NSW_Transition@socom.mil

Introducing Alison Lewis to
C4 Foundation Board of Directors
We are happy to announce our newest C4 Foundation Board member, Alison Lewis. Alison is currently a philanthropist, focused on education and the arts.  She is also involved with nonprofit organizations that are innovative and serve a diverse audience with an emphasis on the underserved. Additionally, she manages two family foundations, is the Board Chair for Scottsdale Arts, on the Executive Committee for Women Investing in Science and Health (WISH), the Vice Chair for Tonto Creek Camp, an outdoor STEM camp and a board member of the Banner Health Foundation.   She was a founding partner and a board member for Social Venture Partners Arizona.  She is involved with her alma mater, ASU, where she provides input and support for Solar SPELL, a solar powered digital learning library, and is a member of Women & Philanthropy, as well as the ASU President’s Club.

She previously was a partner in a small business which marketed women's luxury wardrobes with personalized service.  Prior to that, Alison practiced law for 19 years at the law firm Teilborg, Sanders and Parks, where she specialized in employment and school law.  She was the first female partner at the firm, was instrumental in creating their mentoring structure and chaired their Recruitment Committee.  Prior to joining the firm, she was a law clerk at the Arizona Supreme Court.

She also loves to travel with her husband, Craig Krumwiede, and has bicycled all over the world.  She is passionate about hiking with her canine companion, Jake, finds great joy in gardening, and is a life long learner.
Listen to the BRAVO 16 Podcast
with Brooke Keating
Bravo 16 Podcast is a veteran focused podcast discussing the journey from military to civilian life. Hosted by one of our C4 Foundation Board of Directors, Brent Brockermeyer and former Frogman Greg Sisa aka Bravo 16.

Listen to episode 007 and hear Brooke Keating and Bravo 16 himself, former frogman Greg Sisa. Brooke is the widow of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV who perished in combat on May 3, 2016, and was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for his bravery. She discusses her journey as a Gold Star Family member, and through tragedy was born the C4 Foundation which has helped thousands of SEALs and their families at the C4 Ranch and specialized F.R.O.G. programs. Brooke also shares about her new ventures, including a podcast with Tara Crenshaw, and her bright future ahead. Emotional but amazing, enjoy the podcast with Brooke Keating!

Bravo 16 Podcast By Brent Brockermeyer & Greg Sisa
"With Your Shield" At The C4 Ranch

We were honored to host another cohort of With Your Shield (WYS), a University of Southern California certificate program developed through Marshall School of Business to help separating and retiring NSW families successfully transition into civilian life. For those accepted, the certificate program opens up the USC Trojan Family Network, providing the veterans, as well as their spouses, custom access to civilian business networks and educational opportunities. We always welcome WYS up at the C4 Ranch!
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Thank You
Thank You to Altura Wealth Advisors

Thank You to Repp Lambert and BJ Crook from Altura Wealth Advisors for hosting a C4 Platoon Dinner in Virginia Beach at The Princess Anne Country Club! We had the opportunity to raise awareness about the C4 Foundation's mission in beautiful Virginia Beach!

Thank You Rob Sarver and David Dunwoody for hosting a fundraiser at Javier's Cigar Bar in Dallas, TX.
We had a blast in Dallas, TX with our hosts David Dunwoody, Board member of the C4 Foundation and Rob Sarver, former Team 3 SEAL with C4. We are appreciative for your support in raising funds for development at the C4 Ranch for our SEAL families. If you are interested in hosting an event, we are always looking for more nationwide cities to spread awareness about our mission. For inquiries about hosting a small event in your city, email us at info@c4foundation.org or call us at 480-309-2884.
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