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Giving Tuesday is Dec 1, 2020

Here are a few ways you or
someone you know can GIVE to the
C4 Foundation:
  • Create A Facebook Fundraiser On Behalf of the C4 Foundation
  • Tell people about our mission to help Navy SEAL's and their families
  • Sponsor a C4 Platoon Dinner - For more info, email us at Info@C4Foundation.org

GivingTuesday is a movement to create an international day of giving around the world. Donating or creating a Facebook fundraiser on behalf of the C4 Foundation is a great way to help this Giving Tuesday! Below is the link to create a fundraiser on behalf of the C4 Foundation. If you have any questions or need any help doing this please contact rowlynda@c4foundation.org.
Below are a few content examples to help create your Facebook Fundraiser:
  • "Your contribution, no matter the amount will make an impact. Every donation helps! It is the mission of the C4 Foundation to provide a powerful venue to honor Navy SEALs and their families in remembrance of the courage, heroism, energy and vision of Naval Special Warfare Operator Chief Petty Officer Charles Keating IV (C4). One of Charlie's favorite sayings was "Moderation is For Cowards" and those are truly words to live by. Your contribution helps support SEALs and their families to prepare for deployment, and decompress and reconnect after deployment."

  • "The C4 Foundation provides support and resources through science-based programs to active duty Navy SEALs and their families. We strengthen family relationships and enhance support networks for our most elite warriors, their immediate families, and the SEAL community as a whole. We work to preserve the family unit. Your contribution helps support SEALs and their families to prepare for deployment, and decompress and reconnect after deployment."

  • "In order to make this mission possible, the C4 Foundation has acquired a 560+ acre ranch in the mountains of San Diego with outdoor activities for the entire family that include fishing, hiking, camping, farming and a petting zoo. The C4 Ranch is complete with unobstructed 360-degree views that range from the Great Sonoran Desert to the Pacific Ocean. Your contribution helps support SEALs and their families to prepare for deployment, and decompress and reconnect after deployment."
SEAL Family Testimonial
The Holiday season is upon us, and we are so excited to continue hosting SEALs and their families at the C4 Ranch. Although 2020 has been challenging, we are so blessed to continue serving them. Below is a testimonial from one of our SEAL families.
There has never been a place like the C4 Ranch for SEALs and their families. My husband has been an active duty SEAL for over 27 years, and in that time there has never been a welcoming retreat that families can escape to, unwind, and reconnect. Our visit to the C4 Ranch with our two children helped us to do all of these things for the first time in a long while. Our life is always full of schedules and travel, often we have to plan out time to be together when my husband is going to be home. At the C4 Ranch we can take advantage of this precious time without interruption. When we pack up to leave the ranch, we are always a little sad- and looking forward to the next visit!

Foundation News
Wreaths Across America is December 19th
Sponsor A Wreath Now Through
The C4 Foundation
Wreaths Across America sets an ambitious goal each year to place a wreath on EVERY hero's grave on National Wreaths Across America Day.

On December 19, 2020, The C4 Foundation will be at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery to help place wreaths on gravesites to remember and honor our fallen American heroes by laying “Remembrance Wreaths”.
*Purchase a wreath for ONLY $15.00!
$5.00 will go back to the
C4 Foundation!

We Currently Have 246 Wreaths! Purchased! Help us meet our goal of AT LEAST
500 wreaths!
Let's HONOR and REMEMBER as many fallen heroes as possible by sponsoring remembrance wreaths at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery on December 19th.

In 2016, our family started a wreath laying ceremony on every Navy SEAL gravesite interred at Fort Rosecrans. Each year word spread about these small ceremonies and more family and friends come together to honor our fallen and say a few words about each hero. $5 from every wreath purchase comes back to the C4 Foundation to directly support active duty Navy SEALs and their families. 

Fort Rosecrans has 110,000 veterans interred and in 2019 they received just shy of 6,000 wreath sponsorships. Arlington has 255,112 veterans interred, and last year they had wreaths for every single gravesite. What a tremendous honor to those veterans! Let’s get the West Coast completely covered too! This year so far, Fort Rosecrans has almost 3,844 wreaths sponsored; this means WE HAVE 106,000 MORE WREATHS TO COVER EVERY GRAVESITE.

REMEMBER the Fallen. . . HONOR those who Serve. . . TEACH our children the value of FREEDOM by supporting a wreath.. We sincerely appreciate your kind support for The C4 Foundation and Wreaths Across America sponsorship!

How to sponsor Wreaths Across America through The C4 Foundation:
  1. Order online through the direct link
  2. Click "Sponsor Wreaths"
  3. Select the number of wreaths to sponsor AND the location you want them to be sent
  4. Add other options (gravesite specifics, etc.) as desired
  5. Complete checkout process with credit/debit card or Paypal
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Lessons From The C4 Ranch
Gratitude is a Muscle
By Dr. Glenn Fox, C4 Foundation Chief Science Officer
If you go to the gym for the first time in a year, would you expect to be at your fittest, or would you need to build your conditioning gradually? Obviously, physical fitness takes time, effort, and building muscle one step at a time. Emotional fitness works the same way — we can ‘train’ our minds to foster specific feelings and emotions that benefit us, but we have to look at them the same way we view going to the gym — with patience, practice, and proper form. 

For example, this time of year, we hear a lot about the importance of gratitude, but we don’t often hear about how gratitude works, or how to best practice gratitude. We’re told of gratitude’s vast benefits (see the Greater Good Science Center’s Gratitude resource page for examples), including improved mental well being, better resilience, and closer social relationships. Hearing this can feel a bit overwhelming to people, and often hearing about how great gratitude is can cause some serious eye rolls when we don’t hear about how best to practice it. 

So practice gratitude the way you would any muscle — little by little, building your way up. Start by taking a moment right now and look around at something that you can touch, see, smell or hear that shows you something good that you have. Take a breath and notice how it feels, even for one millisecond, to have the stress relief of this act of grateful noticing. Do this a few times a day for a week, and write down some of the best things you notice. Once that starts to feel like a solid habit, spend 10 minutes every other day, and read your entries and focus on some of the big highlights and see how long you can sustain that feeling of gratitude. Just like working out, we shouldn’t judge ourselves when practicing gratitude doesn’t solve all our problems right away, it takes individual reps to get stronger.

At the C4 Ranch, this is how we start working with families to build this skill of gratitude: we start every meeting, lesson, and meal with a note of things that went well in the past few days and share a quick “win” or two. This simple exercise compounds as we start to remember things we had completely overlooked.

Practicing gratitude little by little is like doing a pushup each time you say thanks. Though one pushup by itself doesn’t do much, with each pushup we get just a little stronger. Then when the workouts get heavy, through loss or stress, we amaze ourselves with how much we can lift through thankfulness. 

Written By: Glenn R. Fox, PhD
Thank You
Thank You to The Perfect 33 Foundation
David & Nina Wells
The C4 Foundation would like to give a special THANK YOU to David & Nina Wells. These amazing people are the founders of The Perfect 33 Foundation. They provide preventative and post-service treatment for Navy SEALs experiencing the effects of combat related injuries and TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injury). Each year, The Perfect 33 Foundation hosts an auction with unique signed memorabilia along with a golf event at Sycuan Casino Resort. The proceeds directly benefit the C4 Foundation and C4 Ranch programs. It has been an honor building a collaboration with David and Nina and their team, and a privilege to call them a part of the C4 Family. The event at Sycuan Casino was a great evening followed by a fun day of golf. Mark your calendars for next October - Stay tuned for next year's date!
Thank You To All Of Our Subscribers & Supporters
We appreciate all of those that have joined the CHUCK HEAVY movement and all of those that continue to support us. THANK YOU!
C4 Foundation Leadership
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